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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lastikmania in Trinoma mall

I arrived too early at 10am and they say that the program will start at 12nn. I saw them setting up the exhibit area and the entire stage, I waited and I roam around for awhile and visited Planet X comic shop and check out some latest buzz in the US comic scene.

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Az and Lastikman

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exhibited at the event are some costumes of the characters and villains.

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promo poster. one cool collectible
Lastikman statue
uy si Vhong Navarro
12nn opening

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trivia contest

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Mars Ravelo exhibit
Cherie Gil and the hot sexy Carmi Martin !

click this link for more photos Lastikmania @ Trinoma Mall

video coverage will be uploaded in my

I was trying to check the action figure but the marketing people told me that the merchandise and toys will be exclusively launch next week in Toy Kingdom in South mall. Im super curious to see the quality of the action figure and can't wait to have it at home heehehe.

oh..i just bought an original comic page of Lastikman comics by Lan Medina, I'll be claiming it next week ehhehe.

Final Program Schedule For GXCon 2007

got this sched at


Final Program Schedule For GXCon 2007

3:00 AM – 7:00 AM
- Ingress

7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
- Organizers, Staff, Volunteers, Marshals, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Technical Crew Assembly

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
- Marshals and Volunteers final briefing
- Group assignment and final position
- Technical testing
- Ethereal Anthem band call time

9:30 AM
- Ethereal Anthem band assembly
- Event Host call time
- Crowd Control crew assembly
- Console Community presentation confirmation (Pinoy-N)

10:00 AM
- Event opens
- Ethereal Anthem band performance
- Registration of all contests open
- Console Community presentation assembly (Pinoy-N)

read more at Final Program Schedule For GXCon 2007

Presenting the Autodesk 3D Launch Tour in Philippines

Autodesk 3D Launch Tour

Dream. Dare. Deliver.

Visualise, then realise your projects with Autodesk software. The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Software Launch Asia Pacific tour will highlight the latest versions of Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® MotionBuilder™, and Autodesk® Toxik® software with product demonstrations that will blow you away!

Experience the latest tools and techniques for actualising your film, gaming, and design visualisation projects. But don’t delay. Register now for your spot on the tour.

Date: 8 Oct 2007 (Monday)

2:00 PM – 5:50 PM (registration starts at 1:30PM)


Dusit Hotel Nikko, Ayala Center, 1223 Makati City

Please contact Monica at or
Kathy at

Register Now - Seats are filling up fast!

// another launch event that I must attend...

Friday, October 05, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 15

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Banner Tarp 5x2 feet design work in progress.

Will be printing this tarp in SM Megamall,. Im now preparing and fixing my stuff for a meeting today with the Japan Foundation Manila.

there's another magazine featuring the comic seminar for their monthly highlight.
check out this week - Homestyle Magazine for their October issue.

next project : TV and Radio Ad

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Past Meets Present in the Work of Artist Patrick Berkenkotter

by David Lawrence

An imperial storm trooper draws a bead on Glass House artist Patrick Berkenkotter. Only his paint brush can save him.

Overlooking a noisy stretch of downtown Manila is a building known as the Manila Astral Tower. Besides suffering the usual din of downtown traffic it is across the street Supreme Court of the Philippines and the Department of Justice. It is a place where raucous protest rallies spring up without warning. A busy hospital, fire station, and the hustle and bustle of the University of the Philippines complete the scene.

Did I say noisy? Ear-splitting is more like it.

It is here against this far from tranquil background that Glass House Graphics artist Patrick Berkenkotter plies his trade. In the overcrowded world of urban Manila his small studio doubles as a bedroom. Scale models and action figures battle for space like a colorful microcosm of the world below, only here it is Batman shoved up against a Transformer instead of a student bouncing off of a cop.

Adding to the peculiar cacophony, overlooking it all, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman have come all the way from 1942 and peer out from an old movie poster for the classic Casablanca. Oddly they don’t seem out of place. Old French Morocco seems a fitting metaphor for the chaos of modern Manila.

