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(photo of me that enjoys PM Dawn live music, photo by Alex Dizon)

Greetings True Believers!

as you see that I'm sick today and trying to recover fast, because I have this meeting tomorrow and I need to be in good shape and never miss a chance of a lifetime to meet Manny Pacquiao. I'm already geared up and then received a text message that he's sick and our meeting was re-scheduled for Sunday, too bad that I'm not feeling well in the last 12 hours, but taking Biogesic really works and the drowsiness is almost gone, hoping for a full recover tomorrow morning.

Sorry that I haven't posted any cool material here in my blog, especially the original content I used to write and post here in my blog, My blog Azraels Merryland changed so much and never saw how it is very influential to my readers and to my co bloggers. Blogging about promos and brands are fun, and its an added content for our blog, but I'm having some hard time blogging with my own style and how to execute a good blog post. I just can't help in copy-pasting all those press release, but hey! I don't need to rewrite it, that's why there's press release material, for our reference and publication. Brands and events are coming so fast and I lost counting already and trying my best to accommodate everyone here in my blog.

After I recover, expect a major original content blog post, I guess its time to bring back the 2003 years here in my blog...er... minus the kiss and tell stories ha. heheh