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Saturday, November 28, 2009

LG Crystal phone - Behind the scenes

I'm using this LG Crystal phone and everyone is amazed on its look and style, the crystal pad always attract because of the unique design and attracting light up pad. The term simplicity comes out and this new technology will be the next focus in the coming years. Here's a behind the scenes look on how Mr. Kim created this cool phone.

LG GD900 Crystal sketch
LG Electronics recently unveiled the world's first handset with a transparent slide keypad at the Mobile World Congress 2009, garnering praise, wonderment and industry acclaim. The mobile device has already captured the imagination of thousands of netizens prior to its official launch in June. (Read more below)

LG GD900 Crystal sketch (1)

The LG GD900 Crystal, its official name, was created by Youngho Kim and his design team. Mr. Kim is vice president of design at LG Mobile Communication's Design Lab and LG’s Corporate Design Center. Back in 2005, Mr. Kim and his team started sketching out the concept of a transparent handset. Already experienced in developing innovative touch screen phones, they applied their creativity and exacting attention to detail to a kind of device that would start a new trend in mobile design.

Thanks to LG's commitment to pushing the limits of handset design, Mr. Kim and his team were given the green light to take the LG GD900 Crystal, the world's first transparent phone, from an abstract idea and transform it into a real product.

read more the interview here with Mr. Kim at

Bleach @ Animax this December 2009

Bleach key art (Large)
Premieres 12/18, Every Mon-Fri at 7.30pm

What happens to us after we live our lives on Earth? Do we simply cease to exist? Or will our ‘souls’ continue ‘living’ in another dimension or world? We may never get an answer to the question until it is too late. One thing is for sure – the latter possibility certainly makes human lives much more significant than just a frivolous existence on Earth, and we will step into such a universe in Animax’s upcoming anime series, Bleach! (read more below)

Premiering 18 December 2009 and airing weekdays 7.30pm, Bleach is one of the most popular anime series in the world. The action-packed supernatural-themed anime series ranks among the best-loved and the most well-known anime franchises such as Dragonball, Slam Dunk Naruto, InuYasha, and Fullmetal Alchemist, as a brand that even non-anime fans know. Bleach follows 15-year old student Ichigo Kurosaki, whose life changes after he meets ‘Soul Reaper’ Rukia Kuchiki, acquires her powers, and opens the door to ‘Soul Society’, an entire world and society where human souls ‘live’ after their time on Earth.

Able to see souls of the deceased, orange-haired Ichigo regarded the spirits around him as a minor annoyance, and had been able to live a normal life with his two sisters and father who run a clinic. One fateful day, a mysterious woman in a black kimono with a katana (Japanese sword) appears in his room. Identifying herself as Rukia, she is a ‘Soul Reaper’, one of many guardian spirits responsible for leading souls to the spirit world called ‘Soul Society’. As they get acquainted, Ichigo’s family is attacked by huge, monstrous ‘Hollow’ spirits which consume other souls. With Rukia injured, Ichigo steps up to take on the Soul Reaper’s responsibilities and powers to protect his family and loved ones.
Bleach pic4 (Large)

As Rukia’s superiors find out she has gone against Soul Society laws with her transfer of power to Ichigo, she is hauled back to her world to be executed. Swearing to save Rukia from death, Ichigo then embarks on a journey of discovery that will awaken the latent Soul Reaper powers in him while gathering a group of friends who risk death with him on the perilous mission in Soul Society.

Bleach pic5 (Large)
Bleach is based on the manga of the same title by Tite Kubo, that has sold over 50 million copies as of May 2008, as well as winner of the 2005 Shogakukan Manga Award in the sh┼Źnen (youth) category. Beyond the manga and anime TV series, Bleach has been brought to the big screen on three theatrical releases that made over US$15 million in Japan alone. More than 20 Bleach game titles have also been released for various consoles including Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation Portable, Sony PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance, since 2005. In addition, two trading card games have been created, and even a live-action rock musical was staged at Space Zero Tokyo in August 2005.

