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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Level Up! Brings Online Racing Craze to the Philippines!

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Another new online game to look out this coming month, and I'm excited to try this, that's why I signed up for the beta test, I like racing and simulation, this is something different to play online. Found this info via Hazel Miyavi's DeviantART Journal and was surprise that it is really a crazy car racing video game. to know more about the game visit

I'm now hoping that Level up! should bring this game at the Toy Con 2008.

May 2008, Makati City, Philippines -- Level Up!, the leading online gaming publisher in the Philippines , has always been at the forefront of successfully localizing the best online games from other countries to be played and enjoyed by Filipino gamers. Once again, the company has brought another game that will surely become a new craze in internet cafes: Crazy Kart!

The arrival of Crazy Kart to the Philippines is the result of the recent partnership made by Level Up! and Shanda Interactive China, the developer of Crazy Kart.

"Level Up! is continuously on the look out for new games that will appeal to all our players", explained Ben "Gameboss" Colayco, founder of Level Up! ?When we heard about Shanda and their award-winning Crazy Kart game, we knew exactly what will be the next big thing to hit Level Up! and our local online gaming industry," Colayco said.

In Shanghai China, Shanda is the most successful online gaming company; operating 15,000 network servers in 65 cities of China. Last year, Shanda earned $324.6 million from their online game revenues; this list also includes their roster of MMORPG's as well as their casual games. Indeed, 2007 was a very prosperous year for Shanda. "Overall, 2007 was a prosperous year for Shanda, demonstrated by the success of the come-stay-pay revenue model, the diversification of our content offerings, and steady progress in developing a virtual community on our integrated operating platform. We are confident that our strong content portfolio and powerful operating platform will lead to scalable and sustainable growth for the Company in 2008," said Tianqiao Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Shanda.

Tiangiao Chen has served as Shanda's chairman and CEO since the company's establishment in 1999. He is now branded as one of China's wealthiest men and is directly responsible for the success of Shanda . Through his pioneering spirit, more and more Chinese players are now enjoying games developed by Shanda. And now, Filipinos will also able to experience a part of its success with its award-winning online racing game, Crazy Kart.

As the newest casual game ever to hit Philippine shores, Crazy Kart is an online kart racing game filled with rich, massive 3D atmosphere and lovable characters. Aside from FreeStyle, also by Level Up!, Crazy Cart is a breathe of fresh air from the abundance of MMORPGs today.

Read more here

Friday, May 30, 2008

4th Arts and Music Festival 2008 production note 1

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At last !! this is my first production note for a new event coming this end of August 2008. And yes! yes! yes! its the 4th Annual Arts and Music Festival, an event organized by Back Door Venture and its all about ARTS and MUSIC. and its a big festival inside Megamall and believe me its fun, educational and a mind blowing experience, its like having our woodstock inside the mall.

me, Jay Virina (Back Door Ventures), RG, Joan Virina (Megatrade Hall) and San Mig Light beer :)

From our 1st meeting held in Dencio's in Megastrip, its fun to have a meeting while downing some booze haahaa, creative juices are pumping and yeah! the drinking of beer really boost up my ideas. Me and my sis are there and then later on RG followed to discuss some plans for another 2nd Cosplay Fashion Art Show, which we are still deciding if it will be more on an exhibition stunt again, same as last year or a cosplay art competition.

also I'm fixing some sched for some bands like Insanara, Ducklings and another we're bringing one -anime or jrock band, I'm thinking to put the best jrock band in the event. And also I'm managing the comics side, were I transformed the booth placement for Glass House Graphics and also put up an indie booth for indie comic creators and DeviantART artists/group.

its a long way for August, and this will be my next project after Toy Con 2008.

more new gimiks and activities we created for everyone, this will be the biggest arts and music show ever!

for more info about the event, getting a booth or for sponsorship visit

pre-prod meeting : 7th Toy Con 2008 production note 23

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read below for the complete story and also my video blog :)

We were supposed to have a meeting yesterday, but my team informed me that the meeting was canceled and they apologize that they forgot to update me about it, but its okay, since I'm already near the area, I texted RG to come and join with me to settle and plan the Toy Con cosplay thing and also some production concerns.

