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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wine appreciation and workshop with Rene Barbier

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. invited us bloggers to attend this very formal event in Trinoma Mall to have a personal experience and first taste of Rene Barbier wines. The Spanish Wine is a masterpiece done by French wine maker, Leon Barbier, who started his wine making venture after leaving France in 1880 and moved to Catalonia, Spain. There he found the lush land of Penedes, were it became his sanctuary for making great wines. Then he was blessed to have his first son, named after his child then Rene Barbier was born.

I tasted a lot of wines already and every time there will be an occasion in any events and family gatherings. But here at the wine appreciation, tasting and workshop, I just tasted a different kind of wine and it tasted different from other wines. So I just learned that US made red wines tasted a little sweet, while the red wines of Rene Barbier is a little hard and thick which makes it really pure. ( Read more my stories, photos & video below)

And I didn’t know that pure red wines are not just made of grapes, but they are made of all the grape plant, from the fruit, leaves, stem and its root. That’s why it is a lot more different when I tasted it. The Sparkle wine is the best, I enjoyed drinking it and it make me very relaxed, some says that it just drinking a carbonated drink with wine. The Rene Barbier Petitilant Pearl wines is a fun drink too, It is like a red wine but the taste is like a sparkling wine. I’m not an expert in tasting these wines, but all I can say is that I really enjoyed the taste and it is a perfect match for a table meal and long conversation.

While we eat and drink, we have this on going conversation and it feels great to have an experience in enjoying both ways, Eat, Drink, and talk.

Visit and

I have a video blog of the wine event and you can view it below

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Blog commentary

I'm very happy that Lace went with me at this event, and traveling all the way from Cavite to Trinoma Mall is a long ride of bus and MRT haahha. Then met my blogger friends who joined the event and its great to see my circle and networks enjoying the wine event. I got a little tipsy after some drinks, and because that I got hooked by it during our long talks to my table mates, Nan, Jonel, RG, Mark Cerbo, Sire and Lace. Renzie was sitting on the other side of the table, while other blogger friends like Rowena the contest queen, and Karl of We arrived late on that night but it was great to catch up on the updates with my blogger friends as they shared me on what they have learned during the workshop and wine talks by professionals.

More photos in my album Wine Appreciation and Workshop with Rene Barbier ( bloggers event)

Here are some photos from the event

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Join with us in our LEGO building project and activity for a big LEGO event in Manila.

When : Oct. 11, 2008
Where : LAJ Office
Address: Unit A-23 2nd floor Topy bldg., #3 Ecnonomia st., Bagumbayan, Q.C.
(near Eastwood City, Libis)
Time : 1:00pm

Meeting for all members of LEGO Philippines Bricksters and LEGO building activity
for an upcoming BIG event

everyone is invited..

open to all LEGO and non LEGO fans, collectors, lovers, etc.

if you have any questions feel free to post here

or email me at

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Otaku Kingdom experience at OtakonEK 2008

Here are the photos from the event
See you all in OtakonEK 2009

Photographers : (click names below to see albums)
Azrael Coladilla, Homer AnthonyMedici, Joebenick Badiola, Johannes Bernardo,
Jonathan de Belen, Rej Bantayan, Rozabelle Julia

This blog post is all about my experience for the OtakonEK Convention 2008 in Enchanted Kingdom, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

This is the biggest otaku and cosplay convention in the Philippines as many had mentioned in their blogs and photo albums, and I just used that label in describing the event as for many spectators, visitors and participants shared their experience online.

I’m glad that the event was very successful and it marks another 1st in the Philippines soil that having a pop culture convention for anime, comics, toys, manga, games and cosplay inside a world class theme park, that is in Enchanted Kingdom. Even that many people say that the location of the event venue is far away from Metro Manila, ,many of them still participated and joined the very first convention in Enchanted Kingdom.

I was very excited in organizing another 1st for the Philippines and many otaku or shall I say pop culture fans are very happy that we created another event for everyone and will double the excitement, fun and the otaku experience. I’m very familiar in organizer several conventions here in the Philippines and because that I am very comfortable and inline in organizing conventions like the Toy Con, Manila Comics Creation Seminar, Komikon, Comics and Manga Day, GI JOE 25th Anniversary event, and many others.