Idaten Jump @ Animax

idaten jump keyart 2 (Large)
Premieres 12/12, Every Saturday at 9am

Sho Yamato and his fifth-grade friends Kakeru and Makoto are fans of mountain biking. Riding the "Flame Kaiser" bicycle built by his father, Sho and his friends practice in their haunt called the ‘X-Zone’. As another team of mountain bikers known as "Shark Tooth" challenge them to a race, Sho’s team is transported into an alternate world, also called ‘X-Zone’ where they will face ‘Idaten Battles’ by racing through volcanoes, ghost towns and deserts to return to their own world…

idaten jump keyart (Large)

Philips unleashes the TV to slay all other TV’s: Cinema 21:9

It's big and sleek, the new TV for cinema fans will rejoice and can now bring the big screen in their homes. I haven't seen the actual TV but long wide and big size is very impressive and it was wifi which you can enjoy watching youtube videos in the big wide screen. Read the full details of this monstrous TV below.

Cinema 21x9 lifestyle

Techies and gadget geeks the world over are all abuzz over the visual juggernaut that Philips recently unveiled to the public—the Cinema 21:9.

Touted as the world’s first ever cinema-proportioned television, the Philips Cinema 21:9 has the distinction of allowing viewers to watch movies at home exactly as they would in the cinema—in full 21:9 aspect ratio, and in a gigantic, 56” HD screen. Talk about home entertainment!

At first glance, the Cinema 21:9 is very impressive: its sleek, 56” Hi-definition LCD will turn the heads of even the most jaded couch potatoes and leave even the savviest audiophiles drooling. Even more impressive is that what this TV packs in size and power, it matches with performance and connectivity. (read more below)

First, the picture—it is sharp, crystal clear, and just plain stunning, especially when watching DVD or Blu-Ray movies. The Cinema 21:9’s high-def, 2560x1080p screen packs 8.3 million pixels which deliver superb picture quality, thanks to Philips’ powerful 2009 Perfect Pixel HD processing engine which features 500 million pixels per second of processing power and 2,250 trillion vivid colors.

This powerful engine is driven by cutting-edge three-sided Ambilight Spectra technology, which projects ambient LED lighting from the top and sides of the TV, resulting in an immersive and engaging viewing experience. Numerous formats can be played in unprecedented hi-definition quality, from movies and TV shows to video games, all of which can be resized to fill the entire widescreen with no picture degradation.

Of course, the stunning picture quality is delivered in 21:9 aspect ratio, resulting in uncompromised cinematic viewing, freeing viewers from the disadvantages that long plagued LCD’s and widescreens—having stretched or zoomed pictures (to compensate for the widescreen format), or having annoying black bars on the top and bottom of the screen (a nuisance that has been around since the betamax and VHS era).

And to complete the Cinema 21:9’s truly exceptional quality and performance, it is Wi-Fi enabled, with its Net TV feature allowing the user to easily access the internet—in full high-definition and cinema format—from a simple on-screen interface. With this capability, watching YouTube videos and other online media becomes an eye-popping experience that no PC screen can give.

All in all, the Cinema 21:9 is a must have for the most demanding audiophiles who are seeking for the ultimate at-home audio-visual experience, and is sure to change the landscape of home entertainment the world over.

BlackBerry unlimited Smart prepaid plans

just read this in the online wave this morning and everyone is going crazy for this plan, head over to to know more about the prepaid plan.

using BlackBerry phone is the best ever hehehe.

Available packages:

Service Package Cost Validity
Daily P50 24 hours
Weekly P300 7 days

Push Mail Unlimited
Messaging (Blackberry, Yahoo, Google, MSN) Unlimited

hmm.. Unlimited email checking and instant messaging?? oh wow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazing fireworks display at SM City Marikina and White Christmas event opening at SM City Taytay

Picture 122

Check out calendar of fireworks display events and visit us at SM City Taytay, bring your entire family, friends and love ones and witness the amazing fireworks display that will run every Saturday at SM City Taytay. (read more below)
Live and explore the White Safari Fantasy in a world full of enchantment and music.

