Do not let your event title and name be used by other events

I was alarmed this morning in finding out that another event is using an event title that we used to own for the past 7 years, and even that the title is look like a generic title for an event, I conceptualized it in using the event title or tag name for our event, just to brand it for good.

And because that they used our event title in one of their PR, I'm now having some problems dealing with inquires via email and text messages about this event that we are not involved. This is the same problem I face months ago after seeing a similar event just labeled itself by people who went there, and many people thought that we organized that event.

I was bombarded by emails and phone calls from our loyal sponsors and they confronted me that why they weren't informed by this event, and they got so jealous to see the event is already happening. Then I emailed them and explained that it was not our event, then they were shock to know that it was not the event we really organize. Or a pocket event that is in line with the promotion of our BIG event.

I will not mention here the event who rode the lightning of our brand title for their promotion. I just like to blog it here and inform everyone that the event you hear or read is not an official event we organized, participated, and not affiliated with it.

I hope the promoters should understand how important to carry brand titles. Because if they use an existing title, the one who owns it will suffer and the event will be affected on the result of what they have. Either it will be a great and awesome event, or a bad one. We are just protecting our brand title for the image we have in the public.

It's like carrying someone's name and using it in entering a VIP party, but you carry a fake id.
thats bad, isn't ?

I encounter this many times, and I act immediately just to avoid confusion to our loyal patrons, sponsors and partners. And it might affect our future projects if ever we get bad press from events that we didn't participated and affiliated with.

The event title we carry is like our baby, and you shouldn't make the 5 fathers of the baby very angry.

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Jon said…
Yun ba yung AniCon (Anime, Console and Online Gaming Convention)?
Jon said…
Manila Comic-con? Katunog ng Komikon