In the past I’m very much involved in a monthly anime screenings and campus tour, and also conceptualized the very first anime convention in the country which every convention followed after that year, although that I’m not credited and never earned anything from it, meeting Yuu Watase, creator of Fushi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres, standing beside her and talking in Japanese left my most PR power in a dramatic epic fail, I was very star struck to meet her in person, but long before that my otaku enthusiasms began when I met the this Japanese animator in CCP, it was the first event organized by Toei Animation, and there I was shocked to know that he created that Wings of Mazinger Z, even before Great Mazinger, I meet up with him after the seminar lecture, I just got his autograph and also my brother Denver got a Mazinger Z sketch in one my comics backing board. It was a very great experience as a super robot fan, and many people went inline after us, but the animator refuses already to draw some for them. He is already old, I think he is around 70 years old, and after the sketching, he told me that it was his first time after more than 20 years to draw Mazinger Z.

The OtakonEK convention reflects everything that we wanted to happened, having our own venue or kingdom, connecting everyone in one place and in one event, It was the most mind boggling event that I ever organized, and it is the most short time event that I planned and organized with Enchanted Kingdom, for only 1 month, I just organized a big convention that will be observed every year in the month of September, and since that we don’t have any activities on that month, we can say that every September of a given year will be the OtakonEK Convention. (READ MORE BELOW)

Ok now to type here my whole experience, I arrived in Enchanted Kingdom at 7:30am just to facilitate the ingress session with out exhibitors, I traveled from Cavite going to Alabang just to take that jeepney ride going directly to Enchanted Kingdom, it was the most convenient part for me in commuting to the venue, I arrive there 30 minutes, and while I walk going to the admin bldg of the EK, I saw already people outside the theme park on stand by and waiting for the park to open, I know that everyone knew that the park will open at 10am, but I’m surprised to see that they are already there falling in line or maybe waiting for their friends to come. After arriving at the admin bldg. I was informed that there are already exhibitors went inside, so I dash myself going to the Eldar’s tent and saw some of them already placing their stuff outside and preparing for the ingress.

Then as I entered the tent, I was shocked to see that the exhibitors tables are not placed properly, I was babbling and told myself, I can’t do this alone and since that my manpower team will arrive at 10am, nobody in the park can help me set up these 70 plus tables inside the tent, I already relayed my problems to the EK admin and said that the table contractors and providers left those tables inside the tent and promised that they will arrange it the morning, but I told them that I can’t wait for it because we have to be ready by 9am.

But I’m glad that all my problems were solved when these booth exhibitors and sponsors helped me set up the table. I was about to cry to see the team effort we are doing and because of them we set up the tables and chairs before 9am, and everyone set up their own booth and me started to relax and breathe a lot of air just to make myself ready for the program proper.

here's my video blog special coverage

My team mates and crew arrived early as we planned, my photographers arrived one by one, and then while I position myself near the entrance, I waited for all the exhibitors to be completed. Then at 10am I just heard that they opened the gate and they let people come in, and I was surprised that many of them entered the tent first. I’m very happy that they do understand on all the information I posted in the website about the event, and the event map really helped them to pin point were the tent is located. At that time my crew is in the front gate waiting and manning the registration booth for all Cosplayers who registered online, all of them who are in costume are entitled to have a free entrance fee.

I got a total of 384 registered Cosplayers and 49 walk in registrant who are in costume. But 294 made it in the event and that’s a total of 343 who are in our list, but we already stop recording the number of Cosplayers at 2pm, I just heard that there are many Cosplayers entering the event. So for my calculations, I think we have more than 350 cosplayers in OtakonEK, I’m not sure if it is the biggest cosplay gatherings in all events, but some say that it was the biggest cosplay number ever in an event.