This year, SM City Marikina brings you The White Christmas Adventure. A mythical realm of delightful musical performances in the wild and an awesome robotic tableau of white tigers, polar bears, winged horses and many more!

Join us as we unveil this spectacular daydream on November 28, 2009, 6PM at the Grand Atrium. Discover a new meaning to a White Christmas this Holiday Season with a touch of unique fun and excitement.

Here at SM City Marikina, legends are brought to life!

For inquiries, call 477.1686 or 477.1688-90 or email

You can also join the SM City Marikina social networking pages on Facebook, Multiply: and


Philippine Science Centrum Travelling Exhibit at Enchanted Kingdom

I remember back in high school, it was my first time to visit the Philippine Science Centrum in Manila for our school trip and I enjoyed a lot playing around those exhibits especially the gyro chair, I remember my classmates tricked me standing there and they spin the platform and I experienced an awesome gravity force. Its a great venue for me even that it was old that time, I love science since elementary and I invite everyone to check the exhibit and attraction at EK for all ages, kids will love this too.

Van de Graaff Generator
Enchanted Kingdom (EK), the only premier and world-class theme park in the country, continues to provide magical experiences through its fantastic rides, attractions and awesome shows. With over 13 million guests and counting, EK takes the opportunity to foster increased educational entertainment value within its grounds.

EK recently opened its doors to the Philippine Science Centrum Travelling Exhibit (PSC) Module 1, the newest attraction at the Park which promotes a better grasp of science and technology. The showcase will be available until January 10, 2010. ( read more below)
Crystal Ball

Well of Flowers

The PSC is a fascinating and interactive display of science concepts presented in a dynamic and entertaining way. It caters to a broad spectrum of visitors and aims to give guests a better appreciation of science and its relevance to daily life.

By interacting with the exhibits, park goers can play with the devices, explore how they work and discover the magic behind them.

Have a hair-raising experience with the popular Van de Graaff generator. Invented in 1931, the Van de Graaff generator has a sphere that when touched by the hands gives positive charges to the body and makes the hair stand on end.

The travelling museum is child-friendly so kids can learn and play safely. They can go face to face with lightning using the Tesla Coil which shows alternating low currents. Witness bodies floating with the anti-gravity mirror or catch your shadow with the frozen shadow and colored shadow booths.

See how objects change their colors through the magic of light and take a peek to an endless pit of flowers. Spot fake money bills through a special bulb called the black light. Get the feel of a crystal ball with colorful lightning-like streaks moving towards the fingers. Play and be wrapped in gigantic bubbles and be mesmerized with how things work with the hands of science!

Through these programs, EK continuously endeavors to be a source of learning and knowledge by supplying information and education along with great entertainment. Enchanted Kingdom visits do not just present magical entertainment but magical learnings as well.

Come to Enchanted Kingdom where the magic stays with you! From now until December 18, we are open Thursdays to Fridays from 12NN to 7PM and Saturdays to Sundays from 11AM to 9PM with Fireworks Display at 8PM. We are also open on November 30 from 11AM to 9PM.

Enchanted Kingdom is located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. For more information, you may call 843-6074/78 or log on to

Sammy the dog stuff toy from Samsung

Here's a cute stuff toy dog that I received from Samsung, the name of the dog is Sammy, I just saw a label on it and then after I googled it and found some pics, he is a mascot stuff toy for the Samsung YP-T10 mp3 player. Sammy looks like Snoopy and he looks like a lazy dog but you can play with it and create lots of pose just like in the photo above.

yay! new toys for our baby.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be a foreigner in your own country

That will happen only if you are with carlos celdran. I just experienced today that people around in quiapo and binondo think me and the bloggers and media as tourist. I even heard that a vendor said that we are koreans or thai.

