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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buy tickets of Yellowcard concert in Manila starting December 1, 2010

Grab this once in a lifetime to experience Yellowcard live in Manila! Purchase your tickets at all Ticketnet outlets starting December 1, 2010. Tickets are priced at Php3,500 and Php1,800.

Yellowcard will have a one night concert here in Manila, Philippines on February 20, 2011 at 8pm in A.Venue Hall, Makati City.

source: Dayly Entertainmet

Blogging workshop later in SM Rosario with Cavite bloggers

Azrael at the Asian Business Expo
at Asian Business Expo ( 2008)
photo source

I'll be in SM Rosario in Cavite later at 2pm to conduct a talk about blogging and tips on how to create blogs, maintain and give tips and tricks, I'm not alone in doing an hour of blogging 101, 2 Cavite bloggers will join with me, Iris aka Entrepmom and Chris aka Cmaotaku will be there also to give a talk and lecture about blogging, all of our talk will based in our experience and I'm excited that I invited my blogger friends to join with me, I think my last talk about blogging was year 2008 in SMX and in 2009 in SM San Lazaro. According to Oliver of SM Rosario Cavite, there will be around 200 students present at the event to listen and learn from us. I think we're going to build an army of new bloggers ehheh.

here's an intro of my co-speakers of the day :)

iris rebao pulga
Iris Rebao-Pulga
I'm a full-time mommy to 5-year old Yona. A computer programmer by profession but a baker by passion. I do blogging on the side primarily to air out my feelings about anything and anything in life, both negative and positive. I started blogging in Multiply back in 2004 but migrated my posts to Blogspot only in 2008. Most of the posts I have in are about parenting and product reviews.

chris aquino
Christopher Aquino
I am Christopher M. Aquino born in Manila but raised in DasmariƱas Cavite, Philippines. Eldest to three siblings I am a self-proclaimed breadwinner of the family. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in St. Jude College DasmariƱas Cavite, Inc. and is currently a freelance writer. I am currently employed as a writer in various websites making articles and doing some search engine optimization to my current company. I currently have two blogs. CMAQUEST ( is an infotainment blog which focus more on any blog-worthy material regarding movies, television, toys, video games and anything in between. My other blog is CMABLOGS ( which is more of a personal and events coverage blog.

Bloggers Breakaway Bash in SM San Lazaro (2009)
photo source

My plan here is to share my experience in blogging, teach how to start one, and think of it as a hobby and not a money generating activity, because for newbie bloggers must learn first in managing their blogs and discover their skills first before go forward in the business using blogs. Oh okay, that's it for now, kita kits later in SM Rosario.

Chris...Iris... good luck sa atin heheh.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World in The 12th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2010

oh cool! Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World in Cinemanila 2010!

The 12th Cinemanila International Film Festival
December 1 - 5, 2010
Robinsons Movieworld at Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City, Philippines

"Still the best, most varied event in the Philippine moviegoing calendar."
- Noel Vera, Film Critic/Author, Critic After Dark


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Az video blog - trying the Lechon Pizza of Pizza hut

Finally! I tried and tasted Pizza Hut's Lechon Pizza. The pizza toppings are a bit weird and truly pinoy, I took a bite and its good!, there's something good also in their liver sauce for the lechon. Not too sweet and not too salty, the skin of the lechon is so crunchy and delicious.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My photos and video blog now posted at Mercato Centrale website

Mercato Centrale_1290816961149
wow!!! thanks to the Mercato Centrale organizers for sharing my blog posts, photos and video blog!
they will have another round of Mercato Centrale @ BGC tomorrow Saturday and Sunday at 6am-12nn. so kita kits! let's have a picnic there!



