Graphic refresh

I'm here in the mall and refreshing my mind, I got a dead mind a while ago during my working hours, just got bugged by this gross news from the radio, and I can't avoid it, I placed headphones on my ears and listens to rock music just to make myself not get distracted what I hear.

Its a great aura here in the mall because I just helped a friend who has a rock gig productions for April and I did a fast layout on their rock poster, which resulted to a kick ass one, heheh, just downloaded some images in stock photo sites and use that in the background and grabbed and cut some free royalty images and use it as one of my components for the poster. I enjoyed the layout hahaha, its been ages for me to design a rock poster and my last was more than 10 years ago.

good to refresh again and now I'm going back home to do some other works I left while ago. For other designs needed for my event, I haven't think of a great concept for that. It is still not coming to my mind and it is plain difficult to think an idea. maybe i'll try out later after doing some web task for my work.

beep! beep! thats my cellphone beeping, just received from a friend that we will have a meeting tomorrow night and I need to bring some images needed to be attached on our letter. and oh my! forgot that I'll be making the marketing kit ..yikes! need to cram before midnight heehe. I'm glad that the new best web hosting I got is performing nice and I'm thinking of getting a new one for the next month for another personal web project.

lots of events coming this weekend, and yeah! and also a big presentation awaits for me this Saturday.. need to pray.

hi to Tom Pomplum, he's reading this blog, or maybe my other blog Komiks news Now.

ok, thats all and I might post more comic related entry here in Azrael's Merryland!
wooosshhh!!! -end credits rolls-

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