One guy said that thai people look like pinoys. But they didnt know that we are Filipinos on a guided tour with carlos in binondo to quiapo. Which people know that carlos do tours with foreigners and thought that we are not pinoys.

Its funny and crazy when they joked on us with english words and surprise them after answering a tagalog reply.

Ay pinoy pala sila as they say. And carlos will reply to them as mga pinoy po mga kasama ko and he raise this mini phil. Flag.

Its an awesome tour. My first time to sing the national anthem infront of binondo church. More photos n story later.

Btw.this is a mobile blog post

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar

The 9th World Bazaar Festival is now officially a Kapamilya! It will be a 600 booths to deliver great finds and deals of anything we want to buy for Christmas and also stuff we need at home. I just witnessed the official partnership between festival and convention organizer Worldbex and tv network giant ABS CBN to bring another annual Christmas bazaar from December 4 to 16, 2009 at the World Trade Center. The festival will also benefit the project of ABS CBN's Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig, which they plan to rehabilitate and restore the beauty of our Ilog Pasig. Read more below and see the news about the festival and the project.
Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (2)
It’s a true meeting of equals.

ABS-CBN, the Philippines biggest television network and Worldbex Services International, the country’s most successful exhibit organizer come together for the first time to present the longest-running and most successful Christmas bazaar in the country – the World Bazaar Festival.

“In the World Bazaar Festival, we consider everyone from the organizers, exhibitors to the sponsors – to be part of one family. And it’s because we share the common goal of offering Filipino holiday shoppers with the ultimate shopping paradise,” says Joseph Ang, Founding Chairman of Worldbex Services International.

And Ang believes that in their 9th year, a significant dimension has been added to the World Bazaar Festival family. “We’re now officially partners with the biggest network in the country, ABS-CBN. You can say that Worldbex Services International, through the World Bazaar Festival is now a certified “kapamilya.” ( read more below)

Kapamilya Values
Ang shares that part of the proceeds and net of costs of this year’s World Bazaar Festival will go to Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig. The project which aims to rehabilitate the moribund 17-kilometer river system, top-bills a partnership between Worldbex Services International and ABS-CBN Network.

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (1)
“It’s no exaggeration to say that World Bazaar is a place where Filipinos can get the best gifts for their family and friends. And this is why it’s considered as the grandest and most attended of all Christmas bazaars,” notes Ang. “But this year, we’ve decided to give something back—now we’re the ones giving Filipinos a gift for Christmas.”

So from December 4-16 at the World Trade Center Manila, participants in the largest Christmas bazaar in the country will not only get the best holiday finds with the over 600 booths, they’ll also get the chance to help clean the Pasig River.

Kapamilya Fun
But still at the core of World Bazaar Festival is their thrust of offering Filipino holiday shoppers with the biggest and grandest Christmas bazaar in the country.

“With over 600 exhibitors, thousands of specialty products and more than 20,000 square meters of shopping space, the World Bazaar Festival offers a shopping experience like no other,” says Ang.

True enough, World Bazaar Festival has the best assortment of products and merchandise ranging from food, car accessories, fashion jewelry, toys, clothing, foot wear, plastic products and many more that paved way for upscale profits for long-time and first-time exhibitors in the yearly grand Christmas bazaar.

Meanwhile, for those who’ve had their fill of shopping, other World Bazaar activities such as the Manila Flair Open (Bottle for Supremacy), musical shows, Christmas decor center, Children’s playland and a night market will be sure to brighten up the 14-day holiday kapamilya extravaganza.

Kapamilya Stars
Of course, the partnership between ABS-CBN network and World Bazaar Festival will be nothing without the famed Kapamilya stars.