Az video blog - 21 guns salute for Joe Isaw

Here's my video blog of our visit at Joe Isaw, it was a very sad detail to know that Mike, the owner of Joe Isaw, decided few days ago to close down Joe Isaw tomorrow, its their last day today in Ortigas Home Depot, so if you plan to go there, then its the time to visit it for the last time and say good bye. Mike said that he might open a new food business and will share it here his announcement soon.

thanks Joe Isaw.

reason: less visitors now in Ortigas Home Depot

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Az video blog - features of HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and Sense

Here's my video blog coverage of the demo and explaining the features of HTC's new mobile android phone - HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z. They also introduced to us the new technology they developed that includes with the phone called HTC Sense,a new tech that you can communicate with your phone by using the internet and PC, good tech add on because you can deactivate your phone if its lost or stolen, or locate the location of phone if you have misplaced it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alcatel brings OneTouch Net powered by Yahoo!

Yahoo! heavy users and fans will be happy to hear about the new phone by Alcatel that is powered by Yahoo!, the new mobile phone "OneTouch Net" has lots of Yahoo! apps and services and this will make your communication easy when you are using Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! mail, read Yahoo! news, do Yahoo! search, manage Yahoo! contacts and calendar and surf the internet. Its an all in one mobile phone that will make your life easier in communicating via mobile to chat and never miss a single Ym buzz. (more story below)

Weekend food fest in Mercato Centrale @ BGC

Here's my photo coverage when I visited the grand launch of Mercato Centrale @ BGC, located near Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Taguig. This was last Sunday and the weekend market was well attended by people who love to eat, shop and try new food. Mercato Centrale @ BGC will not end in one Sunday only, The organizers told me that the next Mercato Centrale will start every Saturday and Sunday, me and my family will be there this Saturday and my wife is very excited to go there and have a mini picnic and food fest, trying new food and eat it, and meet new vendors is a new experience for us. Good part here is that entrance is free and some tent has aircon, they also have lots of tables and chairs at the dining area.

Meeting the vendors and hear how they introduce the food is nice and it will add new knowledge about the food we eat, there are organics and healthy food, there are some barbeques, pasta, sandwich, meat, veggies, fruits and even restaurant owners cook new recipes that are only exclusive here in Mercato Centrale @ BGC, it is a special place and I will go back.

(more pics and story below)

About this Long Champ bag

I don't understand why girls love bags, but maybe because its one of their favorite things after shoes and make ups. But a geek like me will die if I dont have a new toys and gadgets hehehe, so I might understand that the money used won't be a waste, because we like what we buy and treasure it. So awhile ago, we stopped over to that Citibank booth in Rockwell and I'm with Lace and the Aspacios, and we talked about those bags and I remember that Lace is bugging me about that Long Champ bag for weeks, I think she saw one bag in Rustans, but I always tell her to grab it while we still have moolahs. There's also this Nine West bag she want, but this Long Champ bag really attracts her, and while we are at Jen and Jef Aspacios car, I told her to buy it right away again, I still have Rustan GCs, and that might do the trick to help buy that, but not enough to pay everything and let's consider it as a discounted price when I used my remaining GC.

But Jen A. shared to us about that Citibank promo, apply a credit card and get that bag for free, or show your Citibank card and buy the bag half price. I'm not sure about that promo, but I google and saw the same poster they advertised in the mall. Lace told me she wants the Long Champ with a big handle, and then I told her to grab it and buy tomorrow.

Then my mind tells me, "Az, grab that Optimus Prime ROTF leader class while Toys R US is on sale at 50% off" and then my feet became itchy and wants to walk to that toy store tomorrow. ehehhahahahahhewawh awhahwhwahahwwhhawhawhw hawhawhahwa

I don't know anything about these Long Champ bags but they have a nice set collection of messenger bags for men. check their site for pics

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yellowcard will rock the A.Venue Hall in Manila, Philippines on Feb. 20, 2011

