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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens the face of Ecko Red

check it out everyone!
Vanessa Hudgens is the face of the young women's brand of Marc Ecko Unlimited called "Ecko Red", she just finished a new commercial and it was featured on Lifetime network's Dare to Wear with her High School Musical co-stars.

more news and the video here at

this news was shared to me by our friends at Ecko Unlimited here in the Philippines

Globe Tattoo micro YOUniverse @ Market Market

Visit and check out the Globe Tattoo micro YOUniverse gimik event at Market Market, the event is open to the public and it showcase lots of activities like gaming, laptop displays, modu phone trials, there's also cosplay, free P20 Gcash loading and many more. Globe Tattoo also unveiled their latest gimik and exhibition of this some of a kind live reality show, as they say its like Pinoy Big Brother in steroids.

There's a big aquarium type box with people inside it and some props, they don't speak or hear anything what's happening from the outside, all communication can be done using sms messages. They also introduced the another use of the Globe Tattoo usb modem kit, you can plug that to your pc or laptop and navigate the kit client software and use it for sending text messages to all network. But now they launched a promo for unlimited texting for Globe network only for a day, and it will cost you only for a P30 per load in your Globe Tattoo, I might use this later and send messages to all my ka-network for my events for tomorrow. (more below)

Using that Globe Tattoo kit for sending sms messages, the so called micro YOUniverse will receive your message and they will obey any commands you want to. Like txt them if you want them to sing, dance, move around, play superheroes, act like Michael Jackson, make a human pyramid and many more. But there are rules and you should not give commands like kissing, or do a lap dance, I know the guys inside love it, but the girls or anyone inside the glass box can reject and flash you a message that you should read the rules and request can't be made for you.

It's a funny gimik and I hope that they can do this more in some malls. Visit them at Market Market til October 18, 2009 (Sunday)

more photos in my album at Globe Tattoo micro YOUniverse @ Market Market

texting and pimping my blog using that digital bill board, hope my message will appear in Guadalupe.

I'm targeting to grab a new jacket for my modu phone, this jacket features a camera and it lights when message or someone calls you.

the Globe Tattoo usb modem kit, can be used in using sms mesages using a pc

me and ice tea hahahaa

with the GameOPs people

free unlimited txting!!!!!!!!!!!!

the big unveiling

the party girl inside the box micro YOUniverse

sms message the people inside the micro YOUniverse

message received!

command is dance Nobody

Jepoy's request is so silly! hahahahaha

and another dare....

request from a school girl...

message received again! hmm... laptop dance ?? visit them at Market Market

my Globe phones.. Samsung s3500 and Modu phone. all pink colors hahhaha

Menchie and Bunny

photo op with the micro YOUniverse mates

sorry...the glass is bullet proof

Lace and GameOps.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Win Astroboy movie screening tickets

On 5MAX Movies this October, it only takes a TV set and a celphone for movie lovers to enjoy their favorite blockbusters, old and new, because TV5 brings you award-winning films in your homes this week such as Young Guns 2, The Whole Nine Yards, and Meet Joe Black, and the special screening of Astro Boy The Movie this month at Greenbelt 3.

Monday (October 12) brings you the Oscar-nominated sequel, Young Guns 2, starring Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Christian Slater. The Canadian Mafia comedy, The Whole Nine Yards, is showing on Tuesday (October 13) starring Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis.

Wednesday night (October 14) is Philippine Indie Movies Night, and this week features Jay Abello's Ligaw Liham, a finalist in the 2007 Cinemalaya filmfest about a 25-year old provincial boy who learns about life, love, and the painful realities that come with it.

A thriller about a beach detective who becomes involved with a woman while solving some multiple murders is witnessed on Thursday (October 15) in Traces of Red, starring Jim Belushi and Tony Goldwyn. Closer and Closer, a thriller about a successful writer of books dealing with serial killers is showing on Friday (October 16) starring Kim Delaney.