We got the first band to play in the hour of 1pm, it was a Japanese rock and anime music day and in the long stretched of the hours we experience a lot of head banging and dancing with the cover and garage bands. Thanks to Juujiro J Culture for helping me in the band productions, and it was a big help for me to focus more on the program and event, since their organization is inline with organizing lots of Japanese rock events in Manila.

During the whole event, my laptop is online and I’m broadcasting the event live via video stream, its another gimik that I created in broadcasting the event live in the internet and after the success of broadcasting Toy Con, I used the gimik again here in OtakonEK and many people are watching online and also chatting about the event and also give their virtual participation for OtakonEK.

The anime singing contest just started and we got around 12 participants for the contest, I’m glad that they followed the rules by bringing their own audio CD, so no hassle for everyone and we started the singing contest so smooth. Many of them are cosplyers who joined the singing contest, it was very entertaining that while they are singing, they are also acting as one of the anime characters.

The parade started at 2:30pm after the singing contest, I just encountered a big problem on how to gather all the Cosplayers in one area of the park, since most of them are scattered in all over the place, very busy in lot of photo shoots, busy in their own activities and theme park rides, the EK admin advised me to call them and do an assembly near the Jungle Log Jam, so after a few minutes with the help of my crew, we talk to each cosplayer we see on site that there is an assembly for the cosplay parade. After a few minutes everyone was there and the parade started, I just didn’t know they already walked half of the theme park and as I stroll around just to get some air after I did some dealings inside the tent, I saw the end of the parade and then I took a video and document everything I can see, it was a great site and happy to see that everyone enjoys the parade of Cosplayers, some of them stopped in some area just to give a chance to theme park visitors a nice photo op, while others enjoyed being a star by posing with professional photographers. And in the beginning of the parade, I got surprised again to see the musical band in all bright and shiny uniform performing nice music scores, and there are group of girls dancing in front of the parade.

After the parade, the everyone stayed near the tent, and because that then is almost full of people and buyers of items, The theme park was transformed into something we didn’t expected,. It was like a different world out there, and we were just in it having the joy of our life being a big fan and actors of the pop culture world. Superman sitting beside Darth Vader, Zombie Spiderman fooling around with Catwoman, The Joker eating ice cream, Transformers robot roaming around the street, Counter strike soldiers running and do some funny pose, Samurai clad warriors walking around with their high tech weapon armed friends. It was a different experience and everyone really made it a big blast!.

Then the cosplay competition was about to begin in a few minutes, but another problem struck me, that how will I ever get them assemble in one line and form them according to their cosplay contest number entry. So we did the same thing we do in the parade, talk to them personally and arrange them in numbers. As they are inline, we got a total of 138 cosplayers for the contest, while others went there just to cosplay and not join the contest, and others just back out and continue their fun outside and enjoy the rides, but having a hundred participants is not that bad, and we really enjoyed seeing them doing the stage catwalk, and in the end of the catwalk, members of the Black Pearl Philippines showed up, Capt. Jack Sparrow and Will Turner Cosplayers came in and did the final catwalk, and amazes the crowd because many says that they look like a real Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

After the cosplay contest, another hot Japanese rock cover band performed, so while they performed, me and Ronald Guanzon prepares for the announcement of the winners and because of the pressure of the tabulation, RG did everything as fast he can compute and select via its rating the winners of the cosplay contest, thanks to Ms. Cynthia Mamon and Dolly Anne Carvajal for being our judges with RG. As we compute the ratings, I worked around with the EK admin to get the prizes, so after getting items as prizes, I sorted it out and prepared to give it away during the awarding, we gave away some prizes in our trivia and bring me contest and I got wowed! To see that EK gave away lots of Spider-man 3 and Shrek DVDs and also some cool EK merchandise and items.

As the event ends at around 7pm, we awarded the winners and then Ms. Mamon, VP-smile of EK, announces that there will be another OtakonEK in 2009, after seeing the success of the 1st ever event of EK. And also she invited everyone also to come in their costume on the end of October for another Halloween event for EK, details was to be posted soon in their website.

