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Friday, September 28, 2007

Book Signing: “Pugad Baboy 19” and “Sunday Comics” by Pol Medina

Pugad Baboy 19 Cover

Start: Sep 29, '07 4:00p
Location: Powerbooks Greenbelt
Powerbooks plays host once again to the creator of the famous Pugad Baboy series, Pol Medina.

Grab the latest copies of Pol’s “Pugad Baboy 19” and “Sunday Comics” or any of his books at Powerbooks and get a chance to meet him and have your books signed.

About Pol Medina

Pol Medina, Jr. is one the country's leading cartoonists. He has a long running comic strip series in one of the major dailies in the Philippines and recently released the 17th volume of compilations from his highly popular Pugad Baboy series. Pol's comic strips are a satire on the Filipino family and their idiosyncrasies, making his characters close to the heart of many Pinoys.

info from

Ben Templesmith in Manila

got this invitation from Fullybooked.


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FULLY BOOKED invites you to meet BEN TEMPLESMITH, the visual genius behind the up-coming, much-awaited horror film, "30 Days of Night."

Australian commercial artist Ben Templesmith is best known for his horror-themed artwork in "Fell" (Image Comics) and "30 Days of Night" (IDW Publishing). He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his groundbreaking comic work.

Ben has an instantly recognizable signature style, a great departure from the clean linework in most mainstream comic books. In "30 Days" he established a modern definitive vampire look that has been frequently imitated.

Sign up for the exclusive artists' workshops and talks!

October 30
Meet and Greet Ben Templesmith, 6PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 3
Artists' Den Forum with Ben Templesmith and Art Jam, 2-5PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

Book signing, 5-7PM at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 4
Limited Portfolio Review (Limited slots available. Deadline of registration is October25, 2007)
11AM -12 noon
2 - 4 PM
5 - 7 PM
at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 5
From Concept to Film: An Exclusive Artist Workshop with Ben Templesmith, 2-5 PM at
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
School of Design and Arts Campus
950 P. Ocampo St., Malate Manila
(Open to all and free of charge. Limited slots available, deadline of registration is October 19, 2007)

To register, please call Fully Booked Customer Service at 858-7000 or email

Az vs. spywares and virueses

Im having a hard time dealing with these pest and since yesterday been on a quest of cleaning our desktop PC after noticing some slow progress in its machine. And a massive appearance of viruses in some UBS drives.

After scanning it using Anti Virus Shield, I just found 4 culprits residing in my system32 folder and the my anti-virus software is having a hard time deleting it. I researched and found out that these are the ones who creates RECYCLER.exe and other USB viruses, in some forums said that its best to go to the system32 folder and delete the file in safe mode.

here are the files are mostly present.


after doing that the desktop PC runs normal. Been noticing a slow perfomance many months ago and the Hard Disk seems to be busy even that I haven't started any use of the PC.
now Im happy that the hard disk acts normal and it rest for awhile even that I dont use it.

Also I just got paranoid on privacy issues. I found some tips on how to make your privacy be secured. I dont know if it works but when I installed SnoopFree Privacy Shield, I just saw that there are some key loggers that are present in PC.

damn! I got really mad at these, my yahoo messenger, msn, ftp client, ms word, firefox, and dreamweaver are all being monitored by the so called Key Hook.
Key Hook Up records everything on what you type in your pc and then it automatically uploads a txt file containing your keyboard's behaviour to a local ftp.

it sucks bigtime! and then after doing some massive solutions for this, like installing a new YM.
now it works fine.

just saw some weird file in my YM. like Yahoomessenger.exe.manifest.
I dont know what it is for, but I suspect that it is the pest who runs in my pc.
so I deleted it and now my YM works fine.

I downloaded a Registry booster by Uniblue software, it is recommended by people in order to remove this key hook up wares. I installed it and it scanned a total of 500 bad registry in my desktop. then I clean it afterwards, so sad that I must pay for an official copy of the software in order to delete and clean it all. but for a one trial demo, it only deleted 15 bad registry.

I did that to my laptop too, since my YM and MSN is not working due to the blockade of the SnoopFree Privacy Shield. but after cleaning it, my YM and MSN worked fine.
but the problems I face now is.....

My firefox browsers, safari and opera is running so slow.
also when using firefox, Google restrict me in using their search engine and blogger site,
they gave a warning that my web behavious acts like a virus and spyware, so I need to write a captcha in order to get their service, but the googling didnt worked for me and the blogger site is corrupted, meaning... i just found weird words on the site and I thought at first it may be an error from blogger

so I used my desktop to see if theres a problem, and then i found out that there is no problem with it. you can see it here because Im blogging about it.