What seems odd is that the endless peace of the Pacific Ocean is not much more than a mile away. “Just a few blocks further west and I would have a great view out my bedroom window,” Patrick says with a smile. “Instead I have,” as he gestures toward the street below, “this.”

He was discovered by GHG head David Campiti in an unlikely setting: a bowling alley. “He showed up for one of my talent sessions my fourth year of business in the Philippines,” David recalls. “About a dozen artists were there to meet me at this little alley in a shopping mall. Most of the artists were striking out on the lanes and with their samples but Patrick's work just bowled me over! I loved his classic illustrative penciling style and his painted work. I was thrilled to represent him."

Patrick’s work day begins early in the morning, since the heat and noise of noontime Manila make it difficult to work after lunch. “I’ll head out to the beach. There’s an ocean side park. I’ll get a little air and maybe watch a game of chess.”

Work resumes in the evening after dinner when it’s cooler. “And quieter,’ he adds thankfully.

Patrick is a pit of a prodigy. He works in a number of mediums, paint, pencil, animation and game design despite very little formal art training, just three or four basic classes while studying architecture. He worked for three years as chief designer for an architecture firm and still occasionally does architectural renderings, perhaps explaining his textbook mastery of the challenging problem of perspective.

Even before that his first art jobs were in animation, working as an in-betweener on Saturday morning fare like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z. He had no fondness for the work but it paid the bills. “You just draw the stuff between the key poses, which are drawn by the animator. It’s kind of dull. I never even saw the animators.”

There is one animation job Patrick fondly remembers though: a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial featuring a cartoon Colonel Sanders dancing and juggling food.

A recent job was more to his liking. “I worked on a locally-developed PC game. We had to play lots of games for reference purposes. Getting paid to play to play video games? It’s a dream come true!”

But it’s painting that is Patrick’s true love. “I use pencils for practical reasons because it’s faster and easier to complete but painting is more exciting for me. Plus, I hate the grime that I have to wash off my hands after penciling!” he admits with a laugh.

“Also, I’m not crazy of submitting something half-done that has to be completed by a colorist. With paint, you turn in work that's complete. I also that colors, not lines, convey form and shape.”

A list of favorite artists suggests it may also be the realism of painting that appeals to Patrick. “Right now my favorite artists are, Alex Ross, Alex Raymond and Arthur Ranson.” The list, spanning eras and oceans, might seem a bit eclectic at first but makes perfect sense.

Ross, known for his painted sequential art on modern classics like the DC Comics limited series Kingdom Come, needs no introduction to American comic book readers. Though unfortunately his name won’t roll of the tongue of most fans today Alex Raymond created Flash Gordon in 1933 and was one of the greatest realistic artists in the history of newspaper comic strips. Ranson is a British illustrator whose photorealistic drawing style, appearing in British comics since the early 1970's, is an early example of the high-contrast style favored today.

The Justice League of America painted by Patrick.
Like Alex Ross, Patrick would love to do fully-painted graphic novels.

There is another favorite artist whose work Patrick remembers. “I loved the really terrific artwork of the Marvel Comic’s adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back. I lost my copy so I’m not sure who drew it but his work still influences me up to this day.” That Star Wars artist, the great Al Williamson, drew his first comics for EC at the age of 21. Williamson calls Raymond among his greatest influence and worked on two of the newspaper strips he created, Rip Kirby and Secret Agent X-9.

Like Williamson he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his artistic heroes. “I’d like to do a painted X-Men graphic novel. I love Alex Ross’s painted sequentials and he hasn’t gotten around to that. Penciling a Batman graphic novel, something dark and brooding would be cool.”

However, his current project is far from Batman or the X-Men. Patrick is doing a series of paintings for a special Christmas book planned for holiday release next year by the United Bible Societies. It’s still in the sketchbook phase but promises to be quite a treat.

