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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My interview with Manny Pacquiao about life in politics, boxing and pop culture

It was a great opportunity to meet the big man in boxing himself and our very own Manny Pacquiao in one of the media meet up before the taping of his new TVC of Alaxan FR, I was there in a big studio in Makati and saw the boxing ring set up outside with lots of lights and props, it was dark and cameras are everywhere, we waited for some hours and after I ate my dinner there, we heard that Manny is coming and we should prepare for the interview. I'm so excited and I haven't prepared any questions for him about politics,but I'm more interested on boxing and pop culture .

There we saw Manny Pacquaio entered the room wearing a boxing outfit and with Alaxan FR jacket, I just saw and wondered that, whoaaa! Manny is not that tall, he's an average size guy and I just can't believe that I'm a little taller than him, and with that body, can throw hard and fast punches to bigger opponents, but I'm glad that I'm just a blogger who will do an interview and not as a sparring partner. I'm going to publish my interview and some news about him, this was supposed to be published last July and the cause of the delay is my laptop that broke down ,but now I got the time now to recover that HD video footage of our interview with Manny. And I'm publishing it here.

Tomorrow will be the big fight against Antonio Margarito, I know everyone is excited and I'm going to watch the fight live via pay per view and will watch it in HD, thanks to Sky Cable for the viewing party and also to Alaxan FR for the shirt that I'm going to wear tomorrow. and thanks to Sony Philippines for the HD video cam they provided for me to record everything.

so check out below my short interview with Manny.

Qatar Airways announced their additional flights to Vietnam and Thailand

picture 1
Sharing this good news from Qatar Airways, they are the first ever and only Middle East airline to fly to Vietnam and to Phuket, Thailand. More travel options are offered to travelers and this is a part of their global expansion plans and absorbing the growing market of the Asia Pacific when it comes to tourism and travel. Next year and til 2013, more regions and countries all over the world will be covered by Qatar Airways.

read the news below to know more

my coverage: Coca-Cola Christmas tree lighting event in Araneta Center, Cubao
Open Coca-Cola, Open Happiness.

Araneta Center in Cubao launched their Christmas Tree yesterday November 12, 2010 and it was supported by Coca-Cola Philippines and they painted the city with red and a lot of Christmas spirit. The lighting of the tree is an old celebrated custom way back since 1981 and I remember that I dream of attending a Christmas tree lighting event in Araneta years ago and since my youngling years and now after more than 20 years, I am now here at the event site covering the event and attending as a blogger ambassador for the Coca Cola Live Postively. I enjoyed my stay there last night with my sis and blogger friends in watching the program and have some fun and laughs at the Coca Cola Caravan which was crowded with media people and celebrities. The tree stands at 100 feet and with 10,000 lights.

The clock was ticking and If my watch is right, they lighten up the tree at around 7pm and then followed by a musical performance by the ABS CBN Kapamilya stars and it was like watching their Sunday variety show ASAP. The event is high on energy and electrifying, fans of celebs shout and cheer them at the audience area, media people panic mode in covering the event and then sitting,standing and talking to our winning beauty queens. The support of Coca-Cola for the Christmas lighting in Araneta is just a start and it will continue til the next generation. I'm really happy that hearing Christmas songs and decorations will be this early, and now the memory of my past Christmas comes back and misses everyone, but this year will celebrate a new and special Christmas, because our baby boy Ashton is here with us.

"Shake up the happiness
Wake it up
Wake up the happiness
Come on, y’all
It’s Christmas time

Ho ho ho, It’s Christmas time " - Train

more photos and coverage below

The Umbrella fail

Photographer and Nuffnang Ph Judd Sta. Maria shoots a photo of me at Bonifacio Global City few months ago, My umbrella fails after a massive wind slams the ground of the BGC. The umbrella was from BGC and they let us use it while we walk under the hot summer day going to another restaurant venue.

I don't recall this incident already, and I was reminded after Judd posted this in his FB photo album and tagged me.