Im now busy fixing my laptop, coz all my work is in there and This will be a round 2 fight versus virus and spyware.

if you have any other tips about being safe, feel free to post it here.

Im using Spyware Terminator and the new Lavasoft Ad-aware in fighting spywares

Thursday, September 27, 2007

morning entry+deafness+ Iron man+ Komiks

i just checked my email before I take a hot bath, Im gearing my stuff for the last wave of the UST comic workshop- DEVIATUS. Wilson Tortosa will be the main man today giving a short lecture on cartooning and about comics.

yesterday my right ear is deaf and It happen to every year only, everytime that the weather is cold. I listened to my ipod last night and Lace told me that it was too loud. ohhh...

It seems that I got temporary deafness. I'll buy medicine later to treat my deafness.

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Here's a an Iron Man statue, just saw this in Powerpees multiply
from him - "Sculpted by Digger Mesch of Dig Deep Entertainment, this Iron Man statue features a limited edition Electroplated version."

and here's a TeleDyaryo feature about Carlo J. Caparas and his Komiks.

so sad that they said it here that Komiks died :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tekken 5 tournament and meet Haruki Suzaki, the game designer for Tekken

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When: September 29, 2007 (tournament starts at 1PM)
Where: SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, 2nd floor (activity area)

:bulletred: Get to meet Haruki Suzaki, Main Game Designer for tekken!!!
:bulletred: Watch the tournament
:bulletred: Join the Drawing contest (register in the venue at 10AM)
:bulletred: Take photos with Tekken Cosplayers
:bulletred: Win prizes in the raffle!!!

This event is brought to you by Quantum, Club Synergy, Q Power Station, NAMCO, SM Mall of Asia and Hero TV
news source found at ~syeri:iconsyeri:

GXCon: 1st Philippine Console Gaming Event


GX-Con is the first-ever console gaming convention in the Philippines presented by GamEX Magazine. Kindly mark your calendars on October 7, 2007 at the SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 3 at exactly 10:00 am as we bring you a never before seen gaming con for all gamers out there. Ticket price will be at Php 100.00.

Get to play your favorite consoles, compete with other gamers, and win prizes. We have lots in store for you. Various bands from the anime community will be there to perform music from your favorite games. Watch out for NeOtaku, Do’ahou, Progeny, Trance, Armada, PPF All Star, Ethereal Anthem, and Harap sa Likod. Also we will be having contests like: Name that Tune, Game Trivias, Tournament Finals, Individual and Group Cosplay, and many more.

We will give out consoles and games to lucky ticket holders during our raffle. So if you want your very own Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, see you all there!

For updates and details, Pls. visit GamEX official site at:

Lastikman and Zaido Review

Here's my review and I know some of you are waiting for it ehhehhee.

but first I will post my review about Zaido since it was shown first last night.

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalakan

I saw the pilot episode inside the bus going home to Cavite, we're very lucky that all buses have TV inside and all of them are tuned in to GMA 7.

I was waiting for a big intro or opening theme for the series, but all I saw is a big title splashing around and then formed Zaido and its subtitle.

The space fights are great. ships and planets effects seems okay, Its a little bit disturbing to see the production design of the ships and other sets. Its hard to put my self in it and make believe that this is really a great sci fi series. But I can't blame them, they did their best of it.
I was expecting like a Star Trek stylish environment, but hey, they were created for TV a long time ago (not from a galaxy far away, kidding!) and the space and ship environment were great.
Means that when you watch it, you will be easily be convinced that they really are in space.
but for me, I think I wasn't hook on it and just focus more on the character.

They mentioned that Le-ar resurrected and it seems that SHAIDER failed from the beginning in stopping Fuma Le-ar. So there goes my curiosity after I heared that, and then Le-ar is very obsessed in searching and capturing the grand child of Shaider, he mentioned that how did the grand son of Shaider survive. And another question mark came into my head asking..

hey Le-ar. you are dead and Shaider killed you. So that means that theres something fishy behind of it. Im trying to think of a scene were all Jedi's were killed and then Obi Wan Kenobi hides the twins Skywalker.

and my mind says...ohhhhhhhh STAR WARS !!!!! pucha.

so Shaider and Zaido are like hm... Jedi' s ?

theres a funny thing also when I saw the character of Gallian and his wife to be, they were romantically involve. Then Gallian used his Jedi mental powers to lift a flower in air and gave it to his bride. hahahaahaha.

and now me and Lace jokingly used one of the dialogues.

