Phiten Phils. Supports ISP’s All DEAF Basketball Team

The Integrated School of the Philippines [ISP] is a non profit inclusion school, where orally trained "speaking" deaf graduates of PID are integrated with regular students to achieve higher education. ISP is extremely proud of its ALL DEAF Basketball Team named – SEMFIghters. Last June 23, 2010, Ms. Anna Marie Periquet, a multi-awarded entrepreneur, business and civic leader, new member of the SEMFI Board of Directos and female image model and endorser of Phiten, introduced the SEMFIghters to the head of Phiten Phils., Mr. Ron Colmenar, who happens to be a former player and coach of De La Salle University.

Phiten Phils. is the number one manufacturer of titanium necklaces, bracelets, KT Tape, gel and other sports accessories. Mr. Colmenar together with Ms. Periquet will visit the school on the last week of this month to watch the team’s practice and to assess each player’s level. By then, he will recommend a coach and sports psychologist to handle the team. He will also develop skills and drills program for the team. Mr. Colmenar told the SEMFIghters that there is no physical disability that can stop any athlete from succeeding for as long as one possesses 2 qualities: SMART (mind) and HEART.

The SEMFIgthers promised Mr. Colmenar and Ms. Periquet that they will study and work hard, be committed and dedicated to their goal, and that they will never give up. Phiten gave each member of the team a Phiten titanium necklace, their flagship product which boosts energy and flexibility.