Aliens and Predators are inlove to each other

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Just watched AVP2 and I blew all my afternoon task at home and work, because of too much excitement I'm getting excited to see the 3rd installment of AVP. The movie is great like in the Dark Horse comics. read below on some of my comments about the movie

The movie is not your ordinary sci fi movie or a monster movie. For me its a horror movie. The 2nd movie is very much different from the 1st movie or their other movies. Its like reading the Dark Horse comic books, for a fan and reader of Aliens vs. Predator, the movie for me is like a dream come true. The Killing never stops and more blood were put on. I just don't know what the writers think of when they create this story line.

Its very freaky to see some part of the scene were Aliens and the Predalien landed in a community hospital and there they continue to slaughter and then multiply. So freaky and a little bit disturbing. I know an Alien lover or fan really likes it, but for me it is too much already.
One scene a Predalien attacks and planted eggs to a pregnant lady and theres a scene were a nurse was eaten by an alien near the nursery. so freaky and I'm glad that they didn't showed it.

the ending of the movie opened up for another possible movie 3 and I like the idea that the future for AVP will be reshaped, now I'm wondering that the future marines will be more powerful than the marines in Aliens. While for the Predator world, they became much more stronger and also a real hunter.

Seeing a Predator hunts the Aliens was great. seeing all those gadgets and weapons really amazes me. But for part 2 we see one Predator only in a mission to avenge the death of his comrade and a mission to take home a new breed creature - the Predalien.

AVP movie is a big dream during my high school days, now I wish for a Robocop versus Terminator movie. or Jason Vs. Ash vs. Freddy.

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