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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marc Cerbo quits Transformers

this is not a joke!!!!

read below for more info

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and decided to collect Barbie dolls ahahahahhaa

Happy Birthday Marc Cerbo ahaahahaha!!!!!!! This is only a joke!

bug him by greeting him in his multiply
then send him funny quotes or txt him at 09179493397
or email him at cerbojam at

surprise the bastard! and prevent that you are a hot model who needs a date! ahahahhaha
thats one great joke for a birthday boy.

Happy Birthday to the Grand Father and Founder of Transformers Philippines and LEGO Philippines Bricksters

7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 17

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I was checking my email this morning before I leave the house for the Free Comic Book day in Fullybooked, and then I was shocked to read a news in my inbox!
wow!!!! fan boy scream!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I'll see the guys above next month :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

check out the schedule of activities I received from the Fullybooked!
see you all tomorrow! might line up at 7am ahahaha


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It’s an Auction-Packed day!

Schedule of Activities:

Registration for the silent and live auction: 10:00 AM

Film Showing in U-View: 11:00 AM onwards

Silent Auction: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Live Auction: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Some items to be auctioned off:

Complete Sandman by Neil Gaiman #1 – 75

Lost Girls Slipcase signed by Alan Moore

Batman the Dark Knight Returns signed by Frank Miller

Batman Hush Slipcase signed and remarked by Jim Lee

Watchmen Signed and Numbered Slipcase

Stealth Iron Man Comiquette

X-Men vs. Sentinels Diorama # 3

Suzaku Lace Across Australia

St. Paul's Cathedral, originally uploaded by Joni Llanora-Ibarra.

nyahhh!!! This is one of the photos of Lace after she left Manila last week
and its her 5th day in Australia and she traveled across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Also nice to see that she stayed to her sister's house in Melbourne after a 1 day rest from her business trip.

wahhuhhhuuh.. she's coming home and no more lonely nights for me this coming Saturday :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chillitees chat event at Today ( live video streaming here)

webchat is at

while here in my blog, you can view the live web cam stream and also live chat with other viewers see the members of Chillitees live online!

live chat will start at 3:00pm
more at

edit 1:
chat event ends at 5:11pm with Uela singing live!

click below to watch the webchat video stream LIVE!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my Yahoo Mail has been recovered

I don't know what happened, its seems that I'm encountering again some hacking stunt in my email accounts.

I'm glad that I recovered it immediately and glad that I didn't panic. The last time my email got hacked was few months ago and I went crazy over it and seems that It nearly ended my life.

so here's what I learned from the incident last night after going home.

1. if you discovered that you can't access your email, just don't panic

2. if you run Yahoo! Messenger, disable it immediately and don't use it

3. if you recovered your password, via the Question for your secret answer, then congratulations. you must remember your secret answer.

4. use a new password, and a unique combination of characters

5. after recovering it, run a virus scan, I used Leerz Meneses's NooB Killer ( search it in google) its very useful and it can detect lots of new spywares and harmful viruses.

6. if you notice some bad activity in your pc, such as an error at the start and some .dll file is trying to overwrite your file, just don't accept it and run a virus scan after.

7. after scanning and deleting the virus, reboot your pc

8. test all system and password in your email.

9. then final note - scan all usb flash drive and memory card before you transfer a file in your pc.

10. if the problem is still active, just pray.... :)

my Yahoo! mail has been hacked

im now being victim by this email hacking and my email account popazrael at
is hacked and can't recovered my email address.

and even my paypal account is listed there.. i guess i'm now losing a lot of money

if someone emails from popazrael at then that's not me.

will inform everyone if I already recovered back my yahoo! account.

this situation sucks!.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Chat event with Chillitees ( May 22, 2008)

Another chat event this Thursday, and our Chat guest artist is - Chillitees.
log on to at 3:00pm - 5:00pm and get a chance to talk online with the members of the band.

also video streaming will be provided as usual by the Bad Az >:)
just keep updated here in my blog

and after the chat event,on Friday they will be launching their album at Pablo Art Gallery in Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo), Quezon City with guests DJs MikeCons, Eggboy and Sandwich.

read more below for more info

Chillitees - Espasoul

They've been known as one of the more well-known progenitors of the current crop of indie bands espousing soul music. And the Chillitees return proudly with Espasoul, the band's follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut album Extra Rice. The album features 10 tracks including the new single Skatetown, which comes with a music video directed by keyboard/sax player and acknowledged bandleader/main songwriter Dan Gil.

