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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters introduces the Younghusband, Pinoy Athletes and Hainanese chicken

Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Football Team Azkals together with Professional Triathele Mica Tantuico

Have a Delicious Healthy Life - Kenny Rogers Roasters Hainanese Chicken
by DaoMisyel

We've been familiar with Kenny Rogers Roasters as country's famous Classic Roast Chicken. As I've remembered few years ago, my family and I usually chose this place as our favorite hangout every weekend. (more story below )

Today, It'll be a different approach, from Classic Roast to Hainanese Chicken - the latest offering from all Kenny branches which was originally a taste of Singapore. Now, you don't have to worry about where you're going to taste it. No need to fly to Singapore. Yes, that's true. Enjoy a tender chicken with three famous sauces made from ginger, chili and sweet soy sauces that serves with a flavourful rice made with chicken stock. Another healthy way of eating courtesy from Kenny Rogers Roasters.

This time, a new TVC features Phil and James Younghusband of the Philippine Football Team Azkals together with Surfer Lorraine Lapus and Professional Triathele Mica Tantuico. What do they have in common? They are at the top of their game and lead deliciously healthy lives and they know that this begins with deliciously healthy choices. That is why THEY CHOOSE KENNY.

Bloggers had a great time hanging out with Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico as both of them cheerfully answered and accommodated all questions. Too bad that James Younghusband wasn't around because of his continuously training. Most questions were about their upcoming sport activities and schedule. Their usual routine of relaxation and guilty pleasures (foods! like junks, burgers, fries).

The program ended with a individual and group photo op (with Bloggers and Kenny Rogers Roasters Team).

I would like to thank Kenny Rogers Roasters for the invitation. You better try Hainanese Chicken, it tastes so good.

Will be posting a separate entry for Kenny Rogers Roasters Yogurt, one of the best dessert I've ever tasted.

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here's the TVC


Here are their Brand Ambassadors

_H7E7566 Surfer Lorraine Lapus

Professional Triathele Mica Tantuico


Phil Younghusband of Philippine Football Team Azkals

James Younghusband of Philippine Football Team Azkals


ohhh a bonus photo of Kuya Azrael and Phil :)
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