1st ELEMENTS National Songwriting Camp now online
All is set and ready for the Pinoy version of Camp Rock this November. Flights have been booked, guitars and keyboards tuned, song sheets prepared, and 60 aspiring songwriters and musicians all fired up for The 1st ELEMENTS National Songwriting Camp.

But those who have missed out on the auditions still have a chance to be a part of the music camp. In partnership with Philippine Star’s online website, 7101 Music Nation’s ELEMENTS is now just a click away.

Plantar Fasciitis is very painful


I just felt a pain in both of my heels and I'm experiencing this already for years and I didn't know that it is a serious case and I should act and do something. I google "my heel is in pain" and I got directed to this term "Plantar Fasciitis", the plantar fascia band under my heel is already swollen and thin, the support it gave to protect the heel is now weak and it will become worse till my foot and heel be dislocated. I almost crawl in the road due to massive pain in my heels after eating dinner and covering an event in Cubao, and I took a cab going to my bus terminal and I massage my heel by rubbing it with my other heel.

I researched and found out that too much sports and obesity is one of the causes of Plantar Fasciitis, I'm no runner, but I use my foot in a lot of walking action and also running when I chase the bus or taxi on the road hehhe. This is an alarming case and I discussed this to my wife and told her that I need a diet and also more stretching before walking in the first of the morning after waking up, because I experience a lot of pain in the morning after waking up and the first step on the floor is so painful, but the pain will go away after some hours and the pain will be gone, but it will come back if I use my foot in walking again. I'm afraid to have a abnormal foot, because I observed that my left foot no longer go flat on the ground if I'm barefooted and I just discovered that when I wore a Vibram Five Fingers foot gear.

The first thing I should do is
1. diet
2. loose weight
3. light exercise
4. stretching
5. wear other shoes
6. get a foot massage (I'm going to nail-a-holics, their foot massage is awesome!)
7. wear a foot band for support
8. see a doctor

here are some links about Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis: A Common Cause of Heel Pain
here's from Wikipedia

Manila Bloggers at Coca-Cola Christmas Tree lighting at Araneta Center

I went to the Coca-Cola Christmas Tree lighting event in Araneta Center, Cubao this afternoon and I didn't expected that the Caravan will be fun, bloggers, guests and the media are there roaming around the carnival set up infront of Araneta Coliseum and Gateway Mall. We played some games, photo ops, meet celebrities and also drink an ice cold Coca-Cola. I also joined that pachinko games and I lost 8 times and won 2 shirts in joining the game, I'm glad everyone got a winning shirt from Coca-Cola. And after the program, we witness the lighting of the tree at around 7pm and then followed by a production number of various ABS CBN Kapamilya talents.

I'm posting the whole album here so that our friends can download their own pics :)
grab grab na.

PB127888 PB127890 PB127895 PB127896 PB127898 PB127911 PB127916 PB127921 PB127953 PB127954 PB127958 PB127961 PB127971 PB128019 PB128021 PB128025 PB128134 PB128170 PB128293 PB128294 PB128296 PB128466 PB128467 PB128468 PB128469 PB128470 PB128471 PB128472 PB129010 PB129012

thanks to Sai and Coca-Cola for inviting us.

Friday, November 12, 2010

MOVIES: The Dark Lord hunts Harry in Deathly Hallows part 1 (Opens Nov 18)

The Dark Lord Voldemort never stops in hunting Harry Potter, and in this movie the duel will begin and also big revelations will come to all Harry Potter movie fans. From other past movies of Harry Potter, I started to be afraid whenever I see Voldemort on screen and every movie appearance he becomes more bad than ever. Its kinda weird to see a character who is bald and with out a nose noh!

check out more movie details about the upcoming "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 that will be released worldwide on Nov.18.