I’m very happy that the event ended well, so after the last band, Packed up myself and prepared for a little walk with my team, we watched the fireworks display and it was great!, then I tried this ride that I hate hahahaha, it’s the Flying Fiesta, I took a video of me riding that thing and I was about to do a video blog, but I got scared and cry all the way down till it got a complete stop haahaha..

After that we tried other rides. I met a lot of visitors after the event and they say that they really enjoyed the OtakonEK, and my projection was right.. double the fun and experience only here at OtakonEK. I just can’t wait for another round next year 2009, and this OtakonEK 2008 is just the beginning, we will make it more big and much more prepared for the upcoming 2nd annual OtakonEK Convention 2008 in Enchanted Kingdom.

See you all next year!


=Post Release Article=

More than 300 cosplayers from around the metro flocked to Enchanted Kingdom and came in for free last September 28, 2008 for a pop culture festival of anime, toys, manga, movies and video games dubbed as “OtakonEK 2008”

“Otaku” is the Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly anime and manga.

It was definitely a day of fun and magic for self-confessed “otakus” and teens who are into “otaku-watching” at the country’s first and only world-class theme park as they got to enjoy live band performances, exhibits, collectible retail booths, gaming competitions, trivia and singing contests amid the Park’s thrilling rides and attractions.

Around 3PM, the parade of cosplayers commenced around the Park led by Eldar the Wizard and Princess Victoria followed by the Los Baños Drum & Lyre Band. It was a real sight watching the OtakonEK revelers marching around the Park. Guests, especially the children, were delighted to see their favorite characters in the flesh.

Right after the parade, the participants sashayed down the stage at Eldar’s Tent and showed off their costumes. The judges of the Cosplay Contest were Dr. Cynthia R. Mamon, EK’s VP for Sales & Marketing Division, Ms. Dolly Anne Carvajal of Philippine Daily Inquirer and Mr. Ronald Guanzon, Founder of WeAreAnime.

The winners of the Cosplay Contest were: Otaku King – Arjay Navarro (Hyuuga Neji of Naruto); Otaku Queens – Jorgette Aguirre (Catwoman from Batman) and Patricia Matibag (Misa Amane of Death Note); Otaku Princess – Trixie Sameguin (Chun Li of Street Fighter); and Best Craftmanship – Paulo Cordero (Star Saber of Transformers Victory).

April Khristine Lacson won first place in the Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom Drawing Contest. Alvin Balce, dressed as Kamen Rider Black, bagged the prize for the Anime Singing Contest and Jerome Lopez, who brought his Charzard Stuffed Toy (Pokemon), won first place in the Anime Collectible Contest.

The evening was capped with the skies all lit up in a spectacular display of fire and light at the Spaceport Zone with Enchanted Kingdom’s fireworks show.

Visit Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you! From October to December 19, 2008, EK will be open on Thursdays and Fridays from 12NN to 7PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 9PM, with fireworks display at 8PM. For more details, you may visit our website at or call 830-2111 to 16 or 843-6074 to 78.

The Watchmen movie - creating Dr. Manhattan SFX

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Rorschach standing infront of Dr. Manhattan

These are screen test shot images of Dr. Manhattan and the never before seen scenes for the Watchmen movie. You'll see how they created Dr. Manhattan, with and without the SFX.

more photos below

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Credits to Super Hero Hype Facebook

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nintendo Wii now available for Wii play, Wii Party and Wii sing in Red Box

me , RG and Jonathan aka Z3LL.
( Mark Cerbo took this photo wearing a Princess Toadstool costume)

It was a Nintendo Wii party night last Monday, and we were there for the grand launch of Red Box newest add on service and it is a video game night of Nintendo Wii games. The event took place in Greenbelt 3, and many bloggers and video gamers went there to see what's the latest offer of Red Box to all people who love to play, sing and party. As you know that the venue provides videoke, billiards, darts, and its latest addition was the Wii party.

we just got busy that night and took in turns of playing Wii sports, doing a lot of baseball challenge, head to head Wii boxing, and battle 4 on 4 on Wii tennis. The idea of having a Wii party in Red Box is a great idea. No longer need to bring my friends at home just to play Wii, and now I got the idea in making my own Wii party only at Red Box. No need to bring any of that Wii Nunchucks, because Red Box already provide the Wii console, the game and the venue.