I just receive this PR from the concert producers Dayly Entertainment and I'm going to have a meeting with them this Friday to finalize everything and also getting ready to release the tickets. A.Venue Hall in Makati Ave. will be on fire as Yellowcard will rock the entire city.
Save the date! February 20, 2011 and add this event to your Facebook and receive updates.
Manila, get ready for a rocktastic explosion on February 20, 2011 at 8pm as pop rock band Yellowcard sets A-venue Hall on fire! The quintet from Jacksonville Florida composed of Ryan Key (vocals and guitar), Sean Mackin (violin), Ryan Mendez, (guitar) Sean O Donell (bass) and Longineau Parsons (drums) are poised to share their bouncy, infectious sound and catchy light-hearted lyrics to the band’s legions of fans in Manila. With a line-up of hits that include “Ocean Avenue,” “Light Up The Sky”, “Only One” and “Lights And Sounds,” the concert, which is the band’s ONLY Southeast destination in their 2011 world tour, is a must-see for rakistas and music lovers alike.

Yellowcard is currently promoting their 7th and present album entitled “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes,” released under Hopeless Records. It marks the band’s return to their indie beginnings and focuses on the punk, peppy, serrated guitar sound that has made Yellowcard one of the millennium’s most iconic punk rock bands. Yellowcard’s success is also partly attributed to the band’s use of the violin in their music, an unusual component for the band’s genre which has set the act apart from their other punk rock counterparts.

Indeed, Yellowcard’s musical journey may have been long and winding, but through it all, just like the title of their 7th album, the boys have consistently said “yes” to the music they wanted to create. Yellowcard was formed in 1997 when vocalist Ben Dobson, guitarist /vocalist Todd Clary, bassist Warren Cooke, guitarist Ben Harper and drummer Longineau Parsons met at the Douglas Anderson School for the Arts. The band’s initial foray, “Midget Tossing,” was released in the very same year. Yellowcard’s second album, “Where We Stand” which was released in 1999, approximately two years after, featured new vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ryan Key. It also marked the band’s change of sound from hardcore pop punk to pop punk with a slightly more alternative rock vibe. “Where We Stand” was followed up by Yellowcard’s third compilation, “One ForThe Kids,” which was released in 2001 under the indie label Lobster records.

Mainstream success came to Yellowcard shortly after signing with heavyweight label Capitol Records back in 2002. Yellowcard released their 4th foray, “Ocean Avenue” which reached the platinum mark, selling one million copies in the United States alone. The title track from the said album also made an impressive appearance in the music charts, landing on the 37th spot in the Billboard Hot 100. Yellowcard was evidently on a roll. “Empty Apartment,” another single from “Ocean Avenue”, was featured on an episode of the popular teen drama “One Tree Hill”. After two years of intensive touring the band started work on their 5th album, “Lights And Sounds,” a musical endeavor with a slightly darker edge.

“Lights And Sounds” centered on the band’s negative feelings toward Los Angeles. Despite the obvious shift in Yellowcard’s overall vibe and experimental take the title track peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks and was also featured on the video games Burnout Revenge and Guitar Hero: Modern Hits. As expected, Yellowcard’s 5th album was a unanimous hit, achieving gold status and selling an impressive 90,000 copies.

After barely six months the band was churning out another album yet again. “Paperwalls”, Yellowcard’s third major label album, debuted at number 13 on the US billboard 200 selling 74,000 copies in just their first month of release. “Paperwalls’” lead single, “Light Up The Sky” peaked at 32 on the US Billboard Adult 40 Top Tracks.

After the success of “Paperwalls,” came a decision which took the band’s fans by surprise. At the peak of their success, Yellowcard decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. According to lead vocalist Ryan Key, the group felt the need to take time out to focus on their personal lives. On August 2, 2010, after more than two years of absence, lead vocalist Ryan Key announced on Hopeless Record’s website that the band is raring to go back to what they do best. Yellowcard started recording for their 7th album on September 20, 2010 and wrapped up production three months after. “Hopeless Records seemed to be the right place for us; they were really interested in working with the band, very proactive, and had a lot of great ideas for us. They’re giving us the opportunity to do exactly what we want with it, and we’re thankful to have an established fan base that is already interested in what we have to put out.” explained lead vocalist Ryan Key on the group’s decision to return to their indie route. As the band has so solidly proven, life’s a gamble but when it comes to Yellowcard, you’ll always be dealt with a winning hand.