Also I got a chance to ask RG to teach me using Sony Vegas, its a good video editing software that I have here installed in my laptop since last year, the Sony Vegas is sleeping in my laptop and never been used and used RG is into creating short films and video editing, I heard that he uses Sony Vegas in his video work.

It was a great learning moment, I finally fell inlove to Sony Vegas, too bad that I got the demo version :( but luckily a friend will lend his software to me. We enjoy the night drinking this The ultimate mocha frappy at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves and it tastes like my favorite Java Chip in Starbucks.

Here's a video blog about me after the band practice of Insanara, just briefed them about the Toy Con and some other gigs that are currently listed in my notebook. Lots of phone calls, texts, emails, messages etc. etc. etc. so busy, but I'm just relaxing because I'm waiting for big move from the event partner.

more photos at Toy Con 2008 pre-prod meeting

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RG and his humongous Laptop!

Insanara - band practice at Gig Station Cubao

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I'm helping this band build up a scene here in Manila, and the band Insanara is from Iligan City, were the vocalist is a brother of our artists in GHG, and they are here in Manila to try out the scene and have a big break promoting their original songs and music. And I'm helping them get into the scene by involving them into my events and introduce them to my network.

Yesterday we had a short meeting and for the first time to try out jamming band practice in Quezon City, near Gateway Cubao. We got a 2 hour band practice preparing an upcoming gig this Sunday at Carbon Bar ( which I will post it later) in Julio Vargas St.,Ortigas City.

As a warm up on the first play, they did a cover song titled Amber, an original song by 311 and after the warm up, Jason the vocalist of the Insanara band, lay out a plan for the song line up for Sunday. Also I found an internet connection in the area, so while I record the band's session and I successfully broadcast the band's rehearsal and happy to see that there are people who are watching the session, then record the entire session and automatically upload it in Youtube.

But the audio recording from my microphone is not that good, the bass dominates the recording hahhaa, but next time I will place my mic near the vocalist speaker for a clear recording.

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* Also I like to thank Ed of Music Picks blog for featuring the band in his blog
you can read the post here at Insanara: Rising Band from the South

check out their site for sample mp3, video and photos at Insanara

Here are some photos and video from the band practice. you can view it after the link below

more photos in Insarana's multiply page Insanara - band jamming at Gig station ( May 29, 2008)

for a live recording of some songs, pls click here to listen at insanara - live recording jamming May 29, 3008

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

my schedule is full

My schedule is full today and I'm working my ass double, because Im working on the stuff needed to be finished for the Toy Con 2008 and also my job as a webmaster for GHG is hanging in the balance, for I'm resolving some problems for our website. I'm encounter a lot of web problems lately and even that I'm busy offline, I can not just escape some online problems.

I encountered bandwidth problems for Toy Con 2008, didn't expected a lot of visitors will go there and surf around the website. then the GHG website is running low of space, and we already acquired a new super Juggernaut package as they call it, we got a big much space that will solve our space problems, talk about 2170 GB of space and 18 TB of bandwidth.. wow!!! but I'm still waiting for the activation of it. and because of it, Im now having troubles of sleeping, because I always think of these websites!!!!!!! I love these websites and my blog too, and Its like my own child, created by my er...sperms?? hahahaha..kidding..

my schedule is full til Saturday and I'm leaving today for a band meeting and event meeting.
btw, I'm posting later a new production note for a new event for August 2008, yup!!! new event!

so see ya!!

Soul of Chogokin : Daimos ( official pics)

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This news just came in and thanks to Heerosan of the Transformers Philippines board to share with us this great news! hoohoh!!!! time to scream.. Erika!!!!!, If your going to ask me what Super Robot I like,.. I'll choose DAIMOS!

