beat the heat @ Digman Halo Halo

Last Thursday, after having a great tour in Oceanarium and play with the sea creatures, then we went to Gerry's grill for a grub and after that, we visited Digman Halo Halo in Cavite, its a minute drive from Home and we decided to buy lots of set of Halo Halo cold meal. I took photos inside the eatery and also our cold item!
And also I featured Digman in my 2006 blog post which attracted lots of visitors asking where Digman is located.

more photos below after the jump.

The Sto. Nino in the middle of the eatery is our landmark for the best Halo Halo seller in town, because there are lots of Digman halo halo store in that place and according to people that this is the real deal.

I think these came from customers tip.

the menu! check out the Halo halo price and other special food

thats our 10 pcs. short order of Halo Halo

the eatery, there are lots of customers when we arrived, most of them came from Manila.
And the parking outside is a horror! hahahaha.

thats one Halo halo ordered by a guy

celebrities who visited the Digman Halo Halo

the original home made ingredients, Leche flan, ube, sago, nata, beans

our take home order, 10 pcs of Halo Halo, 20 pcs crushed ice (with bonus crushed ice as requested by the owner of Digman) and 2 cans of milk.

that's me carrying the goodies

at home.

the Digman Halo Halo, one great cold drinks! the best of this drink is that the taste is a lot more different than commercialized halo halo sold in restaurants and fast food. and the taste is good!

more photos at beat the heat @ Digman Halo Halo

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saan nakalocate yung Oceanarium, saan sya malapit? And yung Digman san sya?

yung oceanarium located sa dating boardwalk sa may manila bay.
katabi ng floating restaurant.
bale sa likod din yun ng manila hotel.

yung digman,
sa bacoor, cavite yan. di ko kabisado yung street, kasi paliko liko yun. pero mga taga bacoor pag nagtanong ka, alam nila papunta dun
nye hehehe cavite!!!

kainis ang init init ngayon!!! doble init nararamdaman ko kc nahihirapan pa akong buhatin sarili ko. buntis ako eh hehehe...

kaya kanina sa grand central... wala akong ginawa kundi umorder ng malamig na maiinom....

tnx sa info. maybe 1 day pasyal kami sa oceanarium.

hehehee...layo ng cavite
sa grand ka na lang mag halo halo
may chowking dyan di ba.

dyan ako natambay noong high school ako sa grand central.maganda pa yung mall noon.

oo.mainit sobra ngayon.
lalo na yung sayo e..doble init
gawa ng baby mo. dapat aircon ka lagi hehe,.