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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Star Trek 2009 : Spock

Zachary Quinto is no longer Sylar.

I just edited and combined the half face of the teaser poster...and here's what will it look like hehhehe.

just saw the poster and also the trailer post in Gerry's blog at

more at

and if you ask me if I'm excited... my answer is YES! even that I'm a born Star Wars fan, I still dig Star Trek as one of the coolest sci fi movie and series ever... after Star Wars hahaha. peace.

and like to thank Via Astris, our local Star Trek club in the Philippines for allowing me to join their regular screening during the past good old years, and thanks to Marc trekkie for not stopping to explain to me bit by bit some trekie questions I made whenever I watch and I was hooked at the Voyager series and also the original series during those screenings, and got hook ed more when Enterprise tv series went on air that time.

Varga TV series trailer

The tv series trailer of Varga is now available on the net and in this trailer we see that Mariel Rodriguez is wearing the costume of Varga, but it looks like that costume is a lot more different than the comics.
I haven’t read the original comics Varga, but we can now have a chance to get to know the character created by Mars Ravelo, a character that was followed and basis for Darna, also created by Ravelo.

What do think ? looks funny....Valapit inyong mga Velevision.

but...why is she in a bathrobe-like costume??? are they going to take our eyes away from a Darna like costume?

source : watch the trailer at

Yahoo! Philippines Answers Community Meet Up! (coverage)

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I received a Yahoo! Answer questions few weeks ago and its about an upcoming event meet up for Yahoo! Philippines Answer community and I voted that they should have an event here in Manila and I got the interest because the site is very helpful to me whenever I get answers from other users in their own review or opinion on a certain topics, the site is helpful to me especially about viruses and other trouble shooting gig for Windows and other softwares, but this time I got the interest in using the site for plugging my event haaha, yes it was effective and even I can get comments and a survey from the other users.

But when they organized the event and set a date, on the spot of the day.. I just failed to attend it that night due to some problems, and Im glad that our buddy Marc Cerbo was there to do a photo coverage for us and he shared that there was little game and get to know each other from users and also bloggers, coz I see some familiar faces on the photos and I'm glad that Jonas De Los Reyes, community manager for Yahoo! Philippines spearhead the event and connect with the users and receive some suggestions on how to make the site more useful in the future. And also Marc said that there will be more upcoming Yahoo! events here in Manila as he heard it during the discussions. thanks to Marc for the photos and also thanks to Jonas too for the event.

more photos and album below

photos by Marc Cerbo
more photos Yahoo Answers 07.19.2008

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Bombay Restaurant

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I'm now loving this new food and the taste of food that my taste buds are looking for, food that has lot of spices and soft and creamy salty tomato taste. I just experience tasting the food in last month's dinner meeting in a condo and after a month of dreaming and planning where to locate that restaurant, we just got some tips in the internet to locate the spot.

The New Bombay Restaurant is located in Glorietta 3, thats beside Bibliarch store and along the street where Hard Rock Cafe and Gloria Jeans is located, its a 2 month old food center were their specialty is all authentic Indian food. After tasting this cuisine in a meeting, I just blown away by its taste and my love for tomato sauces and spices triggered my tongue to search for this restaurant. And our firs walkathon last night brought us to the wrong direction and glad that security guards are reliable source of info to ask the exact location.

more photos and review below

Upon arriving, we read this laser printed menu, all text and no images of the food, which makes the menu too alien for us, so me and Lace try to guess and describe the food we ate last time and the waitress helps us to know that food, so we ordered Mutton something food - Mutton is a lamb meat, and Safron rice - its a rice that contains some nuts and fruits, and Chicken in red gravy which is my personal favorite. Its funny at first because the waitress tells us this food at the menu, but I just can't understand what food she's referring to and glad that the content of the meal is written under each the Indian food title, which gave us a hard time pin pointing we want haahahah.