Thanks to Gold of forums for the news, here's the official pic of the upcoming SOC Daimos figure. The set includes Daimos' weapons (that's whole lotta weapons ) that also comes with a display rack, also included are Galfa FX II and Typer vehicles. It also includes Tranzer display base.

Daimos is up by pre-order via Toy-Wave, here's the link:

The price of the figure is around 16,000 Yen (or $138) and it will be released this coming September.

a story of birds and cats

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I woke early in the morning, and I was disturbed by the noise of a group of frogs nearby, it was raining hard last night and it seems that the vacant lot are now being the breeding ground for bull frogs, then when I was about to eat my breakfast, I saw my pet cats sleeping and crouching outside, then my pet cat Puteh, suddenly grabbed a stray bird nearby and she run through the grassy lot of the house, I went out screaming, calling her name and after catching my cat, I saw the poor bird in its mouth, then when Puteh releases the bird, it fell in the ground and then my other pet cat Puting grabbed it, I chased the kitten infront of the gate and then I retrieve a poor black bird with cutesy eye lashes and fan-like tail, I place it first in the cage together with the lovebirds, while I search for a new cage for the poor bird, then suddenly I observed that the bird is weak and unable to fly, so I decided to keep it and feed it, and will release it till the wounds is healed.

I don't see any wound in any of its body, but some some little blood on its feather. Then after placing it in the cafe and hang it in our garden, my pet cats seems to stalk the bird even it is inside the cage, funny to watch them staring upwards to the cage and attempting to jump and grab the bird.

the bird is lucky and now in perfect condition, I researched on the net on what kind of bird is this, then I found out that it is a White-throated Fantail. ohhh fantail, so that why it explains its fancy fan like tail, it spreads whenever the bird moves and it chirps with a loud sound. I checked it if it is endangered, but I'm glad that it is not, the bird is rarely seen in Australia and also in the South East Asia, breeding season is on February to May, and I guess its their hatching season and also breeding season here, thats why I hear most of their chirps everyday.

the fantail bird looks like a youngling, that tried to fly and fell from the nest in our Mango tree.
now the fantail bird is sleeping in the cage, and its cute to look at it, because it tucks its head while sleeping and standing on the wooden stick.

will check out the bird tomorrow and maybe give a name...any suggestion ? shall I call it birdie?

more photos of the bird and my pets below after the link

more photos here at Birds and Cats

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White-throated Fantail

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Philippines Comics: Wakas Na Ba (Panel Talks)

Philippines Comics: did it end?

Perhaps the same question all of you are asking, and maybe the same answer that everyone is saying.

then check out the Panel Talks this Saturday in Figaro cafe at Tagaytay City. I might be there to attend the panel talk by Jonas Diego and Gerry Alanguilan, but I’m not sure if I can make it this saturday for a video and photo coverage, we need to archive these panel talks for future use.

read more info here at Hugzone

Start: May 31, ‘08 3:00p

To cap the week-long Tagaytay Multimedia Workshops and Festival is a talk on the state of comics art and industry on May 31 at 3PM at Figaro Tagaytay. Speakers are comics artists Gerry Alanguilan and Jonas Diego, and publisher Boboy Yonzon. Open to the public.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TVC 2 study : 7th Toy Con 2008 production note 22

Here's a TVC study that I'm working a while ago after receiving a text message from my team that I need to make another TVC for a cable and tv network. This is a 3o seconds TVC of ToyCon 2008, I used some footages from last year, and its so hard to choose the right footage for the TVC.

in making TVC for my event, I used some tools I can see here at home, and here are some steps I did in making some of TVC back in 2004.