Expect a great movie time on Saturday and Sunday (October 17 and 18) as Brad Pitt expects you in his adventures in Meet Joe Black, a remake of the 1934 film Death Takes a Holiday, where Brad Pitt plays the part of Death himself, co-starring Claire Forlani and Anthony Hopkins who accompany him as he comes to earth to learn more about life.

As if these big movies showing on TV5 everyday are not enough, 5MAX Movies brings you the thrilling tale of a young robot with incredible powers in the special screening of Astro Boy The Movie on October 28, Wednesday, at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2. For a chance to win VIP tickets to Astro Boy, grab your celphones and subscribe to 5MAX Movies Interactive by simply texting "5MAX ON" to 2256. 25 winners from the pool of texters within October 9 to October 21 will be chosen, and will get to win two VIP passes for TV5's special screening of Astro Boy The Movie.

Enjoy these big movie treats this October in 5MAX Movies, every evening at 9pm on TV5.

Medicol Advance pays tribute to Selfless Winners

We have recently heard a lot of inspiring stories of random individuals and groups that have come together to help Filipinos from all walks of life in times of great need. Indeed, it has touched our hearts to know that in these trying times, Filipinos can come together with one voice and with one spirit.

With so many winning acts that are done selflessly in the country this year, Medicol Advance would like to thank and pay tribute to these people who have gone out of their way to help other people and communities.

From October 12 to November 6, 2009, we invite everyone to nominate individuals or groups of individuals that have truly exemplified selfless winning acts in 2009. All you have to do is visit Medicol Advance’s facebook page and share the inspiring story of a person/group you wish to nominate.

Each week, for FOUR (4) weeks, Medicol Advance will donate P10,000 worth of grocery and personal care items plus P10,000 worth of Medicol Advance to the beneficiary/community of the nominee’s choice. The nominator will also be given gift certificates, which they can also use to reach out to help other people in need.

This is Medicol Advance’s own little way of paying it forward by recognizing and helping other people who may want to reach out to those who are in need but do not have the resources to do so
This is also just the first of Medicol Advance’s upcoming efforts to pay tribute to Selfless Winners of our country today.

Log-on to Facebook and search for: Medicol Advance’s Selfless Winning Acts Page to join and read the full mechanics (
Medicol Advance is from the makers of Medicol.

Medicol Advance pays tribute to Selfless Winners
1. Log-on to and search for: Medicol Advance Selfless Winning Acts Page and add the group as one of your contacts

2. Post the following in Medicol Advance Selfless Winning Acts WALL:
Nominator’s Name:
Nominated Individual/Group:
Beneficiary of grocery and medicine goods:
Selfless Winning Act of the Nominated Individual/Group (100 words max)
Post a picture, video, or link if applicable

3. Every week for FOUR (4) weeks, the top FIVE (5) stories which gathered the most number of “Likes” within Medicol Advance’s Selfess Winning Acts page will be granted the grocery/medicine goods P10000 worth plus Medicol Advance, to the Nominee’s beneficiary of choice. The nominator will also be awarded gift certificates that he/she can use to help other people in need

4. Nominations will run from October 12 – November 6, 2009

5. The top TWENTY (20) stories from Medicol Advance’s Selfless Winning Acts Page will be featured in

6. This advocacy is open to all Filipinos with beneficiaries from anywhere in the Philippines, 18 years old and above.

7. All prizes are not convertible to cash and shall be directly donated by Unilab to the beneficiaries that were chosen by all nominees and nominators

Nominator - A nominator is any Filipino individual, 18 years old of age that would like to nominate a person or a group who has recently done any selfless winning acts in 2009
Nominated – A nominated person or group could be any Filipino individual/s who have recently exhibited selfless acts to help/save other people in need. ie. “I nominate Juan dela Cruz from Marikina City for saving a mother and child stranded on top of a roof during a recent typhoon”
Beneficiary – A beneficiary could be any individual, family, school, community or organization in the Philippines that the Nominated would want Medicol Advance to donate grocery and medicine goods to Facebook’s “Like” Function – All types of posts in Facebook have thumbs up and thumbs down signs underneath it. The thumbs up sign means that any Facebook user can flag the post as something that they personally “Like” which is similar to the concept of a Vote. Facebook then tracks every person who “Likes” a post and counts the total number of “Likes” a post has in real-time. The “Like” function will be the main basis of the advocacy’s weekly top FIVE (5) stories wherein the stories with the highest number of “Likes” will be our top FIVE (5) stories