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The place is really nice and we feel that we are in India, the fixtures and wall painting and the designs are really nice, we like the place and we are very comfortable on the atmosphere of the restaurant. During our spicy meal, btw, we ordered the food in "mild" spice only, we are still trying to look first before we leap, maybe next time we will upgrade our spice to "medium" and then up to "spicy", okay during our meal, lots of Indian locals in a family group went inside and dine in, and then there are lots of office people and call center employees went inside to eat their dinner, and I didnt expected that they got lots of customers already.

They have 2 other brances , one in Salcedo Village and the other is in other parts of Makati, forgot to read the whole address, but you can look at it in the net. After our meal, this young Indian manager went to our table and he ask what do we think of the food, and I say that this is the ultimate taste that my tongue is looking for ahahaha, but then we laugh when I started to insert some Filipino words in our talk, because at first we thought that he can't understand our language, but the young Indian looks like a born Pinoy.

The food is great and the serving is good for two people already, their chefs inside are Indians, and Im very satisfied on the taste and the price. If you have P300 you can already buy one meal and a special rice, their specialty meals can go to P150 and up, while rice can go to P150 and up.

Next time I'll be trying the Spinach long rice, because I feel inlove to it during my first taste of it in our meeting, but we tried the Safron rice and its good, on my second order of the rice they put somekind of cheese grater on top of it, but when I tasted it, its some kind of fried egg, not sure. but it tastes good.

The Mutton meal is a mind blow for me, its a lamb cooked like a corned beef, but the taste is like more a Pata tim, but its a little different, I can't determine yet the ingredients because its a new taste and I'm new to it, but its yummy...oh my..

the Chicken in red gravy is like our calderata, since the taste of caldereta for me is the best, thats why i love this chicken in red gravy, its a little hot and spicy, but the creamy taste of its like tomato paste sauce and gravy like texture, the chicken is no longer a chicken.... its a big Indian meal for me.

I pay P800, for the two meal and two rice meal, plus two drinks.

and yes, Im going back again, to try other food at The New Bombay Restaurant

more photos at New Bombay Restaurant

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Safron rice

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Mutton - something... forgot what it called

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Chicken in red gravy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark knight pre release screening and my review

photos from

I'll just blog about my comments and also reaction when we watched the pre release screening of the movie "The Dark Knight" in Rockwell Powerplant mall last night, and don't worry I won't post anything that will spoil you.. this entry is Spoiler free.

read it more below.

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Last monday I got an invite to a premiere screening of the movie in IMAX, but I decided not to go and go forward to attend a friend's birthday, I just experience something on being like the Batman in choosing which one will I attend or like which will I save hahhaha. But after rejecting the Imax screening, I just got a luck again from a friend that she said that theres another screening Powerplant mall, and I give it a yes and I travel all the way from Cavite and then visit our office in Caloocan and beat a 5pm meet up for my movie ticket in Ortigas City. After a tiring and wet moment ( it was raining hard) I got on time and got my ticket.

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Me and Lace went to Rockwell after her office hours and time of the movie will start at 7:30pm, we arrived in Powerplant at 6:00pm and then we stayed inside Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves just to refresh, have dinner and also refresh ourselves before the movie starts.

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Entering the cinema, we deposited all our cellphones and also gadgets, but I decided to deposit my bag, because it is full of mighty gadgets like cameras, ipods, mp3 recorder, usb, and laptops.
They have a policy that any electronic gadgets are not allowed in any of the pre release screening of the movie, and all people should deposit it, They have this people who wore shirts with a label "Anti-Camcording Task Force", they are people who monitor investigate and also monitor all movie watchers while inside the cinema, they are equipped with hi tech gadgets that can detect any electronic gadget inside the theater and also they have NIGHT VISION hand held gadget that helps to see and watch people even in the dark, so its like a Big Brother house inside the cinema hahahaha. But I'm glad that all movie goers are cooperative and we didn't encounter any problems in depositing our items.

