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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giving away some TIMBALAND Shock Value II Manila Tour concert tickets here in my blog

This is an online contest and a chance for you to win tickets to the TIMBALAND Shock Value II Manila Tour concert with Justin Timberlake and Jojo on March 27, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Pasay City, Philippines. 4 Bronze tickets will be given away and I have one extra VIP tickets and will give that away also, if ever we have lots of contest participants, but will think about it later for the VIP tix :)
(remember that I gave away one VIP tickets to a fan  for that Paramore concert )

To join this contest, all you have to do is create a blog post about the concert and then post a link of this blog post contest.

Post your blog post url entries in the comments board. I will raffle and also select the best post.

I heard that Justine Timberlake will perform 8 songs and his sexy partner Jessica Biel is coming here too! (a rumor as of now)

for tickets info, if ever you want to buy extra tickets, there are few tickets left and sold at Ticketworld.
VIP PhP 4,651.20
GOLD PhP 3,100.80
SILVER PhP 1,550.40
BRONZE PhP 310.08

Now available.
Mosh pit or VVIP section for TIMBALAND concert PhP8,268.80.
Not available via website purchase. Call TicketWorld @ (+632) 891.9999

check out floor layout here

take note : DSLR camera are not allowed, but a point and shoot or compact camera is ok to bring.

Winners will be contacted via email and bring a valid ID and pick up their tickets in an office in Makati City.

DEADLINE of submission of entries is on MARCH 24, 2010.

Thanks to Blogbank for sponsoring this blog contest

Logitech announces their summer promo for wireless peripherals

Logiteh Poster
No more teachers, no more books! It’s summertime – for students that means no more research papers, no homework, and more time to spend on the computer and the Internet for fun and games. This summer Logitech is offering up to 25% on their wireless peripherals with their Upgrade to Wireless promo from March 15 to April 30, 2010.  ( read more below)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Solo DISCOVER YOU Contest Winners (The New Faces of SOLO)

Solo Male Winner - I Can See You Solo Female Winner - Reflections
SOLO Discover You! Show Yourself!, the ground-breaking online poster making contest of clothing brand Solo, has finally been concluded! From more than a hundred creative submissions, two posters emerged as grand winners. The Male Poster Winner is “I Can See You” (Model: Jaggy Tallada and Artist: Simon Agregado) and the Female Poster Winner is “Reflections” (Model: Jhoanna Flor and Artist: Alexis Fusilero). Winners were chosen based on combined scores from online voting and Solo’s criteria. (more below)

a round table talk with Atty. Erwin F. Genuino mayoral candidate for Makati City

I attended a round table talk with Atty. Erwin "Win" F. Genuino, one of the four mayoral candidate for Makati City. I know ts weird that you are reading some political stuff here in my blog, but I decided to feature different people and get to know them more, even for politics or not. But I have a big focus in the political scene in Makati City, because I love the town and it is one of the stronghold of businesses in Manila. If you want to know more about Win Genuino, you can check out his website at

Atty. Erwin F. Genuino grew up in Bangkal, he lives in Makati City all of his life and he saw what's happening in the heart of  Makati. No one knows what's happening in the main residence of Makati, the commercial side of Makati was only in focus during the last term and the main residence are being left out, his main platform is about the city can start a new life and improve it. He want to increase the benefits of the people in the city, not only in the business district but also for the residence district. Win wants to know where the money is going to, millions of pesos are being generated and they don't know where the money is being delivered. He plans to use that 10 billion budget from the business of Makati to organize and construct pre-school to everyone. Win targets to advance the learning system of young students, and create more schools for those who can't afford proper education. (read more below)

Neil Gaiman in Manila 2010 year 3 - book signing event at Rockwell Powerplant Mall (photo coverage)

P3173332 P3173352
Here are my photo coverage of the book signing event at Powerplant Mall. 500 hundreds fans of Neil Gaiman got a one day meet and greet and also a chance to have their books signed on the spot.

thanks to Neil for linking this blog to his blog, visit his last blog post about his event here in Manila, Philippines, read - Hugged to death

More Photos Below

me and Neil Gaiman (for the 3rd time!)

March 18 is the big day for all Neil Gaiman fans, when I heard that my fiancee booked our wedding on the 18th, I panicked and told her to book it on another date and not on the 18th, because it will be a day for me with Neil Gaiman. I was supposed to cover the entire event, but my time is short that day and missed another slot for a one on one interview, but that's okay, I got a chance to meet him again and tell him that I'm still present in covering his book signing event here in Manila.