Chillitees has emerged as a cult favorite among people on the look-out for something new. They have earned their success through hard work and constant gigging. Their debut album earned high reviews and key gigs for the band. The band has been a constant favorite in compilation albums and special projects such as Kami nAPO Muna Muli, Hopia Mani Popcorn 2 and the 100th Anniversary compilation album of Hershey's Chocolate.

Espasoul is a rich, musically textured follow-up to their debut album. For the recording of the album the band recorded late 70's-early 80's jazz fusion style, with the guitars, bass, keyboards and drums recorded live simultaneously. The drums were recorded muted 80's style while Gil utilized old keyboard models such as a Roland '79 model, Juno 60, Roland 509 and a vocoder. The album also marks the band's present line-up with Gil, guitarist Jon Padilla, bassist Allen Umali (formerly of Third World Project and Sino Sikat?), drummer Dexter Aguila (formerly of Sun Valley Crew and The Bitter Pill) and lead vocalist Uela Basco. Members of Chillitees recorded the songs in the album along with horn player Ramon Mancio, former Chillitees member Ryan Ventura and guests. Espasoul is a collection of uncompromising yet appealing tunes, with some songs going as far as six, seven minutes while still retaining that light, soothing soul of its predecessor.

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"We weren't conscious of what will get played on radio and stuff like that," says Gil. "We want to offer something new, but we still came up with something we strongly believe is an album that's still easy to digest and groove to anyway.."

The album cover art was done by former Chillitees drummer Paolo Lim. "Kuha ni Paolo yung design ng LP's nun 70's," Gil notes. "Kung me pera nga lang ako magpapa-press ako ng vinyl for this album."

Notable tracks on the album include the sensual "Gatas" featuring Noli Aurillo; the seven-minute, Seawind-inspired "Damang Dama," the catchy "Paglipas," "Wala Akong Magagawa" featuring guitarist par excellence Kakoi Legaspi and blues master Binky Lampano, and of course, "Skatetown," a homage to the old skating center in Ali Mall, Cubao. True to the song's theme, "Skatetown" borders on roller skate rink friendly disco grooves.

The band is all set to launch Espasoul this May 23, 2008 at Pablo Art Gallery in Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo), Quezon City with guests DJs MikeCons, Eggboy and Sandwich.

Chillitees are:

Uela Basco - vocals

Dan Gil - vintage keys

Jon Padilla - guitars

Dex Aguila - drums

Allen Umali - bass

For bookings and inquiries, contact Leigh Topacio at +639209237515 or email through , .

Log on to ,,

for more information on Chillitees.

the short story in down under

-this is a merge blog entry for personal blog post and event production note-

Lace is out of the country today, and I'm blogging it just now, she went with her officemate and boss for a business trip and to attend the CeBIT Australia, its an event for I.T. people and professionals.

After leaving the house and headed too the airport, we wait the plane to pass over our house roof after 30 minutes they boarded and then it passes on top of us, and it was flying so fast going to Singapore.

while ago, Lace talked to us via Skype, it was fun chatting even that I'm on a mobile meeting in a cafe with RG, virtual people and mobile callers. I was panicking and people are also sending message via email, and Lace got confused and then I apologize and said that I'm too busy today because I haven't checked my email for a whole day and I went to my other house in Pasig to fix something.

now I'm cramming for the Toy Con and I'm still having a big layout of plans for the task that I'm doing this week. I told Lace that I'll wait for her online in the morning when they attend the CeBIT and I want to view it on webcam, she brought the ASUS EEEPC in her trip and it was very useful and very compact to carry. I already sent my plans for this week, and manage it because I'm having lots of meetings for my events, gigs, family, and for work.

this week will be my deadline week and I'm already getting crazy...

I need to do

-video edit tvc
-voice over
-contact my voicer over guy
-deliver the tvc
-organize the contest rules
-program schedule design
-talk to comic artists
-talk to sponsors and partners
-manage bands
-skip Indiana Jones movie
-attend important events
-wait for Lace online
-finish drinking my C2
-visit Burger King
-cry........ for the deadline huuhhuhuhh.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Incredible Hulk custom resin statue

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Art Department has released a custom made sample of Incredible Hulk, and its an original sculpt by their artist and they offer it for everyone who wants to collect hand made custom made statues.

more photos below

Available for pre-order. Tentative release date for 1st batch is May 28, 2008. Reserve yours now!

