Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia - my movie review
Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia will soar high in all theaters on December 25, 2008

I used to watch movies of Ramon Revilla as the agimat clad hero and the Pedro Penduko movies which starred Ramon Zamora, Panday movies of FPJ and other fantasy-magical movies from Wansapanataym to Never ending story. Its all about an individual being teleported in another world and do something heroic or fight evil for the good of mankind. It was a big deal for me because I grew up with it, and because of those movies, I got now a big interest about magical creatures, elemental warriors and the paranormal entities. But for Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia, its my first time to watch and see a full length digital animation that focuses on our Filipino mythological creatures and story, and it was like that Im being transported back to the 80's, well I'm an 80's kid also called a Martial Law babies, and I got hooked on being a kid again, with having these adventures and play myself as a hero.

The Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia is the new time capsule for the younger generations today, this movie will stick to the memory bank of all kids and adults who will see the movie. An adventure that everyone will sure enjoy and also grab the feel of being a Filipino. The movie contents from the background and theme is all Filipino, so if you watch it, you'll notice a lot of pop culture stuff that can be found everywhere like jeeps, giant fork display from your lola's house, the last supper painting, the ordinary apartment type, malls, theme parks and many more. Cutting Edge Productions, the maker of the film, really did a good research on how to embed those Filipino elements and theme for the movie, you won't get bored watching it because you'll see a lot of things that will remind you of being a Filipino. Dayo is a great masterpiece, and its one of the 1st animated film that will be imported soon outside the country and will be viewed in foreign film festival as the Cutting Edge Productions marketing people, Jinky Salvador, said to me during our early talks.
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If you are more on the technical side, you will never avoid on noticing all the animation styles and glitches or some funny techniques being used for Dayo, we got surprised a stunning cel shaded animation technique blended by 3D backgrounds. But at the very start of the film, your eyes will be seeing lots of full colors as the story goes for more character developments, you'll won't feel dizzy watching it because you will be entertained by funny scenes and dialogues. Also best part it is that it was treated by Technicolor and Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

The music arrangement, scoring and theme song gave another points and feel for viewers, it matches the visual and good phasing of each scene, the Lipad theme song that is performed by Lea Salonga and Roots of Nature is used in one of the scenes and left us a teary eye moment and will hook every viewers attention. Also I got amazed to see that Hannibal Ibarra is involved in making the background design of the film, and my friend Randy Valiente is included also in the production!!! bow to you guys...

My favorite scene in the movie is all the characters cuteness and comedy part, although that the character introduction and development for the viewer will take long, but you'll enjoy looking in all of their movements and pose, not like any other animation, the character moves even the scene view zooms out. And its fun to see them move. But my favorite characters are Anna, Narsi and Hal-al, the villain monster character design and CGI treatment is great and I like it. I just hope that they put the character in many scenes.

Dayo is having a remarkable first step again in lifting the animation industry in the Philippines, and I just talked to Grace Dimaraan,President of the Animation Council of the Philippines, and she said that this is the final test and we will see if the movie will take us back on the next step, and having an original content like Dayo, will might open up new opportunities to our local studios in the country. Then I got a talk with Mr. Nestor Palabrica, General Manager of Toei Animation Manila office, he shared to me that all the hard works will pay off, and He believes that everyone will support it because it is done by Filipinos. I got a talk with ( you see that I'm a chatty person hahaha) also to Jesse Lasaten, executvie producer of Dayo, he shared that this is the moment of truth and he is more excited to see the film be available in all theaters. And finally Dayo director Robert Quilao answered my wish list for Dayo, and he gave me a short note that a possible sequel will be planned soon, ( got a chat with him after the premiere)
The premiere night is like a big family reunion, attended by the cast members, the production crew and staff, the studio, friends, family, partners and sponsors, media supporters and of course us bloggers who were there also to help in promotion of the movie in the blogosphere, and I'm very happy that we got thank during director Robert's speech, and at the end of the film, I told him that I got a little teary eyed after the film, because I feel that we bloggers are part of the production because of the bloggers coverage we did for Dayo and director Robert said that "you bloggers are part of the production team and thank you all for supporting and helping us", I got teary again and said to! we are being part of history.

I'm a little bit shock and having a massive hang over, but all I can say is that Dayo sa mundo ng Elementalia is one of the best animated feature in the film history of the Philippines, although we can't say it as it is the perfect film ,but this is the first of the many of future animated movies done by Pinoys. But first of all, I'm excited for the DVD release next year hahahaa.

a big Congratulations to Cutting Edge Productions, all cast, all members, all staff and supporters.. you guys rock!!!!! astig!

Watch the movie in all Philippine cinema on December 25, 2008
“Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia,” an official entry to the 34th MMFF

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Lea Salonga sings the "Lipad" Dayo theme song

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