taking a day off

I'm taking a day off and no one can stop me from having a day rest. I was so confident yesterday that I can make a lot of stuff today but later on my body becomes so weak after taking 6 hours of sleep last night. Went a lot of bus horror moment and also jeep ride that you will curse the day in your life, Im talking about my travel yesterday, but I was rewarded after that when I finally arrived in my aunt and uncle's house in Laguna which gave me a lot of boost up for the last 3 hours going back to Manila and to Megamall for a business meeting, which is very successful and made it and everyone in my meeting is happy to see me made it to shoot that ball before the shot clock.

I've learned a lesson too, I will never ride a jeepney going from Pasay to Alabang ever again. The service road almost killed me and that waiting hours of the ordinary bus going to Laguna, which drained my energy for that day, and also don't take a quick bath when you arrived home. I was so tired when I arrived home at 12 midnight from my meeting and dinner with my colleagues and my body is tired and hot , so I decided to take a quick cold bath. which result some body pains and aches after a few minutes of my shower. asar! napasma ata ako!

but even that I'm so tired that day, I'm happy that I met again my relatives, finished a closed door meeting, ate a great dinner, met a great comic artist in Kenny Rogers, the Palabok and puto meal in Laguna, watching White Chicks movie inside a new aircon bus going to Manila, even that I don't like the movie it left me laughing with the bus passengers, drinking hot coffee today, eating a super jumbo size siopao from MXT and misses this carrot cake baked by Lace (photo above)

now I'm excited on the coming events that I'm participating the coming days and next weekend.

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