The Friday no show

kawaii people: trina, tinay and az @ adidas street party (photos from tinay)

I like to apologize to some brands and events that invited me last friday and for me not able to show up on that day, there's some slight emergency and I need to drive some seraphin demons away at home, and it was like a video game and me act like one of those megaman characters who guard the house and wait what will happen next. I'll try to make up on the upcoming events and will try to do my best to catch up and I already missed a lot of good activities this past week, but that's okay hanging out with my 1st week old baby Ash is the best ever, getting to know the little boy is the top priority, I'm starting to do some hands on stuff again in taking care of the baby and staying awake from night til dawn and attend the needs of baby Ash.

I will be present later at some events, and oh my gosh, the meet up with Manny Pacquiao will happen at last, I'm so glad that he's okay and will meet him before he leave the country for a vacation in NYC, and hmm about the weird proposal that I'm going to make, I just kinda forget it na lang muna hahaha. It will be a big pay back time this week.

Guys, check out pala the Inquirer newspaper dated May 29th, my photo coverage of the Then and Now Concert is posted there and accdg to Claire Agbayani, my Facebook friend, the photos are printed so big and I'm very curious to see it and want to have a copy of it, there's a digital version of the article and my photos that I took from the concert, check it out at How to become a rock star -advice from JoJo, Doc G, Nick T, Diana King