1. do a concept of the TVC
2. make a script
3. record your voice
4. re-edit your recorded audio file
5. edit it and time it for 30 seconds.
6. add music
7. choose the right footage, based on your script.
8. edit the whole media materials using your editing software
9. convert and render the video
10. review it first and show it to your group for approval
11. after approval, burn it in DVD
12. submit it to your friendly TV network :)

sounds easy di ba?
btw, the voice in the tvc has an effect, i adjusted my voice pitch and added some effects, for the original recorded voice, you can hear me and download the audio sample file here , funny is that you'll here a lot of outtakes of me while recording this during lunch time. hahhaha. i locked my self in a room while people in the house is busy roaming around and doing some

iPhone Seminar Vol. 1

I saw this to Ade's twitter page, and looks interesting, and because any months from now the Philippines will be have an iPhone mania, and I know that some people here who has the unlocked iPhone and soon to be users of iPhone will be interested in joining the seminar, you can visit the page and the seminar is free.

team in partnership with domainsdotPH would like to invite everyone to our
1st iPhone Seminar.
Join us as we share with you tips and tricks on how to make the most of your iPhones. Everyone is welcome.

When: May 31, 2008 Saturday 2PM-4PM
Where: dotPH Office
Unit 2706 Jollibee Plaza
F. Ortigas Jr. Road (Formerly Emerald Ave.)
Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Topics for the Day:
1) How to SSH (Mac and Windows)
2) How to create a custom ZiPhone Plugin Blucher (Mac and Windows)
3) Troubleshooting your iPhone

Read more Here

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the exclusive item : 7th Toy Con 2008 production note 21

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Toy Con 2008 exclusive item Hummer by Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale
Limited and available only for sale at the event [ more pics here ]

I'm surprised that we have an exclusive item for the event. yipeeee! The custom made Toy Con 2008 Hummer will be sold at the event for 500 pcs only. Available only here at the Toy Con 2008.

the bands : 7th Toy Con 2008 production note 20

Fixing the band line up and schedules

That's me minutes ago, reviewing videos and music, and guess what band I'm listening and enjoying :), I have another view here which is my part 2

I'm already managing the line up of the band who will perform at the Toy Con 2008, and as I look in my list of bands who contact me and show their interest to perform in the 2 day convention, I listen to their demo samples, album and read their profile, then suddenly I noticed that there many bands who are under my list and now I'm figuring out who will perform and who will get a shot next year.

As I create a tentative list, I just discovered that I should let other bands play for this year, especially to those who will play for the first time, while others are crowd favorites and others are from our sponsors. I'm very careful now in choosing the band line up, and might avoid on what happened last year. - yeah the line up was great! it was like I was in a rock event!

but this time, as i browse my list..holy!!! I'm organizing a rock concert event! ahahaha.

so far, let me share you the list of bands who contacted me and tell me what you think.
(this line up is not yet final, I'm just sharing you a list of bands who like to perform in our event)

1. Zelle

2. Dice n K 9

3. Pidro File

4. Paramita

5. Reklamo

6. Haponesang Dilat

7. Insanara

8. Faultline

9. DRT

10. Fuseboxx


12. Himitsu Heki

13. Do Ahou

14. Publico

15. +Le Strange+

16. Rise of Brutality

17. Eternal Now

18. Geek City Riot

and many more, that i have forgotten already...there are too many bands who submitted their profiles, while others are anime or japanese rock band who like to play, but I'm very strict now in screening the performers. I will let them play bands who perform great music and very professional in terms of coordination with the bands, organizer and managers.

its a great list.... I think I can organize soon a rock fest! hahaaa. final list will be released this friday.

If there are other bands who would like to try a shot, then pass your sample, video (via youtube or multiply) and profile.

The Heath Ledger - Joker - figure from Hot Toys

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Hot Toys seems to never fail us again, and this Heath Ledger - Joker figure is one of the best figure for the Dark Knight movie I've ever seen, I just saw this image at the Facebook of the Dark Knight group and many people were impressed to see a lot of cool features of the figure, and lots of accessories and even the socks are multi colored. A miniature version of Heath Ledger-Joker for your own collection.

