sunny sunday and blisters

Its a hot Sunday today and I'm having lots of trouble putting myself inside the shelter, don't know where to go and where to hid my butt from the hot sun. Yesterday I got painful blisters in my right palm and I got it from using the mouse of my laptop while doing some net task for the day, which result me from slowing down, so I did some net task and resume some of it awhile ago.

But the sun is too hot today and I'm fighting for it by drinking lots of water and also ice cold Iced tea. Just watched tv and some downloaded stuff while we wait the sun go away and continue our work here at home in the evening. Still my blister in my right palm hurts and it begins to show some oily part and rubbing or massaging it is not helpful. So I rest my hand in the morning and eat lot of food in order to fight again with the sun.

my butt got blisters too. its so hot and maybe I should take a bath every 1 hour from 12nn-4pm.

now I'm dreaming of hitting the beach and take a cold dip in the water and enjoy the day in the shades. read more below after the jump

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many people are asking or wondering why do I wear shades everyday and why do I wear it and use it as a headband. Well, my good answer is that I always wear sun glasses everytime I go out and if theres any extreme light like the sun, because I'm protecting my eyes from very extreme light that is very harmful to my eyes, you see that Im a PC-person, means I always use the computer daily and the light that bounce back to my eyes at home is very different and the light that comes from my laptop or PC is different than the light outside.

whenever I go out, I wear my shades and I don't go out without them, If I left my shades at home, I go to the mall and buy a new one just for me to protect my eyes from the hot rays of the sun. I only buy UV coated shades and never buy shades that is being sold in our local bangketas, because they are not UV coated and the lens are graded and it is very harmful to our eyes, thats why some people say that they get dizzy when they wear cheap shades.

The bright sun affects my vision big time!, and it will result a big headache later on after going indoors, thats why you see me wearing reading glasses because the lens in my glasses makes my eyes get a correct focus and filters the bad UV rays of the sun.

So thats my answer today for those who still wonders why I wear my shades while Im indoors, next time I'll post why I wear the same shirt or why is it that I carry a big back pack hahaha. some of my old friends already know the answer.

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