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Friday, July 25, 2008

Indie backpacks, music, art, tattoo and flowers

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Front side backflip,.. sounds like that its from a word of the underground world, but that's a term they used in a trick for skateboarding, its a subculture that they have that makes them unique and made its identity for the sport, same goes to music were we have different kinds of mixes and tunes that has no boundaries or limits , tattoo art that never leaves the body but it transfers its symbolism to the inviduals who has it, doodles that makes on art into a big collage of ideas and spirit of freedom, and Jansport, the bag that we know celebrates its 40 years of its hippie heritage through its new line bag design they called "Graphic Remix", a line of Jansport bags that has been given an art touch by our local Indie artist like graffiti art, doodles, and pop art that display the underground's love for creativity, originality and individuality.

I was there yesterday in the party launch called Music, Tats, and Flowers - Jansport celebrates artistic individuality at Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street. The event was jam packed by different kinds of artists and musicians. (Read more below for more stories, photos and video)

I stumbled Nelz Yumul at the event at I found him at the Wewilldoodle area, where they to most of their doodle exhibition in a giant plywood, after that I saw some of the bloggers in the area lining up in the lunch buffet, so before I eat my meal, I decided to take some photos of the area and video the activities happening. I didn't know that it was a Jansport event, and because the text message invite I received last week says that Tattoo makes the body and your bag too, so at first I'm wondering already that it maybe a bag event, but I'm more interested on the arts and music scene, but when I saw the poster infront of the door and also the giant Jansport .. I was nearly crying already hahhaha, I used to have a Jansport bag back then, and I used to decorate my bag with these weird keychains and also pin buttons that I bought and given by some artist friends, now at the event I was blown away that bags can be an art canvas too.. its a one of great art piece that you can put your important things on it.

so after my meal, I just witness the massive DJ demo of DJ Supreme doing live mixes and scratches on his table and after the intro I was surprised to see the hip hop rapper group Pamilya Dimagiba, I just know these group since year 97 and I used to hang out on some skateboarders and one of them is from the group, hahaha it was nostalgic and great to see they perform again on stage. After that indie music performed by the band Bagetsafonik. It was my first time to hear and see them play after the year this band was introduced to me by a friend in the past during the INK exhibit in Shangri La. Also saw Mike Escudero's SAKRILEJ animation, and its a different version, I saw this animation 5 years ago in our film festival in Greenbelt and this time it was remixed and they used DJ Supreme's music mix in the new version of the animated short.

It was a big bang event of arts, music and flowers... I don't know why flowers, but it may represent something that blooms and give beauty - well, I think the flower is the bag!
Nice to see also that our Indie community in arts are getting in the mainstream field, although that they are not that visible in the masses, but I'm glad that they are very open in sharing their art styles to the open field. and the result is a big appreciation from the crowd that raises the roof.

If you want to get a hold of these art bags. then visit any branch of Bratpack

Bratpack has branches at Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, SM Cagayan de Oro, SM Davao, SM The Block, SM Pampanga, SM Southmall and Ayala Cebu and another branch soon to open at Greenbelt 5.

Ok. below is my video blog coverage of the event.

more photos at Music, Tats, and Flowers - Jansport celebrates artistic individuality ( photo coverage by Az )

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Rene Requiestas Film Festival @ Mogwai

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I might be watching and attend the event tonight. I grew up watching all of his flicks hahhaha.
I want to Watch Starzan (Rene as Chee-tae) and Elvis n James movies (Rene as James D as in Dacuycoy) , and of course the controversial Batman en Robin, were Rene acts as the Joker.

more details below

Start: Jul 24, '08 9:00p

Note: Only saw this guy thrice in my life. Twice for stage plays at the old Metropolitan Theater when he was still not the "Chita-Eh" everyone knew, and the third one at the Aristocrat in Malate one rainy morning when he was already a famous sidekick to Joey de Leon. He was sober and his eyes were very sad when I saw him as he was being surrounded by people who want a taste of his fame then. For those who grew up in the 80s, he was an idol especially during his stint at the Sic O'Clock News and the stage plays he acted in. To those who knew him as an artist and as a person, he's the most misunderstood man in showbiz, a genius. Isang saludo sa isang tunay na artistang Pilipino.


On the night of his fifteenth death anniversary, Thursday, July 24, Rock Ed Philippines and Mogwai Cubao will pay tribute to the man and his genius.

Free outdoor screenings of STARZAN, ELVIS and JAMES and Alyas BATMAN en ROBIN will start at 9pm. this thursday at cubao X

Please pass.

my GNN News tv guesting about Toys, Komiks, Games, and Vicky Belo

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Me and Vic Yap is the guest last night in Mr. Harry's talk show at Global News Network, a tv news showing only in Channel 3 of Destiny Cable, our topic is all about the Toy Con 2008 and also we discussed some parts about the local Komiks and also about toys, gaming and the pop culture here in the Philippines. ( Read more below, also video and photos after the link)

I was surprised that Vic texted me that the tv guesting is at around 1 hour, its a long talk and tv appearance and I got into the state of panic after I finished my sandwich in Starbucks and then decided to order another meal just to stack a lot of energy for the interview.