Gallian : tignan mo ito
Bride : Ano ito?
Gallian : Yan ang yebe
Bride: Ang ganda, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng yebe.
Gallian : Makakakita ka nyan araw araw pag mag-asawa na tayo.

hahhaha. well its our green mind revolving around again

ok..lets skip some more.

The character Commander Zion is like more on a Commander from a Gundam series. I don't know of Im right, because the name Zion sounds like Zeon to me in Gundam. Correct me if Im wrong, and I wont be googling around for some references for this.. coz im lazy to show it to you

and the Galactic ship, hmmmm hey is that a Destroyer of Darth Vader? ah...I'll just cut my crap of it. I like the ships design and it made me believe :)

so back to the villains, so it means that all of them survive after Shaider defeated them.
oh no.. because it seems that all of them wants revenge.

I'll end my review here for Zaido.
They have a very low on storytelling, when I watched it back at home, when I went down to get some drinks, When I look at the TV theres a scene that Raymart Santiago and Diana Zubiri are courting each other and I say to myselft..hmm..Zaido ended ????

and I was surprised that it was a part from Zaido...whooooooaaaaa..
There are some scenes that seems to mix in the space scenes and they didn't show it well at first on the story phasing. Like theres a battle in another planet and then in a split seconds they will show a scene on Earth. They are cutting the hype of the battle or the space story.

I really like the battle in the rocky mountains. But it was so short and I was waiting for him to turn into Zaido. too bad.. NO ZAIDO in this pilot episode.. how sad !!!!

and now my answers had been answered.
No episode format like Shaider, means no Zaido, no monster, no time space warp, no Avilon transforming into a gun and robot and no massive Zaido cutter or whatever.
its basically a local tv series and drama that we pinoys seems to watch it from the 10th president of the RP.

now I realize all of it, because all of us grew up with Shaider and we are all concerned on the franchise and story of it. Now I like to declare that, we must exclude Zaido out of the metal hero line. Its a big disappointment on the story telling and making SHAIDER fails in the very beginning of the original japanese series. They should have created new villains and new names of it.

short note. good SFX, bad story telling.


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I didn't know that they show started when I switched the channel back and forth from GMA and ABS CBN. The intro scene is Toni Gonzaga is reporting in Leyte about a festival happening. On the start I thought it was a News Flash, because the scene is very normal and I just think that this is Lastikman, after I saw that CGI tornado coming in. And then it started a hype in me..
wow!!!! its a big Twister wrecking havoc and it destroyed Gen. McArthur's statue.
then a monster showed up controlling the twister.

I was thinking what will happen next, I was waiting for Lastikman. and then ....the big intro.
Toni's news van fell into the cliff and then Lastikman showed up transforming into a parachute,
saving them.

Then a battle with the was great !!! the SFX is great ! there are some glitches on it.
but its okay! then after the battle, we saw Lastikman defeated and thrown out to sea.

And then they showed its origin . Wow! What a great storytelling! thats the style Im waiting for.
The planet were Lastikman was born showed. Its a rough CGI, it was like an old Pc game, but some chloro cloth effect did a great job on some scenes. It was like an empire in space.

I really like the idea that the aliens kidnapped a human female and they want it to do experiment and study on her, but a brave scientist took a chance to hide her and will help her go back to Earth, but they ended in a romance and fell inlove. But the alien blood is more different.
after 3 sleeps or 10 days on Earth time. Ruth (the human female) was pregnant to the alien scientist, and she can't believe how fast it was to have a child with the alien.

forgot to note that i like the idea of they put a communicator device on their neck whenever they talk, because the human and the alien have different languages. It transported me to a Star Trek series were the humans talk to some aliens using a communicator device.

Also I saw some ala-Krypton text subtitles then it changes to its translation.

Now Ruth gave birth and it seems a liquified deformed being and they declared it dead.
But later on it showed some heart beat and now they are happy to see it is alive but not in an alien or human form.

the story ended when the alien counsel captured Ruth's husband and then the alien husband friend Agaton, help Ruth to escape and go back to Earth, but they left her unformed child behind. At a scene it shows that the child was aware on whats happening and it started to move like a blog and hide itself. The alien counsel decide to free Ruth's husband and they pursue Ruth and Agaton, thinking of that Agaton hides the human from them. And then when Ruth's alien husband went back to their room he saw his son and later turn tranformed into a human form with a small checkered images on his chest.

thats how the story goes!!!

