KPOP: Attending Rain's press con in Manila Hotel

I was there at the postponed press con for the Intensity concert of Rain and Ukiss in Manila Hotel, and I laugh because I'm so over prepared and brought all my gadgets with me and since its postponed, I consider it as a testing ground in doing live twits and live blogging in my blog. My coverage team my sis and Chrissie was there and we left the venue and head to Binondo to have a food fest of our own. I think the Korean management that will relay the reasons of the postpone came in the hotel riding a taxi, I just figured it out because manong taxi driver told us when we rode in that the Korean guy is in a hurry and its about that press con and interview "daw" with tv and media. Then I read Ruffa G.'s twit that Rain is in the hotel sunbathing hahaha.

Ok. time for another run of the press con tomorrow, and I heard there will be some Korean stars coming and will be in the same press con too.... nuff said.
more pics below

the hot seat, If RAIN will seat there, I'm wondering who will seat besides him, could be his manager, and interpreter?

the media at 2pm

the media in action as they listen to some announcements

ang gulo pala ng buhok ko haaha

Jad, one of the organizers of the concert, announces the postponement of the press con,she said that they will let RAIN's Korean management to explain the postponement.

live twitting!

mich and chrissie