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Monday, March 02, 2009

Watchmen cancelled in IMAX ( Manila, Philippines)

It is true!!! my fellow true believers!

Few weeks ago, I saw a plurk post by Jovan, confirming that the IMAX showing of Watchmen is canceled, looks like the San Miguel-Coca Cola IMAX theater will never show our comic movie Watchmen on March 6. Then saw Jessica Zafra's blog stating the same thing that the IMAX screening is canceled after she called the IMAX hotline number.

Then I want to get to know the whole truth and I emailed SM Cinema minutes ago and learned that the IMAX screening of Watchmen is cancelled for good. But at least we have good cinemas in SM malls that will show the movie.

Unfortunately the screening of Watchmen in IMAX is cancelled due to MTRCB's review of Watchmen. First reason is Watchmen has been rated R13 with cuts by the MTRCB. Apparently, MTRCB cannot release 2 ratings for a movie (Watchmen without cuts is R18). Second reason is, an IMAX movie is impossible to be edited to conform with the MTRCB rating of Watchmen.

But you can still watch Watchmen at SM Cinemas. Plus! we have opened Director's Club in MOA to show Watchmen, wherein there's FREE popcorn and softdrinks.

You can also watch our other movies in IMAX currently showing: Fly me to the Moon 3D, U2 3D, Sea Monsters 3D and Dinosaurs 3D.

For schedules, you can log on to and for ticket reservations you can call 556-IMAX

Thank you and hope to see you soon in our theaters



But its okay, I can still watch the movie here in SM Bacoor at the first opening day, and I want you to check out this cool Watchmen contest hosted by the New Worlds Alliance.

edit 1:
many Watchmen fans shared their comments and they will wait for the uncut movie via torrents weeks after the movie, and because of the R-13 with cuts by the MTRCB, comics fans like me are very disappointed on this board of censorship by the MTRCB, waiting for a DVD will take months, but because of this case, I will watch the entire movie in the big screen and check out the downloaded pirated version to see which part of the scene they just cut.
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