Though Patrick is now in his thirties there is still much of the wonder of a young kid around him. “I love watching reruns of the sixties Batman TV show that are still being shown here in the afternoon. My hobbies are scale-modeling, collecting action figures and comic books. I guess I’m kind of a nerd.” Though there is nobody special in his life right now he does have a dream girl in mind. “I had a huge crush on Carrie Fisher in that slave girl bikini in Return of the Jedi,” he says with a smile.

Perhaps it is the cultural melting pot of the Philippines, where Spanish and American influences have washed up on the shores of Asia for hundreds of years, but Patrick seems more aware of the rich history of comic art than most contemporary North American artists. With interests and knowledge that spans oceans and eras the future shines bright for this talented artist.

(Patrick is represented by Glass House Graphics. To inquire about availability and rates, contact David Campiti via

posted and released by Azrael Coladilla

KungFu Fighter [Vanness Wu]

this is a blog post request by my sister :)

Van Ness Wu's Kung Fu Fighter Opens on OCTOBER 10 ... (Metro Manila)
Watch the Trailer
Vanness Wu Kung Fu Fighter

Kung Fu Fighter is an action Kung Fu movie star Vanness Wu of JVKV (formerly
known as F4). The story is about a young man named Ma (Vanness Wu) who
searches for his kung fu expert father in 1930s Shanghai. Inheriting
his father's super strength, he secures a job at a martial arts house
and befriends Fat (Lam Chi Chung). The two fall into a trap and the
Shanghai triads want to hunt them down. Meanwhile, Ma also has a crush
on singer Lung (Emme Wong), but will the love between them blossom?
With so many different parties plotting against each other, will Ma
survive all the conspiracies?


A martial arts comedy produced by Sharon Yeung and directed by Ye Yong
Jian. Tin Kai Man plays a greedy, cunning, and licentious person who
constantly fights with Chan Kwok Kun, a secret society boss, while Lam
Tse Chong again brings about comic relief in this movie. Bruce Leung
plays a master of kungfu. This My Way Film production also stars Vaness
Wu Fan Siu Wong, Emme Wong. Fan Siu Wong, who also action directs the
movie, hopes to create fight scenes that are not only modern but
reflect the true spirit of martial arts. Marco (Vanness Wu), a
vigorous, natural-born fighter, is in search of his father, and all the
clues point to Shanghai, the booming city of the future. Set in the
dazzling 1940's, it is during this quest that he will, make friends,
find love and build up his status as the true kung fu master.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 14

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This is the October issue of Fudge Magazine.
I was about to buy FHM and Maxim magazine in Shangri La Mall, I decided to buy these
before boarding a train and bus going home. Lace grabbed a Cosmo Magazine, then I just saw the Fudge Mag below and saw that its the October issue. I exchanged immediately my magazine before the cashier punched it to the cash register.

There's the revelation of the two 300 movie drawing contest, and wow! they've won 300 the movie DVD. There are two cover variants. - Leonardo Di Caprio cover and the Earth with a footstep cover.

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finally! the comics seminar magazine ad! woohhohoo!
the logos are not updated, since I submitted this ad last September.
more ads coming this month to TV, Radio, Print and internet.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

SEMCON Philippines 2007

Im wishing to attend this conference event. Why? - because its the only event that you can learn more about search engine marketing, the same thing that I've being doing for almost 13 years. And you can learn more from it by going to this conference. Now I have to think of getting a P8,000 pesos to pay for the entrance fee. ugghh!!! I want to learn more and this stuff haven't taught to us in school. I must find a sponsor or close my eyes and get money from my pay check this week.


SEMCON Philippines 2007

this conference is one of the ultimate learning grounds for digital marketers, bloggers, and IT professionals.

Storm surge in Cavite

I was listening to the news radio this morning while I cook the breakfast for Lace and Liza, suddenly they reported that there is a tsunami happening in Rosario, Cavite and then weather men called it as storm surge.

I was about to attend the Adobe event today and even that I'll let Mama alone at home a big storm came in and it was very heavy, its like a signal no. 2 without the winds, I decided not to leave the house and stay here and watch the storm because no one will be here at home and I need to man the house.