Smiley people on a sunny Sunday @ Mercato Centrale BGC

a PB211427_stitch

a PB211395_stitch
I'm still working on my blog feature about the Mercato Centrale @ BGC that was launched last Sunday, it was a successful weekend market and I'm now excited to bring my whole family on Saturday and have a picnic nearby with them and with some friends. But before I go to bed, let me feature some cool people I met and spotted at Mercato Centrale @ BGC. Congrats to the organizers and lets get more vendors and taste new food in the next Mercato.

PB211592 PB211587
more photos below

Disney x Forever 21 : Minnie Muse collection
I just saw this in their Facebook and it is now available in their store in SM Megamall, I was looking for info about the store when I blogging about their thanksgiving party and saw their new collection online. Its still a pop culture topic so Im going to post it here hehhehe. So ladies...grab the cutey Minnie Muse.

check the photos of the items here

my coverage: Forever 21 thanksgiving party

Forever 21 brand ambassadors : Dominique Tiu, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon, and Tricia Gosingtian

The night was like a fashion show without a ramp and model, everyone is the model and all dressed up for the thanksgiving party of Forever 21 , I was with my wife Lace of Style and Relax blog and later on Earth join with us, we went to Members Only at the Fort to attend and support Forever 21. The venue was full of fashionistas and my camera will tell the story. They introduced to us their Brand Ambassadors for Forever 21 and announced the availability of the gift cards and the inter school org competition for the most number of sales of gift cards, one school org will win a party at Members Only. (more story and photos below)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today is a "CDO Holiday Ham" season

Christmas is here and the preparation for the traditional Noche Buena is also on the top of the list this holiday season, we know that food is the numero uno thing that comes into our mind, having a full tummy and eating delicious food makes us happy and having this CDO Holiday Ham on our table will make our year more complete. I don't have any knowledge when it comes to buying ham, and at the event of CDO Holiday Ham at Felix restaurant, I learned from Chef Rob Pengson some tips in getting good quality ham, in this way, the value of my money will not come to waste when I buy hams in the grocery. CDO Holiday Ham is a prime cut ham from the boneless meat part of the pig's hind leg which is the best part cut for a pork ham, it is more tastier, meatier and good than ordinary hams in the store. (more below)

3D photo experiment

I was thinking on how to they create 3D anaglyphs digitally, and saw Manila Bulletin's 3D edition newspaper on print is a good example and I was curious if ever I can create my own 3D here at home using only Photoshop. I searched for an online tutorial and just saw one tutorial with an easy step. I did some experiments and used my 3D glasses to see if it works well. I still need practice and it also requires a good Depth Of Field photo shots in order for a 3D photo to work.

so here are some of my examples, you can use your 3D glasses to see it

3d 1
1st experiment, band performing at Mercato Centrale

ed 2
2nd experiment, Marc Nelson and Angel Aquino

3d 3
3rd experiment, toy dioramas from the IPMS exhibit

3d 4
4th experiment, Yellowcard photo that I downloaded from Google Images

It was a dizzy experiment because I need to wear and take off my 3D glasses, and I even adjusted the bright control of my laptop to see the 3D clearly. What do you think is the most semi-perfect 3D edit that I created? I need to practice more and looks like this will be a new hobby for me.

maybe soon, I can create a better 3D anaglyphs just like THIS

Manila Bulletin launches 3D edition and e-paper (best viewed with 3D glasses)

2009 and 2010 was the start of the year for the 3D revolution, from 3D digital cinema to 3D LED TV to 3D digital point and shoot cameras to 3D edition magazines and now comes the 3D edition for broadsheets. Manila Bulletin became the first to embrace the 3D revolution and it was the most discussed topic when they first release the 3D edition last September 24, 2010. I didn't even know that they published a 3D version and I just heard it from a blogger friend, who even bought back issue copies and I even requested from him to buy one for me, but I haven't got my copy yet because I always forgot to remind him to bring it when we will meet. Check out my story and review about their 3D edition. (more story below)

Invitation to Nov 22 Benefit Concert and Nov 23 Torch Parade/Vigil for Ampatuan Massacre Victims

photo source
I just received this via email, so I'm posting it here and maybe there's someone interested to join and cover this event.