Ok here's my comments and review about the movie.

the movie The Dark Knight is not your ordinary Batman flick, but its a darker side and serious movie that makes a big repackage of the story and for first timers and non comic book readers, you won't see any "wham" "bam" and "splork" effects in the movie. If you seen the first movie "Batman Begins" you'll know what I mean. But for this sequel movie, its a big different and a little disturbing, I learned more on each characters as they continue to develop each of them during the entire movie, which I heard on what's their origin by their dialogues, I won't mention who's who.

there's a big acting on Batman, and this time with lots of screen time and also dialogues, compare to the first movie, you'll enjoy him being a big bad ass and being an ordinary human and not your average super hero. The costume has a big change too, hmmm but I'm not impress on the looks of it, because if you see pictures in some press photos its nice to look at it, but when you see it on screen, you'll see the difference. Pointy nose, big head and yeah... it is a mask! perfect!!

Joker's acting is funny and also scary, whenever he mention "Why so serious" you'll be scared to see a psychopathic character, but while watching the movie.. I'm having a hard time looking at the Joker's character, because I can't even see any Heath Ledger in it. I mean... he is really the Joker! maybe because of the make up and the character he portrays, but in Batman I can tell that he is Christian Bale, so weird noh?

Harvey Dent is one of the most important character and by watching some mini episodes of the GCN, it looks like the viral movie takes place in between the movie. But during the half of the movie you'll see something scary on Harvey's character. hahaha everyone knows it already, but I won't spoil it for our non comic readers.

The Bat Pod is awesome, many audience got wow! during its cameo and how it works.. Batman looks great and a bad ass in Bat Pod, that's the Bat motorcyle for others who calls it.

The movie is around 3 hours or maybe 2 1/2 hours, I'm not really sure on the running time, because I know the movie started at 7:30pm and it ended at 10:30pm, but I'm not sure if it is a total of 3 hours, because we watched some 4 trailers before the movie started.

There's a lot of hype and heart pumping moments, the movie is action packed and has alot of drama, not your ordinary comic movie, director Chris Nolan should be directing the 3rd movie and this is the perfect movie for Batman as the Dark Knight. I'm now wondering what will be the next title, but if you read comics and already watch this movie, you might have a clue already for a possible story line, you'll find it out after the movie.

I enjoy watching it, and even as a fan boy who see this will cry inside the cinema, not that Heath Ledger moment, but on how the story goes and the connection of each of the characters to everyone, Its a little disturbing due to some graphic scenes, Joker is not the character you'll love but seeing him do a lot of nasty things will make you love him for his character, they did a perfect match to Batman, as for the brains and strategy similar to Batman. - as he said.. "Its all part of the plan".

Its like watching Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back, like someone losses and someone won the war. And really shows that Batman is the silent god and protector.....The Dark Knight.

After the movie, we waited for the memoriam message to Heath Ledger and to a stunt man who died in shooting the movie, everyone was waiting for it, and as it appeared, everyone stopped and after scrolling out of the screen, all of us stood up and exited the theater, didn't know that everyone is waiting for it.

great movie! but if you plan to watch it in IMAX, I suggest that you take the farthest seat because you'll get dizzy if you seated in front or in the middle, I just got a review experience from my friend who gave the ticket, that's why she watched it again last night.

that's my comments so far, can't write more about it, but I'm open to share some of it and I'll post later.
photos from

The Dark Knight
showing in all Philippine cinemas on July 17, 2008.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eraserhead reunion concert 2008 - Saksi GMA TV news update

my blog is on TV! aahahahahhaha, I'm so surprised that GMA 7 Saksi Reporter Michael Fajatin surfed some blogs on the net to get info about the upcoming ERASERHEADS reunion concert, you'll see on the screen with the Google search result flashing my blog hyperlink two times and also my blog page featuring the news of the concert.

below are some screen caps of which you can see the reply of Raymund Marasigan's Manager and a text message from Ely Buendia about the Eheads reunion concert.

as of now, NO OFFICIAL announcement has been released about the concert.
but the good thing is.. its a green light for them to play again together.

read and watch the video below after the link

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - some details and how to get ticket invites

I know everyone is now searching on where to get tickets or any other info that will show on how to avail it., here's some info that I read in the Eraserheads mailing list, I'm not yet sure if this is real since we haven't seen yet an official promo campaign on how to get ticket invites and info of the event.

