Facebook stats in Philippines from Yehey! infographics

click here for large image

I received this infographics from the Yehey! team and the infographics contains some info about the stats of how many Facebook users in our country and also products who are at Facebook. The top and most "like" fanpages are also listed. I just don't know if the stats for male and female are for the Philippines only, there's much more users of female than male when it comes to Facebook.

And cool news is that Philippines is the 5th largest country on Facebook with 20,802,540 users as on January 2011 and it listed as the 4th growing Facebook countries in the world with 1.5 million new users on the start of 2011. Wow! where do these people came from ? Internet is going big again for 2011.

Here's a challenge for 2011. Beat Vince Ganda's 2,638,029 FB fans.