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (4)
With this in mind, the 14-day event will especially feature a special Celebrity Village where shoppers can interact, meet and even buy items from their favorite stars. The village will feature artists and celebrities from network giant ABS-CBN and a variety of entertaining shows, numbers and booths put up by the hottest local actors and actresses, such as George and Cecil’s Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas, Umagang Kay Ganda’s Rica Peralejo and Donita Rose, ASAP’s G-Force Dancers and Sheryn Regis, Pinoy Dream Academy’s Cris Pastor and Miguel Mendoza, TV Patrol’s Phoemela Baranda and Gretchen Fullido, Wowowee’s Mariel Rodriguez, Pinoy Big Brother’s Nene Tamayo, Bea Saw, Ruben Gonzaga and Jason Gainza, and Banana Split’s Pokwang, among many others.

“It’s both a privilege and a challenge for us to be partnering with ABS-CBN,” quips Ang. “And we see this partnership as an affirmation that our goal of offering Filipino holiday shoppers with the ultimate shopping paradise is something that’s really worth pursuing.”

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (3)
Joseph Ang, Founding Chairman of the Worldbex Services International (WSI) shares that part of the proceeds and net of costs of this year’s World Bazaar Festival will go to Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig. The project which aims to rehabilitate the moribund 17-kilometer river system, top-bills a partnership between Worldbex Services International and ABS-CBN Network.

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (5)
“Pasig River restored, no, elevated to what Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig initiative envision it to become is a sight to see,” says Joseph Ang, founding chairman of Worldbex Services International. “And with the success of this project, we can proudly say we not only give Filipinos a place to source the best Christmas gifts, we also give them one of the most relevant gifts that they can ever receive.

Worldbex and ABS-CBN Team Up for Biggest Christmas Bazaar (6)
Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig is the most comprehensive and ambitious effort to clean Pasig River to date. It has charted a seven-year campaign to tackle pollution, help relocate informal settlers, provide livelihood opportunities and launch a major information campaign.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zero In exhibits the 1st South East Asian Ceramics Festival at Ayala Museum
photo by James bk See

The Zero in series with the theme "Peripheral" was at the Ayala Museum last month, and they have the 1st South East Asian Ceramics Festival, featuring 16 Filipino potters (pot makers) and 10 South East Asian potter artist. The event is first of its kind and it is the first time to have a convergence of ASEAN potters here in the Philippines.

Pot making is here since the early and now the pots are being used as an artform and medium in creating artworks. We didn't even know that artworks embedded in our ceramics and pots are very important and even during the Chinese trading era with our locals have it already, blue pots and other ceramics are created only for trading, while red design are for home use only and not recommended for trading, I just learned all of this at the Ayala Museum, they have a treasure collection of different ceramics that came from the old era. Different designs and forms from China, Thailand and other countries are displayed. (read more below)
The exhibit, also dubbed as the Ring of Fire, means that all potter makers are from the region of the Ring of Fire, ASEAN potters are here and shared what they have to offer, and this is the very first gathering of greatest potters in Asia. It all started from Filipino potter Hadrian Mendoza for having this concept and glad that it happened and hope to have another shot next year. visit also their site at

to visit the Ayala Museum, contact 757-7117 local 29 or email us at
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See
photo by James bk See

What do you do to keep your children healthy?

There are many problems today that related to the health of our kids, and because the environment is changing so fast that result to some lifestyle health problems to kids, when it comes to unhealthy eating, lack of physical activities and lack of sleep, these are some common problems we face (and even when I was a kid) that our little boys and girls have and we are very strict that we should monitor them and teach them the right way.

I remember when my mom told me eat this, and my auntie is very strict to her kids when it comes to afternoon nap time and night sleep, because the immune system of each kid should develop well when as they grow up, they need to eat the right food, do some physical activities and have a good sleep. This will prevent lots of diseases and body health problems. We give them some immunity boosters that will more of their immunity foundation, which I started to understand why my mom gives me lots of vitamins every day, and now I'm becoming a father, I should know more about these Immunity Foundation.