Wii party just like no tomorrow! haahahah. and if you got tired of playing, just hook up the microphone and sing your favorite videoke hits, just look at Marcelle for having his own Rick Astely concert inside Red Box. ahahaha, and wow he did kick my butt when I challenged him to play Tekken in PSP game sharing, wow! will have my revenge soon.
( read more below to see my video, photos and press release)

here's my video coverage

-Press release-

Wii Sing, Wii Play, Wii Party

No one thought that Mario, Luigi and Zelda can be found in a karaoke bar. But thanks to the innovative names behind Red Box, Filipino karaoke aficionados can now play their favorite Nintendo Wii Games while singing the latest hits from their favorite music artists.

“When deciding where to go on a night out, people now consider the diversity of activities they can do in one place. This is why we constantly expand our offerings. We want to give the market all the fun they want without going through the hassle of moving from one place to another,” says Paolo del Rosario, Marketing Director of Red Box.

Nintendo Wii will now be part of Red Box's long list of choices for leisure and recreation. Starting this October, selected rooms in Red Box will be equipped with Nintendo Wii consoles where karaoke lovers can alternate between the microphone and nunchuck controllers.

And to jumpstart this new offering, the international karaoke franchise recently gathered karaoke and Wii fanatics to a Wii Party held at Red Box Greenbelt 3. Dressed in popular Wii characters, participants were able to get a sneak peek of how karaoke can be much more enjoyable with this interactive video game.

Adding Nintendo Wii to its roster of activities attests that only an international entertainment hub like Red Box would understand that more than just getting a perfect score, true karaoke is a multi-sensory experience. As a proof of this, Red Box probably holds the most extensive song selection in the market with approximately 100, 000 songs and music videos updated on a weekly basis.

Globe-trotting karaoke enthusiasts can also settle into the plush, super-chilled rooms and enjoy munch food whipped up by their expert chefs and swill beverages from their wide array of international beers and cocktails.

Red Box also features a mix of leisure and recreational facilities that adds a sophisticated twist to any karaoke experience. Whether playing a game of pool, battling it out on the poker table or simply lounging in the karaoke bar's comfy sofa, Red Box makes sure that nobody is left out of the fun.

With the addition of Nintendo Wii, Red Box is once again setting the standards for global karaoke fun.

Experience a different level of karaoke high. Red Box has branches in Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma. For more information and inquiries, please call 757.6188 or visit

More photos in my album at BLOGGERS' Nintendo Wii Night at Red Box, Greenbelt 3

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Dayo animated movie introduces the world of Elementalia

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We were invited by the Cutting Edge Production for a blog tour and party inside their studio in Makati, and also this is my first ever event to attend and tour inside a animation studio, The big part is that everyone is operated by Filipinos. The Cutting Edge Production is busy today in finishing their animated movie entitled "Dayo", an all digitally produced animated movie that will be shown in all theaters this December 2008, and also an official entry for the Manila Film Festival 2008. My tickets will be reserved and at last I'll be falling in line soon to watch the Dayo movie this December 2008. ( Read more below to see my story, photos and videos)

about the movie
Dayo is an animated movie and story about an 11 year old kid who met a friend from the world of the elementals and seeks help to rescue his grandparents after being abducted and sent in to the world of Elementalia, a world were Filipino mythological creatures live outside the real world of the humans.

