FOOD: Nestle Pops: Ice cream you can enjoy wherever you go

The past weeks have been some of the hottest and most humid in memory, and even with the traditionally wet month of June coming up, the sizzling weather doesn’t look to be going away soon. With each day seemingly hotter than the last, people have been running to their neighborhood stores to stock up on an old summer favorite: ice cream. (more below)

Ice cream can be a tricky food to manage however, and the heat blanketing the country can make enjoying a cone a very sticky scenario. Melted gook running down the front of your shirt is another annoyance that you don’t need when trying to escape the heat. As yummy as the food can be in tropical weather, the fact is that ice cream melts, such that the treat quickly becomes a hassle.

Thankfully, the good folks at Nestlé came up with an answer to this age-old dilemma.

Nestlé Pops are bite-sized treats made of classic Nestlé vanilla ice cream covered in a rich chocolate candy coating that allows one to enjoy the snack using one’s fingers. This innovative product has become a big hit among both kids and adults since its initial release, especially during the hot summer months.

Apart from the snack’s luxurious combination of vanilla and chocolate, the best thing about Nestlé Pops is that it can be enjoyed pretty much wherever you go. Whether you’re walking down the beach, driving out in the town, or simply chilling at home, Nestlé Pops brings all the goodness of ice cream without the mess. Simply pop open the candy red container and you’re good to go.

A recent redesign of the Nestlé Pops packaging makes enjoying the snack even easier than before. Nestlé Pops now also come in handy red hexagon-shaped plastic containers in two sizes, 62 mL and 211 mL, great for sharing.

** Nestlé Pops SRP is Php25 for the 62 mL and Php75 for the 211 mL. These are available at local supermarkets and convenience stores.