The final pit stop

photo by Magic Liwanag

Its good to be back home! and here's our final photo in NAIA 3 from our 4 day adventure in Legazpi City and Misibis Bay Resort. Thanks to Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia Worldwide Communication for inviting us bloggers and media to join the adventure and fun, and also to meet the Philippine team of Amazing Race Asia season 4, great to meet Rovilson Fernandez, Kat Alano, The Richards, Lani Pillinger, Misibis Bay staffs and head honcho, tv-print-digital press and media, and also the Mayon Volcano.

The travel to Legazpi City is to attend the viewing party of the Amazing Race Asia season 4, we party with the Bicolanos and racers, also enjoyed the rock gig of Ely Buendia at the Embaradero de Legazpi. This Thursday we will be having another round of the viewing party and it will be with the Manila Bloggers, yeah! let's party and welcome our Philippine team this Thursday, message me guys if anyone here wants to join with us in Makati.

For me, it was a fun adventure and stay in Legazpi City, I learned so many things and fun to meet new friends when we stayed there for 4 days. Fun to be in a tour with our DOT secretary Alberto Lim and riding the ATV within the lava it is a fun sporty experience, that Segway ride is fun too and I took home a knee and elbow wound after I hit that big rock near the Sleeping Lion mountain, riding the Jetski and Buggy is fun too., super fun! galeng grabe! Now I miss the Mayon view, the beach, the adventure and the food!