November 23 Movement
c/o National Union of Journalists of the Philippines
Media Advisory
22 November 2010 (Monday)


Let us never forget the Ampatuan Massacre, where 58 people were killed, 32 of whom were journalists, in an attempt to stop a political rival’s challenge. Please cover and join these activities and help in intensifying the call for justice:

SM Cinema launched a new website and e-ticketing system

SM Cinema is proud to announce the revamp of their official website and after the web launching, they introduced to us their new e-ticketing system by using their website, your cellphone and the e-ticketing machine that can be found in all 218 cinema in all 37 SM Supermalls. The e-ticketing system will be used by movie goers in buying ticket online and claim their ticket stub by using the e-ticketing machine, movie goers can now get their tickets easily and no need to fall in line. This will be useful if the movie is a block buster and at 1st day opening of the movie.

PB179748 Welcome to SM Cinema!_1290423150649
E-ticketing machine and page layout. Another first in the cinema industry here in and country, you know that SM Cinema is one of the leaders in giving us a comfy and entertaining cinema experience, they are known to bring the first IMAX theater, digital cinema, the Winema interactive cinema and now the e-ticketing service. (more story below)

Flip Video finally launched in the Philippines

Flip Video will flipinize the whole country, because they are here and officially launched in Manila, Philippines, been eyeing for this video recording gadget since last year when they became popular on the net and saw some units being sold by our local stores, I was about to buy one last year, but decided to wait for another round and wait for a new upgrade, heard that the image stabilizer add on is impressive, and then they are here and I'm using it already in recording my video blogs in HD!

now you'll see people doing this : (more story below)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yellowcard concert in Manila on plan for Feb 20, 2011

"There's a place off Ocean Avenue
Where I used to sit and talk with you
We were both sixteen and it felt so right
Sleeping all day, staying up all night
Staying up all night"

I just finished a meeting with a concert producer last week and they confirmed with me that Yellowcard is coming here in Manila to have a concert as part of their upcoming world tour next year. The date will be on Feb. 20, 2011, and they will visit us here after their tour in Japan, as for the venue, we will update you soon as our local producers are working on a good concert venue for the American pop punk band from Los Angeles, California, USA. I just can't hide myself here, because I'm a big fan of Yellowcard, and happy to hear that I'll be working on with the producers to promote the concert here. I'm going to gather more information about their concert here in Manila and will share it here in my blog.

According to our local producers, the concert sched will be available on the band's website after they finalized the concert venue. I also heard that they will release a new album around March 2011. Yellowcard is known for their hit songs like "Ocean Avenue", "Only One", "Lights and Sounds", and "Light up the sky".

and as part of the teaser, we invite you here to join this FB page
are you ready? are you going to watch Yellowcard live ?

me and my toys TV feature this Monday at the BEAT QTV 11 at 10pm

I saw the commercial of the next episode of The Beat and its all about gifts, toys and games, some are about Christmas. I just Tony Pet holding one of my electronic games heehehe. They will feature my small toy collection, and hopefully my interview about these fun, affordable and cool electronic games that I found in our toy stores.

Watch The Beat at QTV 11 at 10pm.
every Monday night.

Az video blog in event trip of CDO holiday ham and Forever 21 party

I'm doing some experiments with my Flip video, I promise that there will be commentaries and interviews on my next video blog. I'm here with Lace doing some event tripping, our first stop was at the CDO Holiday Ham bloggers event and then the Forever 21 Thanks giving party at Members Only.