Mr. Harry asked us a lot of questions and we begin in about Komiks, so far I say it live on air on what I know about the state of the komiks and I just said something about the guy who said he's the savior of Philippine Komiks, hahaha it was funny but I told them the truth that even these entity came out, komiks still exist and thanks to all our local independent artist and publishers for making komiks go back to its health. Hope it make clear that komiks didn't die, and this is already an old issue, and we were laughing after the break.

Also we discussed some parts on how Toy con started and the activities we do every year and this time we got an early plugging of the upcoming December Toy Fair, which I predict will be the biggest grand Toy Fair in the Philippines, and Vic agrees that it will be more bigger than Toy Con, just minus the programs and contest.

We also talk about the effects of Anime, for me its already an old issue and I was surprised that it was brought up back to the topic, if you can remember those porn animation being sold in the street that makes Anime a bad material for everyone, but still I told them that there are still some moral values and educational stuff in some Anime, but lets just disregard the hentai and other bastos anime.

At the end of the show, I saw Vicky Belo :) she will be the guest for that next show after us.
so it was a ...hmmmm starstruck to see a celeb in the studio.. Sexy and wow in person.

Sorry that I haven't recorded the whole tv guesting on video, but I have here a clips of the show
and also recorded Mp3 of all the talks.

Download the record Mp3 here ( 4 MB )

and below is the video taken by Lace.

more photos at Live TV guesting in GNN news
and here are some of the photos

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Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Ely Buendia confirms about the concert, ticket and WTH!! Ticket sample?

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Here's another update and some of my thoughts about the upcoming Eraserheads concert
read more below for a video of Ely and some ticket sample.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

This interview was aired last night in GMA 7 Saksi

Ely Buendia now states a big double confirmation about the concert and after Raymund Marasigan's last email which we got official news from the band members about the concert and also how to get the tickets, as I blog last time here in my past post, I am indeed correct that everyone who wants to watch and get a hold of a ticket must be 18-years old and above. My prediction is right that they will be having problems now in registering to this website in order for them to download the ticket of the concert.

And yes, sometimes we can say that its hard to be a minor, but you can still ask your parents, older brother and sister who don't have any interest in Eraserheads and ask them to register their self in order to get a ticket for you, in the family I know we got 2 legal age persons, mom and dad! so I think its time to be nice to them in order for them to grant your request :) haha

Ok, as Ely said that the ticket can be get online only...and it means that it is digitally numbered and digitally tracked and it can't be reproduced in many quantity, some downloaded ticketed I experience years ago is that they have this bar code on the front and it only takes one laser punch to that bar code to see your registration and also your profile, because it is a special digital bar code customized by the website based upon your registration and also information.

we might encounter some problems, I'm not sure if they will still follow the NO ID, NO ENTRY policy, since 18-years old and above are the only allowed to watch and to get hold of the ticket.

and because that theres no official information available, many people are now into panic and where will they get a ticket.

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I found this photo on the net and a Multiply user uploaded this just to show it off to everyone, but there's no concrete details on where did he get it. Based on my thoughts about the ticket posted, it may look real or fake. But it I'm not sure why it looks like a REAL Ticket, with cut out and all of it... and if it is real...congrats to him!

my question is..can you print a downloaded ticket from your printer and cut markers all done by a single printer?

online tickets are not that graphic intensive, but more on full of texts and serial codes
and information of the ticket holder.. well, we are not sure if this is the real deal, as we said earlier... LETS WAIT FOR OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS..

don't worry, if ever we can get a hand on some information, expect me to post it here for everyone.

A friend told me that this ticket is a VIP ticket, given directly by a company to the it means that he no longer need to download it, since the ticket was given to him personally.

EDIT 2 :
just read it now...


my contact told me that the tickets is not yet finished and haven't released any tickets for the concert.

the actual ticket is not yet been produced as of now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bloggers, Have it Your Way at BK! - blog event for Bloggers who love Burger King

I got this..

I just signed up for August 1 at Robinsons Galeria, since we used to hang out there with my friends... just signed up if you are a blogger and also love eat a big whopper at Burger King

hope its okay to that I reposted this here... so that others can know

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival production note 2

I'm back now for a little update on the event, and as you can see the photo above, its our photo last month and I think this is around the end of June as we gear up for more on the production and preparation for the coming of July as it will be the most busiest month for the 4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival and Trade Fair 2008. And its time to make a little noise for the event and updating you all on whats happening. ( Read more updates below after the link)

Just log on to the event's network, in order for you to receive fast updates, especially on the schedules of band performances, exhibits, demos, panel talks, cosplay sched, comic thread, trade shows and many more.

4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival @ Multiply @ Facebook

I'm not sure if the event has a Friendster, but will follow it up soon.

