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Friday, April 16, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW : They can KICK ASS even without super powers

Superheroes originates in our fantasizes and in comic books, but here in the movie Kick Ass, our superheroes are not the ordinary type and not the common type, they are the superheroes who try to be super and with no super powers, they don't have x-ray visions, power of slight, super strength, can bend metals, shoot heat rays,or become a hulk, even without these super powers they can still kick your ass. (more below)

The movie is based o nthe comic written by Mark Milla and illustrated by John S. Romita Jr., the comic book has lots of following already even before the movie and the fan base are growing after the release of the movie under Lionsgate and MARV. The film is directed by Matthew Vaugh. All I can say that Mark Millar's mind is insane and awesome! this movie will surely loved by geeks and comic addicts, even action movie fans and also girl geeks. I can see already how brutal they treated the film and because it is from a comic book and the brilliant mind of Millar-Romita jr., the comic turned movie Kick Ass is a great example of how people start to understand more on the story, get entertained, emotionally affected and react to it, and it was just like in comics.

My word of advice is that you should now let your kids watch this film, especially under 13 years old, the film is very violent and we don't want our kids to play knives and guns, but here in the story of Kick Ass and Hit Girl, they have different lives and origins on how they became superheroes. I remember during the time when I was a kid,me and my cousin use to play karate and kung fu like Jacky Chan and be our own superheroes, until one day, a fight with an unknown kid came by and I told my cousin to use the butterfly punch technique,and he did! ahahaha it was total laugh trip and he scared the unknown kid. I realized that kids play superheroes during their playtime, but then sometimes kids didn't realize that make believe can turn it into a live event. The story of Kick Ass and the story of millions of kids are the same, but here the situation is alot more different.

"Having no power, comes no responsibility"
I totally enjoyed this movie, and with the 40 movie bloggers who joined with me, we all laughed, and wow ourselves in seeing the action, blood, gore, violence, SEX!!!, drugs, and a lesson that we can kick ass everyone if ever we are pissed off.

I recommend this film for all
but just prepare for the gory part of the film.

comic geeks unite!

I love you Hit Girl!
my rating is 4 out of 5 dancing bananas

thanks to Viva International Pictures for the movie premiere!
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