There's a website called and its a helpful website for all if you want to know more about how we can protect our kids to harmful diseases and boost up their immunity foundation of their body. Visit for lots of info and articles about our kid's health and notes from experts.

Cloud Nine open beta game testing Begins on November 25
Netgame has just finished closed beta testing for its latest Free – to – Play MMORPG, Cloud Nine (, and will begin Open Beta Testing on November 25 (US Time). ( read full details below)

Cloud Nine has a stylish casual graphic style and an improved class revolving system which was derived from the Holic, although the two are very different games. There are three races to choose from, with both male and female characters:

1. The Senekas, Center of Balance and Master of the World - a highly intelligent race that have the same appearance as the gods. Their relentless pursuit of technology and development comes at the expense of nature, which caused a rift with the Matsuka race.
2. The Koshares, Enjoyable Jokesters and Fairy of the Earth - fairy – like beings known as tricksters. They are good at crafting and researching because of their curiosity and dexterous hands.
3. The Matsukas, Master of Swiftness and Descendants of the Beast - a mix of animal and human form, they were born from flame when the world was created. They are very sharp and intelligent, but are terrible at crafting and anything that involves technique and skill. They are very brave and honorable warriors and are often found serving as mercenaries for other races. They value harmony with nature above all else.

Cloud Nine also boasts several unique features in its game play that should make it worth trying out such as:

1. Monster Card Collection – Players collect various monster cards which allows them to purchase items used to tame monsters. Tamed monsters will be able to support players as a pet with extra attack and special skills.
2. Monster Transformation System – Allows players to transform into a monster to participate in an innovative PvP system.
3. Pet System – Pets can fight alongside players on the battlefield and depending on their item setting, they can use unique skills to aid the player.
4. Craft System – Materials obtained from looting monsters, mining, fishing and gathering can be used to craft various special items. There are three different types of unique crafting: gem crafting, metal crafting and medicine crafting.
5. Class Revolving – Player can change their class during a battle giving them an advantage over their opponents.

Cloud Nine will be available for online download through the official website at after November 25 (US Time). Players may also visit for more details.

Free Logitech H165 headset deal

Notebook Headset H165 with casing
Logitech is having a great deal for you if you buy their items. A free Logitech H165 headset is up for grabs for your purchse of V470 Cordless laser Mouse or V550 cordless Laser mouse or Premium Notebook headset. And free Z103 speaker for every purchase of Illuminated keyboard or Webcam C905. (read more below)

“We always seek to enhance our customers’ shopping experience,” said Moninder Jain, director, Logitech Asia Pacific and South Asia business markets. “By having a Christmas promotion, we are able to give our customers a chance to own Logitech peripherals .”
Logitech notebook peripherals included in the promotion to enhance consumers’ digital lifestyle during this season.

Logitech V550 Nano Cordless Laser – Clip and Go
V550 Nano Mouse
Many people prefer a mouse to a touchpad but often leave the mouse behind when moving from room to room. Logitech is changing all that with the introduction of the Logitech® V550 Nano cordless laser mouse for notebooks, featuring the Clip-and-Go dock. The unobtrusive dock lets you conveniently clip the V550 mouse to your laptop – and go.
Always ready for use, the V550 Nano also features the Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver – it’s so small that once it’s plugged into your computer, you can forget about it. The Nano-receiver stays nearly flush against the side of the computer (protruding just 8 mm), so it doesn’t have to be unplugged when you stow your laptop.

Cordless Laser Mouse with Bluetooth® technology
V470 Cordless Laser Mouse
Easy set-up is the key to efficient mobility. The V470 Cordless Laser Mouse connects to notebooks enabled with Bluetooth®wireless technology, Freeing you from the hassle of cords and the need for a receiver. Laser tracking technology outperforms optical mice and delivers smoother cursor control on nearly any surface. A low battery indicator light eliminates surprises, while the on/off switch extends battery life. The tilt wheel plus zoom is perfect for viewing digital photos and spreadsheets, allowing you to instantly zoom in and out, as well as scroll horizontally and vertically. Includes a pouch to protect the mouse during travel.