Yes it's true. It's been in the works for several months na. Marlboro

is sponsoring this concert and paid each of the members a staggering

P10M each to do a full 45-minute set. This is the official


"No more blind items my dear friends. Yes. We are confirming it.

There is no point denying:

August 30, 2008 will be LEGENDARY!!!

The country's most influential band ever will be reunited for ONE


This once in a lifetime experience will be staged at the CCP


Tickets are free and you can download it early August. Website to be






you read it there, the info above is from Villy Jay Villacorta, and its a post in the mailing list, double confirming the news about the reunion concert and the big backer who organizes the event. It so weird for me read a stunning 10M talent fee on each member of the band, I'm not really sure if this is REAL or not, I also read the info in Philmusic about this announcement too, after I search some great info about the concert, from the Philmusic blog "The Eraserheads Reunite - And this time, they're Smokin'" they posted that Ely Buendia did a radio interview in Jam 88.3 and already confirmed the news from him, too bad that I wasn't able to listen and record the live interview.

Okay, I went to this website of Marlboro and I have some few concerns. I'm already half done registering to this Red List membership, and its like an online membership of smokers and adults that will get a special invite and special information about their upcoming events, and one of it is the Eraserheads reunion concert, been subscribe to their newsletter since 4 years, and yes! it is very effective, been to their events in NBC tent and other big events that they can promote their brands, and once you enter, you still need to bring your valid ID to enter the event, as for my experience in the past, I undergo a 3 level of ID and face confirmation inside the event and I'm not sure if they will do the same system in CCP Grounds.

In the Marlboro website, the only people allowed to register are adults and below 18 years old will be having lot of trouble in signing up, because in order to finalize your registration, you need to scan and send any valid ID and document that will prove your adult age.

for fans who are in their minor age will not like this, especially to those people who haven't got any valid documents and ID, and wait ! I don't even know that is this for real? I mean..I was hoping for Pepsi and other great products, but I guess even a smoker and a non smoker who is a big fan of ERASERHEADS will still register to their website or maybe buy a brand just to enter and have ticket invite for the concert. And to those who haven't got any valid ID and documents, this is your early call to fix and get one..

this is so weird and also I can say that we bloggers and other people who blogged about this reunion blind items are not part of this so called viral marketing, I'm not part of any promotion or company behind this big gig, but hey, if they read this! EMAIL ME!!! hahahahahahahhaha.

will blog more and deliver my opinions and arghhh!!! Im so excited just like other E-heads fans

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - confirmed!

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image scan courtesy of jiggs

read all about it, I think this is some showbiz news in Philippine Star, which can be found online at I just got the big news via mizraim multiply post.

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds.

According to the STAR source, all the original members (photo) are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan.

This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy. - Ricky Lo

I think this online news in Philippine Star will shed some light to us that the Eraserheads reunion concert will finally happen at last. And I know the coming month will turn out to be the year of Eraserheads, everything will change now.

I just read a lot of buzz on the net about the reunion concert a day before I read the article in, and it says that there's an anonymous individual who comments on all forums and blog sites that contains anything that is related to Eraserheads, meaning any blog article or post that contains Eraserheads, they gave a date August 30, 2008, thats a Sunday and the rumored venue is at CCP open grounds, which they expect to serve 35,000 people and fans. and the good news is that (also a rumor) the entrance is free.

this is it guys!!! hope we can see a TV interview or...a radio interview of the band members.

Tuloy ang ligaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minsan - Eraserheads

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