Pinoy Big Brother Double Up - a close look of the housemates and its kick off on October 4

Words on the street and also on TV are now spreading about the kick off and launching of ABS CBN's Pinoy Big Brother Double Up this October 4, 2009, Sunday at 7:30PM. New housemates will be revealed and also there's a magic trick coming from "Kuya" about the meaning of Double Up. According to PBB Business Unit head Lauren Dyogi. "The twist is a first in the history of the "The Big Brother". The new season of Pinoy Big Brother will welcome the new housemates as guest of the big brother house and the daily program will be hosted by Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzago and Bianza Gonzales. Lots of gimiks and online interactions will be hosted at

Yes! the new season has invaded the social media sites and I know this will be the big page turner for the entire Big brother series.More pics below and also a close up look of the new housemates sa bahay ni Kuya.
The big brother house looks like to be a 2 floor house, that's why it was called Double up, there are also hints that there might be two big brother in the house, not sure yet, but Lauren Dyogi said that there might be a possibility and it will be big surprise for all. Also the 2 floor house will be completed before Sunday and the old Big Brother house that we know from the previous series and season is no longer available, they renovated and fix everything for having a new look and angle. "The kitchen has been relocated, the bedroom is different, the camera angle wont be the same as you seen in previous season", Lauren Dyogi explained to us, and it showed a surprise facial expression from the three PBB hosts, and told us that they don't have any idea what it look it.

The old big brother house has been damaged by the Typhoon Ondoy, and the renovation took place after it and rebuilding a new house for this new season. "The new big brother house is much more stronger, and different from the old house, it can withstand from any typhoon and storm, this time we are very ready and assure of our housemates safety." Dyogi said. I'm very excited for the new season, and the feeling of attending a press con and interviews with the makers of the PBB added more excitement to me, I think the TV will be glued to my eyes and see who are these new housemates.

Anushaka Bahn (Creative Consultant - Big Brother) expresses her warm welcome and congratulates the incoming housemates, she said that the PBB show really inspires all Filipinos which makes it more special than other Big Brother series.

more photo coveage of the event here in my photo album at Pinoy Big Brother Double Up - press conference

here are some of the teaser of the new housemates. From their background and status in life, the reality show is indeed interesting.




according to this video, he is the richest person among the housemates

Simpatikong Kusinero from Batangas, is a struggling person who lives as a chef in a restaurant who works for the father of his girlfriend (gf is pregnant) and working really hard just to make money and save it for their marriage.



inserting a sexy girl in the roster of housemates will make the story more interesting. According to the video, she will be the reigning hotness that will drive the male housemates crazy.



imagine... make Nanay Dioniso more younger. I'm laughing at this video, because she's so funny and I think she is a potential big winner in the future. If my hearing aid is correct, she is a teacher that joined the big brother house.





another sexy girl...and a mom.

you read it right...conservative...

and the young widow.

these are just a teaser and watch out for more videos or news at ABS CBN.

and here are some my pics and coverage from the event.

with Bianca Gonzales, thanks for checking out my camera pop up flash diffuser :)

with my friendly bloggers.

with Mariel Rodriguez, love to have a photo with her after she makes funny smiles at me whenever I take pictures of her during the presscon

Toni Gonzaga, freshly came from Taytay at the Ondoy victim sites



at the end of the press con, Lauren Dyogi clears his name and explained to us that he is not "kuya" or the big brother voice character inside the house, he also cleared that he is not "Bro" of May Bukas Pa and the "banker" of Deal or no Deal. The three female hosts also defended that Lauren and Kuya are different person, and this was a living proof when they saw Lauren watching the video live monitor with them to monitor the activity of the housemates, and then they even heard Kuya spoke to the housemates in real time. Thus makes Lauren and Kuya a different person. hmmm.. so what do you guys think?