Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - threads, blind items and clues, is it really true?

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Edit 1: July 13, 2008
the news is confirmed! visit my post here

I don't have the authority to bring up a news, but after reading two blog entries giving some clues about a reunion concert of the greatest ultraelectromagneticpop band - the Eraserheads. I'm just speculating and guessing that they will be having a concert this year, but there are no official details yet or press release about their come back and reunion concert. So let's just say that it is possible and if I'm right or wrong.. at least there's nothing wrong to dream in watching them play again after their disband on year 2002.

Ok. here are some clues that we need to dissect. ( read more below )

I was surfing around last night before going to bed, when I stumbled a blog entry by Gorgoro Henson and he's giving a blind item and clues about this reunion concert, at first i was thinking what band.. I was not the Introvoys or some classic rock band hhhahaa, but when I saw the clue, i went.. omg omg omg omg omg!

on Gorgoro's post titled : BLIND ITEM "Reunion concert" ( you heard it first here )
he posted a Converse Chuck Taylor shoes and also a clue about the band..
he mentioned that people thought that the band will play again together and he mentioned 4 members. My guess is that they are Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raymund. And about the Converse shoes during my youngling times, they popularize to the youth about these funky shoes and wearing torn jeans and stripes shirts. Another clue he mentioned the agent he called "Gatekeeper", its a title of a song from their Fruit cake album, also one of my fave album that can be play even that is not Christmas day.

on Gorgoro's next update : Blind Item UPDATE
he posted a some kind of press photo, and its really a blur pic.. but I can guess,. the who's who, but Im not yet sure. hahhaha.

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on the first pic starting from the left might be Raymund, Ely, Marcus and Buddy.
( i can tell its Marcus, by looking at that long hair hahahahaa, and Buddy's hair style)
i think they have a photo op with this promoter who brought them back together.

it says that this is the proof that they signed to play again.

On Gorgoro's latest update : Blind Item clue ( and the plot thickens... )

omg! its a big letter E with a serial number that looks like a date, you can see my reaction on that post hahahaa. and the photo came from Jakey from his blog post : Some legends just live forever

and then a blog post of Chel R-E-U-N-I-O-N (and it's FINE TIME) really shows that its the ERASERHEADS.

check out the clues.. - Fine time, one of their song from the 2nd album. And we can see that Chel was the first to spread this monovirus as Gorgoro mention ahhaha, now Im spreading the monovirus too. the blog says that a big company is driving this reunion concert and were offered a big budget with a lot of zeros.. and the venue might be somewhere near in SM Mall of Asia, the clue stated that

"The reuniting band members have already signed the contract and this may-jah event will happen sometime around the last quarter of this year. The venue might probably be at the Pasay Area. Somewhere near that humongous Mall. They are expecting an audience of 35,000."

if its really them...and then it will be the greatest pinoy rock and music event of the whole millenium.

i hope more clues and the revelation of it will come next..

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Jacaranda Flagg said…

don't joke on things like these.. it's too holy to kid around... :D

pero sana totoo.. :)

undercrisis said…
i'll be keeping my fingers crossed. hindi man dumating ang u2 for my birthday, at least this would be more than enough consolation :D
undercrisis said…
(btw, i'll be referring to this post of yours ha?)
Mark Rosario said…
man. linked this news up in my blog. lets spread the news! hahah..
eligio said…
it seems true i have a blog post about eheads and someone commented on the post that there will be a one night only reunion concert on August 30!!! and the commentator said that i will be getting free tickets, with S. sana totoo. ito pala post ko about eheads
naluha ako when i first read about this. nabuhay ulit ang eheads fans... the E-poster is like Batman's callsign over Gotham's city. Hehe...

sana totoo. Makikipagpatayan ako sa tickets pag nagkataon. ahahahha!
Some more news confirming the Eheads reunion concert can be found in the PhilStar website, posted just today!

WTF! No tickets?! Free?! I can't imagine how huge the crowd could get.

But it doesn't matter. Bumagyo man o lumindol, PUPUNTA AKO!!!!
Seth said…
Maswerte pa rin kayong nandiyan sa 'pinas! Kahit na tumataas ang bilihin araw-araw, binabagyo at me lumubog na barko, me tsansa kayong mapanood ang REUNION CONCERT ng MILENYO!(dahil wala nang pagasa mag-reunion ang Beatles)
Samantalang kaming mga nasa ibang bansa, magkakasya na lang sa mga kwento at balita. Aasa kung meron i-release na CD/DVD ng concert(orig o pirata man)!
Mabuhay ang EHEADS! Apir!
Rak en Rol!

(cue : minsan sa may Kalayaan....)
... said…
The 4 will be coming back. All people With A Smile are spreading the Monovirus and they will Overdrive it all over the Philippines. People waited for many Sembreaks and played the Pop Machine for 6 years for the Christmas Party at August. People around the world will have a Trip to Jerusalem to watch the event.

“Tama Ka!!!”.

All Barbie will run to see the Tamagotchi Baby as they will do their classical Harana. 68 Dr Sixto Avenue will be flooded by the cars and people will be Waiting For The Bus at the Tollgate.

“Ha Ha Ha!!!”

Yes! It’s Hard To Believe. They’re coming back. They’re ain’t Superproxy and surely Shirley and Julie Tearjerky will watch the event at the Playground. But for now, we will wait for the Futuristic Punk Zappa and I guess that the girl in the Tindahan Ni Aleng Nena is realizing her big mistake. Behold, a rise from the Poorman’s Grave, Saturn’s Return and the most Finest Time.

Anonymous said…
Hey guys!
Some pictures of the event can be seen here:

And a video of the intro here: