DVD and shirt goodies!

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I'm happy that my Monday morning went well after I received this new and cool goodies via DHL. My hot coffee and Mcdo sausage burger waited for me on the dining table while I went out of the gate to meet the guys of DHL and surprised that the big package is for me and saw that the items came from our great friends in Singapore.

Check out the goodies here

2 Disc DVD Angels and Demon
I already saw this movie two times already, one on a movie premiere and other one is on cable tv. Im interested to watch this again and also take a peak on what's inside the 2nd disc.

Terminator Salvation blu ray DVD
This will be my first ever blu ray disc. Now the hunt for a perfect Samsung blu ray DVD player will start this week.

This is it! blu ray DVD
Another awesome blu ray dvd edition. I' m no excited to watch this with my new Samsung tv and it will happen only after I bought a blu ray player

Hellboy: :Swords of Storm DVD

Resident Evil : Degeneration tshirt
I like this shirt, it has blood stains on it hahaha. Now I need is a shot gun and some ammo.

I'm happy super with these new items. I'm going to organize now my dvd collection and also my closet.

Thanks Animax!!!