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as explained at Wikipedia

its kinda creepy to have a big storm in an instant without warning

read some news here

‘Limited storm surges’ felt in Cavite, Batangas

14 fishermen missing in Palawan vessel sinking

Ang mamatay ng Dahil sayo - The Manny Pacquiao Nike TV Ad

another issue is circulating and now the banned video of Nike has landed in YOUTUBE. Nobody beats Youtube hehehehe for showing unreleased videos.

This is a video of Manny Pacquiao for Nike, and this will increase the hype of the coming boxing fight of the Pacman vs. Barera. Many people are now speculating that the Pacman might lose this battle in the ring with Barera. They say that Manny is too distracted on some issues that he encountered weeks ago like the Ara Mina linkage to his match.

so so so..

I was informed that the tv ad was supposed to air on TV, but a great and higher force from space ordered them not to show this tv ad. I was wondering if this have to be related to Christian Bautista's recent issue of skipping 1 line of the Philippine national anthem last boxing fight.

After I posted this in my multiply, i just seen lots of reasons and comments about the video.
you can read the comments of my readers here - Manny Pacquiao Nike Video

the video is originally hosted here Manny Pacquiao Nike Video

Monday, October 01, 2007


Deliver your work on any medium from video and film to DV and mobile with tighter-than-ever integration that ensures a fluid, workflow, saves time, and expand your output options. Move beyond HD, HDV, SD, and DV to Blu-ray Disc delivery and new web and mobile formats. Learn more at our Production Premium Roadshow.

Register for your free seat now!

Tues, 2 October 2007
Renaissance Makati City Hotel
Manila, Philippines
1.00pm - 5.30pm


Register Now

For Inquiries on Adobe® S.E.Asia events only, email to

//note to self to Azrael ! - do not forget to attend this event!

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 13

Im excited super! Wacom will be at the event and as one of our super and avid partner for a straight of 5 years in the comic seminar, they will be giving away these new cool Wacom tablet called Bamboo.

I'll be posting a contest and a away on how you will get a free Wacom tablet at the comics seminar.
thanks super to ATI for partnering with us again this year.

Also I like to welcome aboard The Japan Foundation, Manila. Another partner helping us to make this comic seminar possible.

click here for more info about the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Event Report : Booksigning with Pol Medina Jr. (Pugad Baboy)

After my attendance at the Tekken Event, I immediately use Goku's teleportation technique and it teleports me in an instant in Powerbooks Live in Greenbelt. There's another comic event and I'm excited to meet again Mr. Pol Medina Jr. I met him first time during his Pugad Baboy 14 booksigning in Powerbooks Megamall, I was with the Artists' Den group and Blitzwork comic group. It was fun clowning around with him and also seeing Beerkada meets Pugad Baboy. Wow! thats one of the cool comic moment.

And now for the Pugad Baboy 19 and Sunday Comics, Powerbooks Live! invited Pol Medina Jr. again to be with his fans. The PB 19 almost ran out of copies and when I arrived, got lucky to grab one after they restock a number of 8 copies on that day. I lined up and met some cool Pugad Baboy fans and also met Shiela, a fellow member at our Pinoy DC Fans group.

It took us 2-3 hours lining up in the middle of the bookstore. And while we wait for our turn, we talked about some comic stuff and do some Pugad Baboy bonding just to kill time. It was fun and the joys of being a fanatic is great! heeheheh. especially when you are going to meet the rarely seen Pol Medina Jr. hehehehe.

I took lots of photos of the event and glad to meet the event manager of the bookstore. We were planning a comic event next month in one of the branch of Powerbooks and since we plan this way back from email conversations, Im glad that we talked in person and started the plan B thing for a comic event.

It was funny when I met Pol again, he said that my name Azrael, reminds him his comic character of Pugad Baboy named Azrael. Then he remembers me when I emailed him something and then Im glad that we talked for awhile while he doodles Polgas in my book, and signed - Buddy ko si Azrael! ( Azrael is my buddy!)

