10 page preview of Marvel's Secret Invasion

I'm already getting crazy since last month about this upcoming Marvel comics new cross over and Its time to go back the old ways of playing hide and seek. Look for the unknown enemy in your own backyard! Oh boy, I'm sure I'll hit the comic store next week for the first issue. Don't miss this comics, penciled by Pinoy artist, Leinil Yu.

what are we expecting from this series? here are some of my 1 peso load points.
1. revelation of who are the skrulls disguising as our superhero characters.
2. infiltrating the Marvel universe, time frame will be revealed
3. Where in the world is Elektra and Blackbolt
4. Captain America alive?? or really dead
5. Tony Stark is a skrull! hahahaha
6. Who else is a skrull
7. Will the skrull make friends with the humans and pay a rental fee for staying on Earth?
8. How long is this series?!!!!! i just hope that it will last til November 2008.
9. ok I'll shut up!, I'm a skrull!

read the preview by visit this link.

check out also below for a animated web episode feature on Secret Invasion.
and also a link for the Secret Invasions Prologue comic preview that shows some great clues on where to find Skrulled superheroes. This is a great lead to start speculating.

for the Prologue of Secret Invasion, visit this link.

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