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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the bands : 7th Toy Con 2008 production note 20

Fixing the band line up and schedules

That's me minutes ago, reviewing videos and music, and guess what band I'm listening and enjoying :), I have another view here which is my part 2

I'm already managing the line up of the band who will perform at the Toy Con 2008, and as I look in my list of bands who contact me and show their interest to perform in the 2 day convention, I listen to their demo samples, album and read their profile, then suddenly I noticed that there many bands who are under my list and now I'm figuring out who will perform and who will get a shot next year.

As I create a tentative list, I just discovered that I should let other bands play for this year, especially to those who will play for the first time, while others are crowd favorites and others are from our sponsors. I'm very careful now in choosing the band line up, and might avoid on what happened last year. - yeah the line up was great! it was like I was in a rock event!

but this time, as i browse my list..holy!!! I'm organizing a rock concert event! ahahaha.

so far, let me share you the list of bands who contacted me and tell me what you think.
(this line up is not yet final, I'm just sharing you a list of bands who like to perform in our event)

1. Zelle

2. Dice n K 9

3. Pidro File

4. Paramita

5. Reklamo

6. Haponesang Dilat

7. Insanara

8. Faultline

9. DRT

10. Fuseboxx


12. Himitsu Heki

13. Do Ahou

14. Publico

15. +Le Strange+

16. Rise of Brutality

17. Eternal Now

18. Geek City Riot

and many more, that i have forgotten already...there are too many bands who submitted their profiles, while others are anime or japanese rock band who like to play, but I'm very strict now in screening the performers. I will let them play bands who perform great music and very professional in terms of coordination with the bands, organizer and managers.

its a great list.... I think I can organize soon a rock fest! hahaaa. final list will be released this friday.

If there are other bands who would like to try a shot, then pass your sample, video (via youtube or multiply) and profile.

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