Pizza Hut's Lechon Pizza (masarap kaya to?)

pizza lechon
I received this email alert from Pizza Hut, and I laughed because the email newsletter addressed to me as "Philippine". I am also disturbed on their latest pizza creation and offerings for this holiday season and I just can't believe that they created a fusion of lechon and pizza, and call it "Lechon Pizza", I think the people in Pizza Hut are so serious in creating new pizza style. So what's next? Dinuguan Pizza?

hmmm. the sauce could be a Mang Tomas.
I'm going to check this tomorrow and maybe post a review about it.

and oh, forgot to promote that you should try Greenwich's Buffalo wings set and pizza.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Az video blog at Manila Bulletin 3D new media event

Here's another video blog that I made using a Flip Video minoHD, I was here at the Manila Bulletin 3D new media event and I just record everything on video! the 3D launching, the live acoustic performance, the dance, the strip and the red wine drinking contest haahahah.

Manila Bulletin launched their 3D newspaper (you need 3D glasses to experience the effect), and their digital version of the newspaper can be access and opened using PC or Apple Ipad.

Az video blog at Hennessy Artistry Manila (im using Flip Video Mino HD)

This is my short video blog after arriving at the NBC Tent for the Hennessy Artistry Manila 2010. I'm sitting at the VIP area with our blogger friends. This is around 10pm.

This is the first time that I used a Flip Video Mino HD video recorder in doing my video blog.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Get free registration for the Vertical Marathon on Nov.27 @ BGC
Fun run, marathon, triathlons and many other running sports event are booming out from nowhere, but I invite you to join the VERTICAL MARATHON of BGC and Discovery Channel. The mechanics is that runners will run going up on a building, using the building stairs and alley as the running track field.

The registration is worth P600, but if you are low in budget and want to join the Vertical Marathon, we have here Skechers Shape-Up Philippines to give away 50 free registrations to those who will join in their Facebook gimmick. The first 50 people who will reply will receive free registrations for those who answer/comment/reply the question "What is the best thing about running for you?"

so pano ba?
just go to their FB page at

or start comment here

SM Cyberzone Christmas Event

Tech Xmas
SM Cyberzone is going to have a mall tour starting on November 20 in different branches simultaneously every Saturday from the last week of November to December.
Enjoy and participate some activities like Air band contest, Cosplayer hunt, Auto tune Christmas Caroling contest, photo booth, game console contest, name that mp3 and many more.

Check the date below

Nov. 20 - SM Fairview
Nov. 27 - SM Baguio and SM Naga
Dec. 4 - SM Manila and SM Southmall
Dec. 5 - SM Tarlac, Clark
Dec. 11 - SM Bacolod (event center) SM CDO
Dec. 12 - SM Cebu (new wing), SM Davao
Dec. 18 - SM Marikina, SM Megamall and SM North Edsa

*all events will be held in SM Cyberzone, except SM Bacolod and SM Cebu

Electric cars will rise at the 1st Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit

The future for electric cars is coming, and this will be discussed at the 1st Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit on Nov.23-24 in Meralco Multipurpose Hall in Pasig City. This will be another help to lessen the pollution in our country. I hope they can include Segway vehicles. More details are provide below in their press release.

My 10 note review of Deathly Hallows part 1 movie

yup, you know what will happen here....

1. Movie length is around 2 1/2 hours
2. Harry Potter takes off his shirt many times, now you know.
3. Much better to watch it in IMAX than in 3D digital
4. Voldemort hunts Harry, while Harry hunts the Horcruxes
5. Lots of drama, more story development on the way
6. Don't sleep, you might miss something, or else, read the novel
7. More magic and spells
8. I saw Voldemort two times only in this movie, but Harry strips for the 2nd time
9. Dont watch this if you haven't seen or read "Half-blood prince
10. more Hermione!

my movie rating : 4 for the excitement of Deathly Hallows
3 for the lovers quarrel
and 4/5 for part 1 ending

Movie bloggers at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 IMAX premiere

Thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for inviting us again, we watched the movie in IMAX SM Mall of Asia for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 movie. I was there with the movie bloggers and wearing an invisible cloak to hide myself from the Walking Dead. (the other movie bloggers - cher and ria are not with us on pic.awww)

more pics below

Seattle's Best Coffee barista knows our name

Here's another addition to my barista story, we ordered some food and drinks at Seattle's Best Coffee in Tektike bldg, we took a coffee break there after our busy day in hospital and dentist hopping. Lace ordered a java chip drink for me, and then after some minutes the barista calls Lace's name and then I discovered that my drinking cup has no name written on it. Amazing!
next time, I'll try my own name.