New Logitech Keyboard
To help you find the keyboard that best matches your needs – and style – the Logitech® Illuminated Keyboard, which offers an optimized backlight experience, Logitech PerfectStroke™ key system and Logitech’s thinnest design ever.

Logitech Portable Webcam
Video calling is free, fast and easy with Logitech® Vid™. Zeiss® optics with autofocus deliver razor-sharp images even in extreme close-ups. A 2-megapixel HD sensor delivers true-to-life video at up to 720p and photos at up to 8 megapixels (software enhanced) through webcam C905.

Premium Notebook Headset
Notebook Headset H165
Designed specially for the needs of notebook users, the Logitech® Premium Notebook Headset features a low profile, adjustable, behind-the-head design that will fit you comfortably and securely. When not in use, it folds flat and slips into a protective travel case, making it an excellent travel companion. It offers high-performance audio, a noise-cancelling microphone to filter out unwanted background noise, and a convenient inline volume and mute control. It?s the perfect headset for PC calling,Internet chat, gaming, movies and music (including most MP3 music players).Provides both digital USB and traditional analogue connectivity.


illuminated keyboard
Illuminated Keyboard

SAMSUNG 2view camera Christmas Shots event and sale

dsc_XMAS MALLTOUR_flyer_complete_path
yup! me and some tech bloggers will be there!

Capture twice the fun this Christmas with Samsung 2view’s Christmas Shots

Christmas is a special time for all of us, and when coming together for celebrations with family and friends we all want to make sure we capture the moment. This weekend (November 27-29)troop to the Samsung 2View ‘s Christmas Shot booths located either at the upper ground floor of the SM Megamall , at the main mall atrium of SM Mall of Asia or at the 4th level of Trinoma mall near the cinema lobby and enjoy free and unlimited themed shots with your friends or family members.

And there’s more, only for this week-end for every purchase of any Samsung digital camera ,LED TV, LCD TV, Plasma TV , Slimfit TV, Blu-ray player, dvd player, home theater, washing machine, refrigerator and airconditioner from any Samsung authorized dealers in participating malls , entitles the buyer to pick a prize. Prizes range from Samsung umbrellas, t-shirts and digital cameras.

With the Samsung ST500 and 550 you can now double the fun, thanks to the dual LCD screen that ensures you are always in the picture throughout the festive season.

Get the most out of this Christmas with the ST500 and 550 and make these cameras the Christmas gift of choice for your loved ones so you can capture your favourite moments all year round.

The ST500 and 550 is available at all photo shops nationwide retailing at Php21,990 and Php 16,990 respectively

Canon 3-day Yuletide Season Sale 2009

Canon 3 Day Sale December 2009 Tiendesitas

I got this news from Dani the Canon girl ehehhee, The grand sale will be on November 28 to 30, 2009 at Tiendesitas Delicacies Village Lobby. Canon cameras, dslrs, videocams and printers are on sale.

she will post the list of items and price list in her blog at

Wifi party event at SM City Rosario, Cavite

Wifi event at SM City Rosario
November 27, 2009
2:00PM at activity area

This will be a showcase of technology, connectivity, fun, fashion, and music.

In line with this, we would like to invite your good institution and your students to participate in this ground breaking event and experience shopping and technology in one high-tech afternoon. We have prepared exhibits of WiFi-ready gadgets; blog competition, fashion show, and lots of other surprises.

We encourage everyone to bring their WiFi ready gadgets like laptops and mobile phones to experience Internet Surfing the SM way and discover thousands of possibilities right at your fingertips.

Should there be queries, please feel free to contact at 0926-726-4057 or 0917-552-5341. You can also reach us at or

See you there!