Coca-Cola welcomes Christmas by a tree lighting event today in Araneta Center, Cubao

Giant Christmas Tree
I just want to share this event for today and the giant Christmas tree will be launched in Araneta Center, Cubao by Coca-Cola. There will be a parade in the afternoon and the Christmas lighting might start around in 7pm or 8pm. It will be a fun event today to see the lighting of the giant Christmas tree. I will be there with the rest of the Coca-Cola Live Positively Ambassadors and some blogger friends who will cover the event.

if you want to witness the lighting of the Christmas tree in Araneta, then drop by and join the fun with hundreds of people on stand by for the grand countdown.

Merry Christmas and Live Positively!

photo above By James Kebi Ledesma
Giant Christmas Tree in Araneta 2008

NYC Food Film Festival are now accepting entries

The NYC Food Film Festival are now accepting entries for their 2011 festival and now they have award categories including Best Feature Length, Short, Super Shot and Best Food P()Rn, although I don't know what kind of pron but I know it refers to most visualizing food shots in video. The deadline will be on February 22, 2010 and this is the only festival in the world that fused film and food in one event and you can taste or eat the food that was featured or shown on the film.

NYC Food Film Festival - Scenes from 2010 from Seth Unger on Vimeo.

Taste What You See On The Screen....
Like the film "Know your Mushrooms" directed by Ron Mann, everyone enjoyed a 10 course mushroom food fest that was prepared by Next Iron Chef star Brad Farmerie of Public and Double Crown. Movies like "Whole Hog" by Joe York treated 1000 people in a hog barbeque fest courtesy of R.U.B. BBQ NYc. Classic movies like Big Night, everyone enjoyed a recreation ofthe famous Timpano that was featured in Big Night.

The submission form is online at:
and the Official Deadline is February 22, 2011 for all films.

Expo Mom Bazaar 2010: a Christmas Bazaar for moms and families on Nov. 20

Hey everyone! our friend Mommy Mundo is inviting everyone to visit and check out their seasonal bazaar on November 20, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent Makati, it will be a whole day of bazaar with around 50 vendors of great finds, items and gifts for your family.

Also they invite that everyone can bring a toy or storybook for the MomShare Xmas gift drive, this is their gift giving project for Christmas 2010 and it will help many children that don't have money to buy toys and books. Mommy Mundo requests that everyone should bring their reusable bag so that the use of plastic will be minimize.

so ayon! its a 1 day shopping event, and let's put this in our list for Xmas bazaars.
kita kits!

Playing Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3

I finally got the Transformers: War for Cybertron software game for the PS3 here at home and I'm so happy that I can play games again at home even that I am busy with lots of things and I still got the time to play and give a little schedule for video games. As a Transformers fan, and a follower of the cartoon, toy and movies, It's new for me to try their video games, and this War for Cybertron is very special and more different from the movie adaptation video game version, I still want to play the movie version games but War for Cybertron tickled me and its a must try for TF fans. I just borrowed this game at Game Hopper and tried their home delivery service and glad that they deliver outside Manila since last October. I borrowed this game and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. (more below)

Complex store launching party in Eastwood Mall

WEB invite_complex launch (1)
A new fashion and lifestyle store will be launched and opened at Eastwood Mall this November 13, 2010, the launching party and event will be at the Eastwood Mall Atrium at 5PM. The new store is called Complex and they will introduce a new line of lifestyle shoes that just recently arrived in our country. Us-2-Evil-) will perform live on stage, plus art installations and live art making by Electrolychee and Weewilldoodle team. Its a fun event! so dont dare miss this.

add Complex now in Facebook

hey yo blogger friends! kita kits here!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Action Nation brings GI JOE and Watchmen movie in HBO Asia

Action Nation just started already in HBO Asia and for those who have caught action movies like Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, 2010 and Star Trek will be treated for 2 more super action films that you should not miss. Even if you watched the movie in the big screen, own a DVD, or borrowed that download torrent video from your friend, watching it in cable tv is a different experience. Just like what happened when I watch Transformers 2, 2012 and Star Trek here at home, my time stops and I was glued to my couch or bed and started to watch these blockbuster movies again in my home.