Lastikman gave a big pilot break! and everyone here at home liked the story. Even that they have poort on the CGI space environment, still they gave a good treatment on the storytelling.
Its like in the comics, even if the title you are reading has a poor artwork, but it blows you off on the story, then it is something else. you will continue to read it and you will like it and continue to ask for more. Now I'm excited on the 2nd episode of Lastikman. Im still looking for a download version of the pilot, that I might share it to everyone.

now for my short note.
poor space cgi effects, but the story telling is awesome.

oh btw, they got a cool INTRO of the series ehehhe.
feat. the action and villains of Lastikman.

go head to their website at for more guides, episode and info about the series. and also theres a recap of Episode 1

Go! go! Lastikman

Monday, September 24, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 12

Im nearly done in the marketing the event and as you can see at our comics seminar website at we already showed our partners and sponsors who are helping us to make this event possible and super many thanks to them!

I haven't close the sponsorship deals, so if your company is interested to be part of it, just visit our website for the event info or you can just email me at azrael at gmail dot com.

I'll be on a field work today delivering posters of the event in SM MOA, Makati and Viramall.
It will be my 2nd visit to Viramall today after its renovation. I'm having a big guess that I might get lost inside the mall hehehehehe.

I've sent more invitation for the seminar and just have a big vibes that it will be a biggie!

Edit - 4:30pm

it was raining very heavy today and I'm stuck in SM Mall of Asia.
I successfully posted the posters in Filbars and the tickets for the seminar are now available there. I will be updating the comic seminar website later.

and while I'm here in my semi-mobile office (netopia) Im here caught in cam reviewing some letter and proposals.

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalawakan 6th update - final (promise)

I didn't know that they showed a primer for the Zaido series yesterday, but its great to see it online.

orignally from :

but as the video source says that this video will be deleted at the end of September.
but if the youtube is no longer available. you can still watch it in my multiply video section -

now my comments after watching the primer.
they really did researched on the production for the series, Im impressed on the effects and other designs, but Im not sure if it will look good on TV because I just saw this in youtube.

they mentioned that Zaido is the grand child of Shaider. which is very weird that we didn't saw any history on that. but watching the series might give us direct explanation on - what the heck happened.

so that means that the villains are also a grand child of Fuuma and Ida? ahahahaha

but viewing the primer shows that the Zaido series is very promising. Im not really sure if they follow an episode format like having a super monster villain in one episode. and more focusing a self contained story in each episode. It sucks sometimes in each series that you will always watch the episode that hasn't contain a one shot story, and here in the Philippines they sticked to the old style of continuing the whole story in each of the episode.

It will be great if they feature it one by one, and not show all of these characters in one episodes.
its hard to track down the story and if they follow the same episode style of Shaider, you can easily hook a viewer even if you watched and started at episode 15 for example.

Adding love stories and romance in the story is another style of pinoy tv, in Shaider we didn't see any lovestory, but from the very start we are waiting for Annie and Alexis kiss hahahah.
but too bad it didn't happened. It was like watching X-files waiting for Mulder and Scully do the deed. But in Zaido, expect all the lovestory and romance on each of the characters. maybe they will create a lovestory between Drigo and Ida hahhahahaha.

the primer shows the characters, villains, heroes, costumes, weapons, ships and robot!

oh wow! the original Shaider's Vavilos has a grandchild too.
and they called it Avilos (am i right ?), but Im more excited this to see turning into a robot.
or...I will not be surprised to see this turn into a big gun and Zaido projected self using it to shoot evil monsters.

Zaido will be showing tonight and maybe Lets start a review afterwards.
Lastikman will be showing in the same spot with Zaido. the hard part is that
which of these 2 sci fi comic series will grab my interest.

this is a big break in sci fi tv and it should look better, because we haven't hear any comments from the OTAKUS and Tokusatsu addicts from all over the world.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

the next

this is Comiket 2007, check out the crowd they have! I just really wish that we can have a big number of creators, publishers and readers just like in Japan. I'm not really sure if doujinshi or fan made comics are open here in our country. I haven't seen one or read one. A student from Ateneo is conducting their thesis and making a study about doujinshi or fan made comics.

Fan made comics are not original concepts, sometimes they are called fan fictions. For example, you will be creating a story and comics to an existing title. You can create your own story using the licensed characters and other comic owned properties.

I was thinking of making one contest next year on a comic event, but I'm still thinking will these be helpful ? we'll If I saw a fan made comics about Spider-man versus Lastikman, Maybe I'll read it.

oh I just forgot, I was reading the Digmaan comics by Gilbert Monsanto, and I think this is a good sample of what I'm talking about. there goes one good title for fan made comics!

now back to the Comiket 2007, many were asking me to organized one event just like Comiket, and because that i focused too much on somethings, I just realized that it may help boost the kind of industry that we are waiting for.

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