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World Pyro Olympics 2009 - postponed

Photo by Alvin Chua

Everyone is talking about the World Pyro Oympics 2009 since last Friday and Saturday, everyone was there and all my blogger and photographer friends were there and did an amazing coverage, photo above is from Alvin Chua, i just saw it from his Flickr album and that's my favorite pic, the fireworks looks like a flower or a balloon.

Many people are talking to me and hoping for my coverage, but its a sad part in my end that I didn't make it going there and didn't have time to buy tickets for myself, but I was planning to shoot it this Saturday and will try out this photography concept in capturing fireworks, some of my friends are excited on this concept but after a few hours we learned a sad news from our blogger networks about this postponement and the organizers moved the event to January 2010. full details are posted below as I received it from a photographer friend who work under the marketing group for the event.
(read more below)

Due to safety considerations of the firing site where the fireworks will be launched, the Executive Committee of the World Pyro Olympics (WPO) has decided to postpone the staging of the WPO 2009 to January 2010. Originally set on November 28, December 5, 12 and 19, at the Bonifacio Global City, WPO will continue as soon as the safety issues have been fully addressed. The incessant rains and flooding during the past months have rendered the firing area almost unfit for pyrotechnics launchings which have certain international standards to observe. The participating countries have thus agreed to postpone the event.

Tickets purchased will still be honored on the new event dates. Final dates will be announced very soon on this website. Please keep checking for updates.

Ticket holders are requested to contact our hotlines at 568-6908 / 384-0239 or log on to for more details.

The World Pyro Olympics is still set to deliver the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Stay posted for details.

For those who sign the registration of photo contest kindly call this number and look for -
Danica Macam or Kathleen Olarte at 401-3733 / 729-4013 / 887-3803 3/F - Building 1269, Batangas Street, San Isidro, Makati City

Thanks and see you on January 2010.

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Globe Business participates in the Optical Transmission Vision APAC in Singapore

Media Release - Globe Business, the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, participated in the Optical Transmission Vision APAC held last Oct. 19-21 at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. OTV APAC is an optical backhaul and broadband infrastructure event for service providers in APAC. OTV APAC offers service providers in the region an opportunity to develop in an efficient manner, the specialist knowledge and contacts needed to tackle the significant challenges involved in evolving legacy TDM networks towards a converged, high capacity and flexible packet based infrastructure.

Gilbert Virtucio, Technical Solutions Architect at Globe Business, delivered a speech at the forum that delved on Ethernet support in the Globe network, how Globe Business delivers Ethernet service that enterprises require today. (read more below)

“The market drivers for adoption of Ethernet will continue to remain and Globe has been delivering Ethernet services to its customers since 2000 so the commitment to the technology has long been there. Globe’s timely investment in its network infrastructure puts it in a very good position to increase its Ethernet customer base,” Virtucio said.

Globe Business’ vision is to provide the best telecommunications network in the country. It has done this by making significant investments in its network infrastructure. Globe has invested in 4 submarine cable systems that land in the country, the latest of which is the Tata Global Network – Intra-Asia (TGN-IA) cable system. Globe has built a redundant high-speed domestic data backbone transmission network.. Globe Business delivers Ethernet services through its high-speed Broadband Access Service (BAX) network, and its multi-service IP MPLS (Internet Protocol Multi Protocol Label Switching) network called IP Converged Optical Network (ICON). ICON is the first and only pure IP MPLS network in the country.

Virtucio said that market drivers of new WAN services in the Philippines are the need of enterprise applications for more bandwidth, the need to keep WAN costs down, and the need for simpler network architectures. Ethernet, which has long been used in local area networks of businesses, has emerged to become a carrier-class service. Ethernet delivers to enterprises a simple and cost-effective wide area network (WAN) solution to meet their needs.

Globe Business has been delivering Ethernet services since 2000 to meet these needs, making technology work for customers to transform and enrich their lives through communications.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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