I already predict that the toys will sky rocket and will be sold out once it will be released and it will be the last memorabilia for Heath Ledger that we can see from his last film Dark Knight.

for info of the price, where to buy this and more photos below after the link

according to one of the Facebook group member
Hot Toys The Dark Knight: Joker
To Order go to either: , ,

They range from $135-$175 each

They are 12" figure, highly detailed, lots of articulation. And they are imported from Hong Kong.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Toy Con 2008 Cosplay rules are now posted

Toy Con song MTV 2008 ( music video study)

here's my video editing study :)

performed by Ducklings

words,music and lyrics by Ducklings

7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008
June 14-15, 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3, Sm Megamall
click below to watch the video


old lyrics.


title: "mapapansin kaya ng babaeng minsan kong naging kalaro? sa isang taong pupunta ulit ako sa araw ng mga laruan"

verse 1
nagiipon, nagtitiis
sana agad ay mabili
pinakabagong laruan
kami ay nag uunahan

pilit na pagagandahin
kahit pangkulay ay bitin
lahat ay aking gagawin
para lamang nya pansinin

verse 2
lagi kaming nagbabasa
ng mga komiks nyang dala
nagpupunta sa kanila
naglalaro't nagsasaya

hindi ba't napaka kulit
noong kami'y maliliit
ngayun kaya'y kamusta na?
sana naman makita sya

pre chorus
may toycon sa megamall
(nagpunta kasama ng barkada)
nagulat na lang ako
(ng may cosplay may entablado)
nakasuot sya ng pula
(at may espada pa syang dala)
ikaw nga!!!

mapapansin kaya
(ng dalagang mistulang diwata)
alala pa kaya
(ang pinagsamahan nung mga bata)
mapapansin kaya
(ng babaeng minsan kong naging kalaro)
sa isang taon pupunta parin ako

((sa araw ng mga laruan!!!))

>>>insert beat here<<<

verse 3
pilit akong nag tatanong
sa sarili ng pabulong
kung lalapitan ko na ba?
baka anong sabihin nya

hindi na baleng madapa
sanay namang mapahiya
bahala na sa salita
ko kung ako'y matutuwa


pre chorus



Edit post:
hahahaha..didn't know that the first mix disabled the other channel of the speaker.
so I know everyone will experience to hear only the instrumental of the song.

but here's the Mp3 file of the music by Ducklings, a song composed for Toy Con,
it was done last year and we are enhancing its recording for everyone.

download the Mp3 here

The Buzz : Clearing some issues about me

There's this rumor monger spreading the news around the comics community and industry that I was spreading the news that I AM the new general manager of this international graphics and art service provider - Glass House Graphics, Inc. The company that I'm currently employed as their webmaster and events organizer.

I was shock to hear the news in our local friends last Saturday, and I'm glad that they are not afraid to ask this thing to me directly, and thanks to them, I settted it immediately and answer a big NO!

my answer:

I just want to make this clear and it might affect my work with GHG, and our boss David Campiti is here in the Philippines, it might trigger a wrong impression on me about this rumor.
But I'm going to talk to him after his return to Manila.

with big respect to my fellow pinoy GHG, i just want to make it very clear that I'm not the general manager.

our general manager in the Philippines is Michelle Calanog, she handles all our work here in Manila and she handle it well, even that many people say that she's only an accountant or etc. etc., but for me she handle the company well and no one can ever replace her position because she knows how the field works. And she will be getting married on May 28th. Congrats to you and Rene.

I hope that everything is clear, and i don't know who is this rumor monger who likes to destroy my name again. and it was like the old years back in Year 2003 when some rumor monger is spreading the news that I claim to be an owner of this publishing company and a local anime-manga comics. But I'm glad that I clear it and many supported my statements.

I was thinking since yesterday to put a reward who can tell me who started this rumor mongering thing about me, but I decided not to know them, because I don't have to waste my precious time in their garbage activities.

I don't want to label this comic industry thing to be DIRTY and RUDE, even if they are a player of a non player in the field.

All I want is to clear this and explain the real deal.

thanks so much for your support!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meeting the people of Kolektib Intelidyens

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This is the final event I attended last Saturday, and lucky me to have a meet up with comic artist Ryan Orosco before going to Cubao Expo. I arrived too early for the event, and it was hot in the street of Cubao and I crawled down via taxi from my visit in Fullybooked Free comic book day.