The most awesome thing to hear from Neil is that he still remembers me and he told me that he saw and read my blog post about the press con yesterday, he said that the his eyes are all red but the photos are great and he looks good in it. It was like meeting him for the 1st time, my hands begins to shake and then got an energy to answer him back and give thanks.

I was about to leave the venue and decided to let go and not meet him, because of the long queue  lines of fans and he's busy meeting all of them and sign all the books. I told Rhea of Fully Booked that I'm going out now, and she told me if I have a photo wit Neil already, I told her that I haven't got a chance to meet him again because he is busy, then Rhea blubs to me that I can ask directly to Neil and I am "malakas daw sa kanya", then I was about to go to the exit and got this idea to ask Neil, and then I asked permission to Jaime Daez, owner of Fully Booked and he said that ask Neil "kilala ka naman nya eh", then I approached Neil and then Jaime help me for a little introduction as the blogger who helps them in promoting the event and covers it since 2005, when I mentioned my name "Azrael", he looked at me and smiled and said that he still remembers me and saw again my blog ahahahaha.

I took a photo with him using my Olympus E520 dslr and he leaned his head to my right ear side and I clicked the camera. It was great to see him again and let him know that covering his event in Manila is one of the best-great-important content in my blog. Thanks Neil Gaiman! thanks for everything, and hope to join you again in your next visit.

below are photos before meeting him

having a self portrait shot, because I know that I will not have a chance to meet him and the dinner with him is my last chance, but my time is limited and needed to boot out and go to that video taping in Makati.

I borrowed this card board fan from Rhea of Fully Booked and then I asked Mark Cerbo to take a photo of it with me, I'm joking myself here and will have a photo op of his cardboard version of himself.

Win this Alice in Wonderland pocket watch

I have one more of that limited edition pocket watch from the movie Alice in Wonderland. I like to thank Walt Disney Studio Philippines for sponsoring this blog contest.

to win this contest, then post a comment here in my blog (in this blog post) and share to us which part of the movie is the most important to you (or maybe your favorite part in the film).

winners will be selected with the best post and take home this cool limited edition pocket watch.
contest will close on March 23, 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3rd Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards photo coverage part 1 and Neil Gaiman in Manila year 3

The wall of sound is back and it only appears at night when Neil Gaiman pops infront of the stage. It was a great celebration once again to all fans of the dream king and the Rockwell tent is just a start of a new adventure of fans who will be at the book signing event later at 4pm. Last night was the 3rd Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards, Jaime Daez of Fullybooked and Neil Gaiman gave the awards personally to all contest participants and winners.

"The coat I'm wearing, is the same coat I wore in the Oscars"

Although that we dont have 1st place winners for the comics category and short film category, Neil Gaiman want's to see more ground breaking original content and internationally competitive works, we pinoys are almost there in creating cool content, but maybe in another batch, we might get a 1st place winner. Congrats to all winners!

fun fun fun event! San Miguel Beer premium was served to all VIP and media
P3163128 P3163118


3rd Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards photo coverage part 2

here are my photo coverage of the awarding event. Congratulations to all winners!
after the awards night, they raffle the names of all audience in the venue and 150 people got lucky to be picked up and got a chance to meet Neil Gaiman in person and also have their books signed, plus if you get a hug and kiss too (if you are a female hehehe) thanks again Neil for coming here!

IMG_8842 IMG_8844
I observed that most of the audience are young and new fans. Where are the old fans?! hhahha. Ok ok, I get it, the event happened a weekday. see you all later at 4pm for the main book signing event

more photos below

Neil Gaiman in Manila 2010 year 3 (press con coverage)

thanks to Mark Cerbo for covering this event for me while I am away out of the island. Neil Gaiman meets the media and bloggers yesterday in a press con event at Rockwell. He discusses the of the contest and the Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards he created with Jaime Daez of Fully Booked, he is still amazed on Filipino fiction and for the 3rd year of the event, they added short film as a new category of the contest. It is his 3rd time to visit here and at the presscon he shared his experience about the wall of sound by the fans and the sweets of choconut bar.

"Be true to your dreams. The world s very small now and the playing field is very flat."

"I think it's showing that the Philippines can produce writers, comics creators and now short filmmakers as adept and creative as anyone anywhere in the world.