Payment Terms: (info to be given upon confirmation of order)
Bank Deposit: Metrobank / Banco de Oro Deposit
Credit Card: Via Xoom

DIMENSIONS: 15"H x 13" W x 12"D (with base)

For more information contact:
Joseph Mahusay

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Pahiyas Festival 2008 ( Lucban, Quezon)

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photographed by : Eman Rubio

I missed this year's Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon and my mind is out last week and didn't know that I already missed it, just reminded myself when my friend Eman Rubio sent an album of photos of the festival which he took at their place in Lucban, it was nice and great to see the people crowding up the festival and saw some big changes in the festival.

read my story and photos below after the link

During my youngling years, we used to celebrate it in our home province of Sampaloc, Quezon. Me and my cousins and some other friends troop down the city and after the mass, the patron saint of the festival San Isidro de Labrador will have a procession around the town and then people in their houses with decors of food and agricultural crops will throw away their goodies to the public, and they share it that way and it was fun. I remember we carry a big empty sack and big "bayong" just to store all those goodies. I grabbed lots of foods like suman, breads, cookies, candies and some fruits like banana, papaya, some veggies too.

It was funny that whenever there's a house that has a good item in display in their decor, we await infront and wait till the procession of San Isidro pass by, then we raise our hands and wait for the drop of goodies. Some are "banig", "salakot", wooven items and others are shirt. There was a time that they're gonna throw a pineapple and coconut ahhahaha. When I saw that, I moved away and didn't try to attempt to catch it. You can imagine the crowd of people in competition of grabbing the was fun..

Pahiyas Festival in Lucban and Sampaloc are the same, it is a festival and honor to the saint San Isidro and also in thanksgiving for having a good harvest for the year, because as they say the Pahiyas Festival is the year ender for town fiestas.

I think the festival in our town province of Sampaloc is no longer active, because people now go and celebrate it in Lucban, Quezon, which we can see that it was advertised and promoted every year, I remember even variety shows go there and celebrate it on national TV. It is a fun event for me and its another wait for me for another year to attend the festival.

If I am correct, my last pahiyas festival was in 1996. And I'll wait again for next year and will prepare for it. You can read more about the festival at

with permission to post
and photographed by : Eman Rubio (Lucban, Quezon)

more photos in my album at Pahiyas Festival 2008 ( Lucban, Quezon)

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

GHG head honcho recruiting Manila artists right now

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David Campiti, CEO of Glass House Graphics/Studio Sakka Graphics, is in Manila right now through the 18th of June. His purpose: To review, train, and recruit the best undiscovered talent that the Philippines has to offer, to work for the American market for American rates.

Are you an animator, cartoonist, illustrator, or designer who has the talent and skill to make it in the American comics market but haven’t had the opportunity? This is your chance. David is no longer conducting his big yearly Seminars at the MegaMall, but your opportunities to work with GHG are better than ever.

Just send .jpg samples of your work today to (If you need sample plots or scripts to draw from, get them from HERE.)

If you’d rather bring your samples portfolio in person to David, please Email his assistant to set up an appointment.

There is NO FEE. David personally reviews all samples and gives honest critiques. If he loves your work, he will offer you the opprtunity to join GHG. If you need some training, he will provide that for free, too. “If enough strong potential talent can be lined up this month, then Wilson Tortosa and I will teach a small, personalized Seminar for hand-picked attendees, FREE OF CHARGE, in mid-June, right in our Caloocan office,” David explains. “Some artists were only making $10 a page in the local Filipino market before they joined us. Now they’re making as much as $300 a page — sometimes more — working for USA publishers.”

Some of the many successful Filipino artists making their mark in the American market right now include Bong (Star Wars) Dazo, Carlo (Iron Man) Pagulayan, Jeffrey (Iron Man) Huet, Rainier (Thunderbolts) Beredo, Harvey (Ultimate X-Men) Tolibao, Stephen (Wolverine: Origins) Segovia, Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio, and a host of manga artists. You could be joining them!

Pinoy artists who design, draw, or color for the American market through GHG do NOT have to live in the USA or worry about Passports to travel. They are able to work from home or in GHG’s own large, air-conditioned offices and are paid American rates for their work.

Now is your chance: Don’t by shy. Don’t let it pass you by! ( from : )

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