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Here's the full page ad that has been used in some magazine, I think this magazine ad will appear in a August issue in the event's print partner.

and here's the exciting part.. i got a text from Jay Virina, our festival director and he said that there's a billboard of the event in MRT Edsa, and I think it is near Ortigas MRT station or somewhere near Robinsons Galeria, will check this out tomorrow once I go to Manila again, I got his text at the late of the night and I was transferring to another bedroom at 2am then suddenly I lost my sleep after reading his text hahhahaa.. the event will be a blast! I know it..

for my part, been on track on the schedules and especially I'm now fixing the mechanics of the 2nd Cosplay Fashion Art show at the event, will make another 30 cosplayers to have a fashion catwalk while a band plays in the background, and It was a successful run last year and I'm excited for another round, showing that costume playing is a form of art that everyone is already been on to it. will release soon about the mechanics and yes.. the 30 man in costume will get inside the event FREE.

Busy on taping, shooting and TV

It will be a busy week for me again and tomorrow me and Vic Yap will appear live on cable tv tomorrow at 7pm, just tune in to GNN Global News Network, channel 3 on Destiny Cable, we will be there to talk about the Toy Con 2008 and also some of the important parts why we celebrate an event for toys, comics, animation, movies. lifestyle and pop culture.

I don't have Destiny Cable at home in Cavite, and I'm not familiar with the show and how it goes, but based on my research the show is all about news, talks and discussions, features and also they play music videos! I'm not sure if I can talk about the future of Toy Con, but I can share some views about it and also future of conventions in the Philippines, and its already been happening and glad that everyone is inspired to do that to make the community and industry healthy. (more article below)

Few weeks ago, after my birthday.. I got a schedule with Joann for an hour of taping and interview for her Toy Con documentarty and thanks to Aki of Zoids Philippines for the added heads up, I enjoyed talking on camera especially when I talked about how this things started and the root of it, I talked so many things and I'm not sure if everything I mentioned will be included on the final cut, I was informed that the video docu will be distributed for free to everyone, and its like a Toy con survival guide and 101, but the docu is not about Toy Con, but its all about the hobby and collecting toys, comics and etc. I allowed them to shoot and do interview during the Toy Con event, and i'm excited to see that and know everyone's comments.

Did some magazine interviews and some Q and A interview for student's thesis, school project and also for some blog. Been busy and its a busy month for me again after June, so I'm taking my part very slow and not to rush things for awhile. its dangerous to rush hahhah.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Raymund Marasigan's reply about the concert

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Here's a new update about the Eraserheads concert.

This is one of the news I got from the Eraserheads mailing list, it was posted there via an email post by Raymund Marasigan himself in the Cambio mailing list, he goes under the username asmatik88. And after this email message, hope everyone can still wait for the official announcement regarding the concert, venue and where to get tickets, we got one more month to wait for the big event of the Eraserheads and I know it will happen only once in a millenium.

here's his reply and some thoughts about the Eraserheads reunion. read more below


From: raymund marasigan
Subject: [cambiolist] eraserheads
Date: Sunday, 20 July, 2008, 10:43 AM

dear sandwich, cambio and pedicab listers
yes there will be an eraserheads concert
yes im playing drums
it will be on august 30
i havent met the band
and we havent rehearsed as a group
im thinking that will all happen in august
im sure you have read the blogs and newspapers and whatnot.
a lot of things there are not true.

at the moment
the final venue has not been confirmed.
and the promoters are still dealing with the tickets and crowd control

the promoters promise to answer these questions soon. maybe this
coming week so standby. there will be no front acts.

it will be a long set.
no theres no talk of an album or tour.

please dont email me privately. ill answer your questions (if theyre not silly) in the cambio, pedicab sandwich mailing lists.

have a good weekend
rayms marasigan

and here's another email post.

--- On Sun, 20/7/08, raymund marasigan wrote:
From: raymund marasigan
Subject: [cambiolist] eraserheads
Date: Sunday, 20 July, 2008, 11:19 AM

a few thoughts
no i dont miss playing drums. i have a drumkit set up in the house and
i play all the time. i have a lot of drum gear, percussion and drum

i love playing drums.
i even play percussion in church on sundays when i can.
diego cas and mong have drumkits and we make a lot of noise and jam.
mike d has a vistalite (see thru) vintage kit. really cool and really loud.

we used it in mayrics last week.
i love playing drums for cambio.we played 2 gigs last night.
on occasion im honored to play drums for sugarfree, chicosci,imago,duster and the dawn.

i get asked this a lot.
im sorry i dont mean to offend but i dont miss the eheads or get senti
about it. it was a college band that turned into something we could not control. the music lives.

but thats just me.
im also a big music fan and i know how it means to other people so please dont send me hate mail. haha. im really not a bad person. its just a gig.

yes we all agreed to play 1 gig but were minimizing the drama.
i will give it 110 percent. thats the sandwich way.
if i give any less diego will kick my butt on stage.

drums not drama


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