This coming Sunday, they will show for the 1st time another action hit, also geeks will love these films, They will show GI JOE:Rise of Cobra on Nov. 14 and The Watchmen movie on Nov. 21. Action Nation always starts on a Sunday at 9pm and followed by a series of replays on the following day. I confess that I watched the other action movies again whenever they are in HBO, I love kasi our TV, its big and seeing the movie in a different resolution is so enjoyable. So there you go, let's keep Action Nation holy every Sunday and don't forget to bring a home made pop corn and burgers, add also an ice cold Coca-Cola.

I wish that they will show more action movies and especially the new ones.

And news for HBO regular series, The Emmy®-winning HBO Original comedy series - Entourage season 7 just premiered last Monday Nov. 8 with two bak to back episodes everyone Monday at 9pm on HBO and HBO HD. They also set a schedule for HBO Signature were you can watch entire 7th season daily on December 9 at 9pm.That's another 10 episode for Entourage.

Log on to for more information and play times.

MOVIES: Some trivia about the making of Tron Legacy

Read the trivia and info here about Tron Legacy, and now I'm oriented on how they did do a younger version of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and a program named CLU 2 in the movie, and his face is young like in the 1980's movie and the trivia below explains how they do it and also more details about the costume they wore in the video game world.

In line with the upcoming release of “TRON: Legacy” – a 3D high-tech action-adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen – Disney dishes out the interesting fun facts behind the making of this eagerly anticipated film.

In “TRON: Legacy,” Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant Qora (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey of escape across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous. (more below)

Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp for kids by Cartoon Network

Kids and teens will be happy again in attending another Ben 10 event this Saturday in SM MOA, another event hit by Cartoon Network and they invite everyone to come and join in their "Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp event". So mom and dad, get ready those Ben 10 costumes, tshirts and omni matrix gadgets because your kid will enjoy lots of games, activities and also receive prizes.
Kids posed with the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien hunt grand prize -- a life-sized statue of Ben 10 Ultimate fan fest-- Ben 10 fans were ecstatic to see the new aliens on the new Ben 10 series
check out below for details

Heir of Merryland

I think Ashton is asking why we are so busy infront of our laptops and what is blogging, and why do we take lots of photos and post it here. Ashton will find out when he learns how to read and use a computer.

Lace took this photo while I play around with Ash yesterday. Ash enjoys sitting on top of my big soft belly.

Hey dude! that's my coffee

I was suppose to go out today but there's a heavy thunderstorm happening here in my town and it was so dark at aroun 1pm. We switched on our lights around the house and saw that the storm is getting heavier. Lace decided to stay home and miss that event, and I'll stay home too and miss that Miss Resorts World Manila coronation night. It will be another monstrous traffic along the way, and I stayed home last night too and miss that meeting for December Toy Convention.

But I love the weather today, its cold and dark. Its a season of hot coffees and snacks while working. I enjoyed drinking my hot coffee in the afternoon and start writing here in my blog. Then suddenly, Lace told me that she wants McDonalds and there I told her to order via phone. I went back to my desk and finished my coffee and listen to Metallic black album while I post this entry.

at home I have these coffee
1. Starbucks VIA
2. Folgers
3. Nescafe 3 in 1

Can you guess what coffee I'm drinking today?

Nissan Motor Philippines big sale and test drive event

I fell inlove with the Nissan X-trail CVT after I first saw it at the CAMPI event and Autocross Track day event and now I wish that I can buy this car for my family, I love big cars with big wheels. But if you have budget and planning to buy a new car, or perhaps trade in your Nissan car, or try a test drive of the latest model and win some prizes, then I invite you to visit the "Great Nissan Car-O-Sale" this Nov.12-14 at Open Field in Fort Bonifachio, Taguig City. They will be giving discounts like 15k to 30k off in the car you are going to purchase, there will be entertainment and games to all guests, so check it out.
(more details below)
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