Also during that day, while we were waiting for our turn. the PB fans told me to organize a big event for Pugad Baboy book 20, they want a big extravaganza event for Pol Medina. And I just told them that, yes it will be possible and If it is okay to Pol that I'll organize it next year, it will be not a problem at all. hahahaha. now everyone freaked out and told me turn it into a Pugad Baboy convention hahhaah. Then after that, they suggested it to Pol and he said that it will be great to have laser lights shows ahhahaa.

It was a busy day for me and glad the meet and talk again to the Pugad Baboy creator.
And I just forgot to inquire him about this juice drink commercial on TV, showing a Polgas look a like doing ala-Mission Impossible thing during that juice drink commercial.

Fans said that it was one of the dreams of Pol Medina to have Polgas in an animated series or 3D series. I just said that, I dont know if he knows about it or not. I'll just drop him an email about that. Also the PB fans was surprised to know too that the Beerkada creator is a friend and they showed a big eyes on me.. wow! they are Beerkada readers too. and one of them told me that if I WAS the basis of the character of Bryan hahhaha. I told them I'm not. ehhehhee

Check out the full photo album of the booksigning event.

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got one!

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the long line
wow! ang dami papa-sign

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the fans

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signing gig!

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front of the line

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Pol : hug me, I'm yours!

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from 4:45 - 7:45
Azrael goes to the batmobile !


It was rainy that day and I arrived at 4PM at the 2nd floor area of SM Mall of Asia. I saw a big crowd on the side area of the mall and Tekken gamers surround the whole event ground, on my way there I saw a guy freaked out and run towards the event. So excited like him, I went first to Netopia to print some documents needed for another event and also I printed a Jin Kazama on a glossy photo paper, an image that I download the other night from its official Japan website.

It was fun to see these gamers and some of them play head to head using the Sony PSP. There's a big screen projecting the arcade game and the tournament. at the middle of the crowd, I saw RG already getting his autograph with Haruki Suzaki, the game designer for Tekke 5 and also with him is Ryuichi Enomoto. And according to RG from his blog, Haruki is here in Manila to promote the upcoming game Tekken 6 coming next year 2008.

The autograph signing was finished and the tournament has started, at first I thought that I wasn't able to get their autograph and also meet and greet them. No chit chats involved
, I just shook their hands and welcomed them at the event. During that meet up I greet James Palabay who is also at the event showing some art portfolios. It was our latest meet up after the Culture Crash events and he joked on me getting bigger hahahaha.

I drop down to Haruki and Ryuichi the Jin photo printed and they signed it and they are smiling and didn't know that Jin is their favorite character, as Victor Velasco told me after the signing.

to check out my whole photo coverage of the event, head over HERE to my multiply photo page

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Round 1 FIGHT !

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PSP fight!

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Victor the Tekken Velasco

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the Tekken crowd
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RG getting his poster signed.

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checking some artworks

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the event ground



A preview of a brand new series from Glass House Graphics stalwarts David Lawrence and Filipino artist Anthony Tan is available now at the TokyoPop website!

SHERWOOD follows the adventures of a ne’er do well rogue of a knight – a guy who missed the boat for the Third Crusade because he was laid up with a hangover – who quite against his will finds himself playing the role of the noble hero Robin Hood.

He joins the resistance to evil Prince John hoping to get close to it leader, the heroic and beautiful Maid Marion – and hopefully make a quick buck in the process. But things don’t quite go as planned.

Or, as he Robin might put it, “Steal from the rich and do WHAT?!?”

David and Anthony have given this their all and think TokyoPop would be a great home for their project. If you’d like to see more, be sure to give it a pop – that is, vote for it – while you are there! Comments and reviews are welcome too!

You have to register at the site to vote and leave comments, but registration is easy and free!

To get in on the fun go to

(Images and Content are not suitable for minors)

// my comments - it is very funny to see the other side of Robin Hood, its a different type of story that we know from books to movies. Sherwood tells another untold tale of the adventure and what really makes Robin Hood a one man army and a one man girl hunter :)
I just saw the preview pages and it shows a very funny and sexy intro of some of the characters.
Hoping to see more of this new adventure.
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