Ordinary World, a comics story by me and art by Jake Sumbing

Ordinary World komiks story by azrael coladilla and art by jake sumbing
click here for hi res image here

I just finished finally doing the lettering stuff for our 6 page komiks entitled "Ordinary World", this title will be included in the 3rd issue of Komikero Komiks Anthology to be release and launch at the Komikon 2009 in Megatrade Hall 3 on October 18, 2009. The story that I wrote was interpreted by indie comic artist Jake Sumbing, I'm very happy on the turn out of the art and the original idea of this title is that to show more of Jake's comic artwork, so it has less words and more visuals was shown from my story. It's a funny moment that I cried during the editing some pages, I think its a tears of joy in seeing my story to be turned into a comics or maybe I got affected in my story and visuals of the art of Jake, because this comics is my first ever LOVE STORY theme comics.

I just can't believed in my self that I did another great team up with Jake and the rest of the Komikero gang, I salute them and thank them big time for having me join the group and trusting me to write and catch up deadlines hehehe.

I finished the lettering at 7pm while ago in Krispy Kreme BHS, and thanks to Jonel Uy for accompanying me there, and also met Mr. Juan Ramos, a retired army officer, who got my attention for babbling to Jonel about the comics I'm doing, just got a great advice from Mr. Ramos about making comics, and I'm very happy that he appreciated our works and want us to do more comics for the next generation. He mentioned our komiks master artists and wow he is such a big fan of our classic comics. It was a fun and productive evening for me at Krispy Kreme, even the crew of KK is excited to see this onprint, I told them it will be uploaded online soon.

Talk about online komiks, our 1st title comics "The Tales from the Mysterium Complex", has been colored so great by Jonas Diego's comic coloring company Robo Pixel Monkey, I almost fell in my seat after I saw some preview of our colored version of the komiks from Johnny Danganan. And I got a news from Jonas that all works will be upload in the site "The Komikero Komiks Anthology -

My first work in indie comics is published in the 1st Komikero Komiks Anthology that was launched at the Summer Komikon Fiesta 2009 last May 2009. My first and mighty team up with Jake Sumbing.

so ayun! hay.. ang galeng talaga nila.
thanks super to Gerry Alanguilan, Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, to the Komikero gang, my blog readers and to all who bought the anthology comics. more comics to come in the future ^___^

The First One Hundred Years of Philippine Komiks and Cartoons ( finally got a copy!)

I just came from the Gabi ng Parangal ng mga Tagapaglikha ng Komiks, an awarding ceremony to honor Filipino comics artist.

they gave an award to :
Larry Alcala
Alfredo Alcala
Francisco Coching
Mars Ravelo
Pablo Gomez
Nonoy Marcelo

also I got lucky that I got the copy of the book a day before the grand launching.
you can see a preview of it below and also pics from the event.

I'll be posting my photo coverage in my multiply as soon as I arrive home.

grand launching of the book will be tomorrow at Powerbooks Megamall at 6pm.
visit for more details of the coming events.


Ariel Atienza, Sherry Baet-Zamar, and me

Hugo Yonzon (publisher of the book)

Alfredo Alcala Jr.

Mr. John Lent (author of the book)

Lyndon Gregorio, Lei Muncal and Ariel Atienza ( hey! Komikon 2009 will be on October 18, 2009 at Megatrade Hall 3)

and here's a preview of the book.... fresh from the press.























Grab it guys!!! this is the holy grail of all Pinoy Komiks content..
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