Book Signing  will be today at 4PM at North Court, Power Plant Mall.

IMG_8596 IMG_8603
IMG_8614 IMG_8616
IMG_8618 IMG_8622

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

UST college students experienced a free choco sundae treat from Jollibee

P3152655 P3152656
Here's my photo coverage of the event this afternoon in UST.  Our favorite choco sundae  has landed in UST and just received a free Sundae treat with Jollibee. A total of 600 sundae has been given to all Thomasian students, this activity is also a way of promoting the 2 new flavors of the sundae - the black forest and rocky road, it is also a good way to beat the heat and school stress. It's fun to see these college students enjoying their free sundae.

I saw a long line of students filing up inside the UST-Tan Yan Kee bldg, and everyone loved to try the sundae inside their campus. Most of the attendees are females, and all of them are there lining up infront of the sundae booth with their barkadas.

do you want Jollibee visit your school?

check out more photos at UST college students experienced a free choco sundae treat from Jollibee


P3152579 P3152596

P3152594 P3152602

P3152603 P3152601

P3152607 P3152627

P3152628 P3152629

P3152639 P3152643

P3152644 P3152645

P3152653 P3152665

Sam Worthington Follows Up "Avatar" with CLASH OF THE TITANS

One blockbuster deserves another. That’s what Sam Worthington is aiming for as he follows up “Avatar” with Warner Bros.’ new action adventure epic “Clash of the Titans.”

Worthington plays Perseus who is pitted against the full array of Greek gods and goddesses, the earth-shattering forces at their fingertips, and all the fierce and mysterious creatures and monsters they control. In the film, Perseus is laying claim to his own destiny. But the vengeful gods will not let go of their power so easily. (more below)

Cebu Pacific returns to Boracay via Caticlan airport on March 28, 2010

Boracay 3
The country’s number one domestic airline, Cebu Pacific (CEB), is about to turn summer time around as the airline resumes flights to Caticlan, the premiere gateway to the beach paradise of Boracay. This coming March 28 will signal the start of their full operations, just in time for summer.

With 11 Manila-Caticlan-Manila flights and one Cebu-Caticlan-Cebu flight schedule, CEB gives the most number of airline seats to and from Caticlan.(more below)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Then & Now Massive Music Festival 2010

Then & Now - official poster resized for azraelsmerryland blog
I gave a teaser blog post weeks ago and now this is the real thing! This is the music festival and concert that will change the concert industry. oh yeah! if you are excited, then I am more excited! because I'm receiving the concert developments and updates and we are expecting the nobody but chooo girls here, hope everything revolves smooth.

Divan Media, organizer of this event, are all pure music fans and want to have a unique event that is for all music fans. Its a by fans....for fans event. the 45 sec. radio ad is now airing at Mellow 94.7 and Magic 89.9, their official website is now up and tickets are now on sale -

expect a series of events that will happen in the next coming weeks. They also launched a partner music blog site , this site will also for music fans and indie musicians and artist who want to share their music and video media files using as their breeding ground for promotion.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival ambitiously positions itself as-- quite possibly-- the biggest Philippine music event of the year. We have six artists performing all their greatest hits for all their Filipino music fans: SWV, P.M. Dawn, Diana King, Baby Bash, Frankie J, JoJo, and even a few more to follow.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival is an all-hits show-- not an album tour, nor is it a promo tour. Expect a great deal of show, as all our featured artists will be performing nothing but their hits just for their fans in the Philippines.

The THEN AND NOW Massive Music Festival happens on Saturday, 15 May 2010, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Tickets are available at Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Ticket prices are currently pegged at (VIP) Php4,400 | (Gold) Php2,860 | (Silver) Php1,650 | (Bronze) Php770.

1st Laser Light Party take place in Boracay on April 10, 2010
Temperatures are impossibly high this season and there's no better way to beat the heat than to lounge it out at the beach. Boracay, the country's premier summer destination, is the perfect place to bask in the sun, down a few shakes and have a party at, as it's known as one of the most happening island-paradises on earth. (more below)

Get the chance to win HEARTBEATS BY LADY GAGA

Get the chance to win HEARTBEATS BY LADY GAGA (from the Beats by Dr. Dre Product Line) - the pair of headphones designed by the one and only fashion icon of our time!

click here to join

I've tried this already at the Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival last month, and it's cute and stylish. and it is a very expensive music earphone ever!

got this info from Kath Choy of MCA MUSIC
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