But I decided to have a cold drinks and surf the internet in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Araneta Center, were I waited for Ryan's return from his meeting. I texted Budjette at 3:00pm if they are already there, and the replied that everyone is already in the event, then I decided to go late and get updates and do some chores for me work were I try to resolve some website problems for Glass House Graphics.

Me and Ryan walked around the Araneta Center up to the Cubao Expo, were the event called 9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens, ( Collective Intelligence), its an event by the Visual Print Enterprise, a comic and book publisher for 9 artists.

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Met the brilliant minds behind the comics of Trese, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Kiko Machine, and many more. It was like a mini comic convention, because there are lots of comic fans went there just to meet the artists to get their book and comics signed by the artists, and also ask advice for their comic creators and works. Our local comic creators went there too as a fan of their fellow artists in the industry and it was fun to see them hanging out and while we take air outside the venue we had a great chat outside.

from my chat here are some great news from them.

I asked David Hontiveros about his superhero character novel online, and told him if he is willing to print the novel into comics, he said that he is willing for comics version of his novel, but its hard to manage and get artist nowadays and bring them in as a job for the title, as I told him about budget issues, and yes.. printing it is very expensive in this time, I asked what if there's someone did a fan-comic version of the novel without your consent, do you consider it?, then he said that its okay, but it will be great if he will be informed about it first. Sounds good noh? but thats only my make idea and just asked him maybe he can make it a comic book version. To know more of his online novel, visit

Then i got a short talk with Budjette Tan and Carlo Vergara, I just reminded them again for the Toy Con and I'm super excited to have Carlo and Budjette as one of my guest for the ToyCon and I told them about the panel discussions hour with the comics creator, I really want Carlo to join the panel, and yes it will be a big promotion and also an awareness that Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has a sequel in comics. Jonas Diego was there too, and I told him about my Toy Con and invited him to join the panels, heard from him that he is working a new comics series with our local artists, even that he is not sure if the comics will be available at that time, he said that he will try to release and show some comic teasers and samples.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Chompy and Lyndon Gregorio

Lyndon Gregorio, Lei Chompy Muncal and Syeri Baet was there too, my fellow Artist's Den group, I talked to them about the latest news for the Komikon, and they said that the convention will be on the month of November and tentatively on the 22nd. They were planning to have a mini comic even before the convention and the venue still be in U.P. Bahay ng Alumni. and the big news from Syeri. She's getting married with her long time BF comic artist Jon Zamar, congrats in advance. For Lyndon and Beerkada news, hmm heard that he will release new Beeerkada Plush dolls. and my bet is a PSYCHO COW doll! ahhahahaa! which will be launched in Toy Con 2008.

For the first time I met Kajo Baldisimo, artist for Trese comics. We discuss some matters about his addition in the talent roster of Glass House Graphics and heard from Kajo that they are making a new issue of Trese, which I read it too in the Alamat ML that there's a teaser, which I failed to look at it at the event.

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Btw, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah part 2 comics was exhibited at the event, but you can check more of the preview pages in Carlo Vergara's blog at

Got a great talk too with Manix Abrera, and extended my invite for the Toy Con 2008 and can't believe that he is so excited when I asked him to join with us, he said that he will be releasing a secret merchandise of Kiko Machine or maybe one of his comic works, Reisa also told me to keep it secret haahaa, congrats to Reisa too for her college graduation, now I see a marketer in the works.

met and talked to great people like Freely Abrigo and Johnny Balbona, and I'm a little bit jealous for he takes home a Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah giant poster hehehe, go Johnny! thanks for that yucky news about the hair band condom news in China.

the event is a great success. hope there will be another exhibit and also meet and greet with our local artists. arghhh.. im tired already and this will be my last post for the week. see you next weekend!

more photos and album below

more photos in my album at Komiks creators @ 9 in 1 Kolektib Intelidyens

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Ryan and David

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Ryan, David, Budjette, Johnny, Jonas and Me

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Kajo and me

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Budjette reviewing some portfolio

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the ID

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Carlo and David

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