The characters were voiced by popular actors such as Noel Trinidad, Nova Villa, Michael V., Nash Aquas, Katrina Legaspi, Pokwang and Peque Gallaga.

about the film makers
The movie is directed by Robert Quilao under Cutting Edge Productions, the production team is composed of powerhouse animators, creative directors, writers and sound engineer and composer. The movie is treated by its state of the art and modern digital animation tools and software, all are in level with the quality and treatment we know from foreign animated blockbuster movies. The main planning for the movie took 2 years in the making and a 1 year post production work for completing the scenes of Dayo.

about the music
The music is composed by Jessie Lasaten, he is the Executive Producer of DAYO, and at the same time, the musical director. He composed lots of musical scoring for the movie and now they are under the recording with FiLharmoniKa, a full orchestra set for the BGM and original musical scores to be used in the Dayo. He composed also the lyrics theme song with the writer of the film, The music theme song was done in two kinds of version, one is interpreted by a rock band, Roots of Nature, which the music is now playing in NU 107 and soon to be made music video for the band. And also another interpretation by Lea Salonga which is one of the most mind blowing theme song ever in our local animation movie. We heard the two version of the songs, and It was like I was going to shout a song "A Whole new world!", the song is entitled "LIPAD", recorded in full orchestra by FILharmoniKa conducted by Gerard Salonga, and soon a music video for Dayo will be released in all music tv networks. The Dayo OST CD will be produced and also be distributed a month before the actual screening of the movie.

the audio, Sound supervision is done by Mr. Mike Idioma, Sound Design by Mr. Whannie Dellosa

Here's my video blog

about the tour
I was there with other fellow bloggers and we really enjoyed the studio tour, and the people of Cutting Edge Productions is really on the big push to promote and show that the Filipino can do more like we see in other foreign animated movies. This is the original content for animation that we are waiting for and we should support it with all of our hearts. I really like the story concept of Dayo, I saw this trailer last year during the screening of Animahenasyon, and before that festival, many people are already talking about the launch of Dayo. I really like the idea of an 11 year old kid make a friend with a girl who is a "Manananggal", a mythological character we know that it detaches its body and flew with wings and eat humans as their main food, it will sound like our own version of vampire monster.

Jesse Lasaten said that this is only the beginning and we know that everyone in the animation film industry will follow its foot steps and start to learn more on how we can bring our world class original animation content to the entire world.

I'm really excited to see the movie and also the upcoming merchandise as well.

Dayo will hit all Manila theaters this December 25, 2008

more photos in my album at Dayo animated movie - bloggers party and tour

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Who is this Pablo Banila in ?

I just woke up early in the morning and then after eating my breakfast I started to open my Multiply account and then saw a friend's blog post about his hate article about this person named Pablo Banila, at first I didn't mind the name of the person, but when I started to view my plurk. then I saw that people are already talking about him there. I said to myself, hmmm is this another internet phenomena? So I did a little research and then posted a plurk question to my network asking who is this guy?

and why does he view everyone's multiply page ( and he view my page too)
and people tag him as a stalker.

then the people in my network told me that they experienced an online stalking stunt by Pablo Banila, then many of them got irritated by his actions, many are amused, while others are totally clueless ( add me there hahaha).

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Pablo Banila , I found this pic in Friendster.

so my question was answered in a few minutes, when a plurk friend pointed me to his official website

there I saw his face, and then his blog post about his life and opinions, and other non sense post that I can't understand ahhaah, and this tag line that made the people scared

"Yes, Pablo Banila has a crush on you, hahaha! That's why he viewed your homepage cutenun"

People freak out and then they reported his Multiply account as an abusive user. then this Pablo guy still created a new account and continues to view everyone's multiply blog account, especially the profile pages. But the weird thing is that whenever you view his multiply page, you'll see nothing or un updated page will appear in your screen.

but then his official blog page is now receiving lots of viewers and comments.

And just heard that he will appear on TV, and I'm not sure on what show. And heard from a multiply comment post from him in another blog page, he said that GMA 7 will do a documentary feature about him and his life.

Is this really an online stalking?
or something to do about Viral Marketing ?

marketing for what? maybe marketing for your name and reach for fame.

is he the next Moy Moy Palaboy?
or another person who is popular in the community that anyone loves and hate?

But now, I might watch his blog and observe on how famous will he get out of internet.
the emo stalker get a life dude. as they say...

but I now ask myself...AM I A STALKER TO HIM ?!!!!! ( im so freaky)

Read the Discussion here in my forum
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