Win an Apple Ipad by joining the contest of Yahoo! Philippines "My 2010 Story competition"
To celebrate the exciting year that was 2010, Yahoo! Philippines announces the launch of a rich media competition, My 2010 Story. From presidential elections to summer trips, romantic getaways to inspiring stories, the My 2010 Story encourages Filipinos to share their most memorable experience of the year on Yahoo!’s micro-blogging platform, Meme. (

The competition is open to all Filipino residents. Participants will be required to sign up to Meme from a Yahoo! account and post their most memorable 2010 story ending their entry with #My2010Story. Participants are welcome to post more than one entry to the competition and are free to utilize all Meme from Yahoo! features, upload a photo/video/audio. Entrants will be required to caption their meme with a short paragraph (no more than 200 words).
The most creative entry on Meme will win an Apple iPad and two runners up will receive an Apple iTouch each.

The competition will run from November 12 – December 3.
Contest Mechanics are as follow:

Zombies are stars and 5.3 million zombie fans welcome The Walking Dead

Walking Dead
The Walking Dead opens last Halloween Day and it was the most talked about original series based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman. Zombies are now stars on TV and in the US it now captures a 5.3 million of viewers after its debut and then garnered a 3.6 million viewers among adults aged 18-49 and consiered The Walking Dead as the highest cable series of 2010.

Here in the Philippines we have also our own growing numbers of zombie and Walking Dead fans and we got our own locao premiere here when it was aired on a road block broadcast through FX(Sky Cable Channel 156), Fox Channel, Star World and Channel V, and that was aired after 5 days of the US premiere. And now we have The Walking Dead tv series that airs every Friday at 11pm on FX. (more below)

Trade in your CRT TV to a Sony Bravia LCD TV at the Sony's Big Switch

Print Ad_A4
Sony is having an early Christmas gimmick, and its like a big and super discount in buying a Sony Bravia LCD TV, and all you have to do is go to their Sony's Big Switch event happening on November 19-21, 2010. And just add a little cash and you can take home a brand new Sony Bravia LCD TV. Take note that your CRT TV should be working and has no defect, because the CRT TV will be donated and used for struggling schools nationwide and this is a project of Sony, Knowledge Channel and Hands on Manila.

read the details below to know more

5th Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2010 production note 2

I can't believe that this is my 2nd production note for the event, Im so busy the past month and weeks and here I am in my 2nd meeting for the event. I missed so many meetings and because that I was out of town always, but I'm glad that I hear that we are nearly closing our booths for the toycon, but we still have some space for mommy booths that will be organized by Mommy Mundo. I think we have around 100 booth exhibitors for this event, and while I finished the event poster, I learned that our official title is - The 5th Christmas Toy Fair and Mom's Holiday Finds. Its a fusion of two different fair for the holidays.

There will be booth sales, auction, story telling, magic show, donation drive, cosplay, live movie viewing and many more. And for now, I will revise the poster that I designed and will prepare it before the main deadline on Sunday.

save the date!
December 17-18-19, 2010
Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall

Turn off the lights and party tonight in Hennessy Artistry Manila at NBC Tent

Hennessy Artistry Manila - Poster
The global art of mixing will start tonight at 9pm in NBC Tent, The Hennessy Artistry Manila will be born at last! featuring live performance by DJs Rasmus Faber and Lauren Pope, rock bands Pupil, Kjwan and pop group True Faith. It will be a night of music, dance, art and Hennessy signature mixed drinks. (more details below)
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