My Flickr Pro just extended for another year (and a feature of my Flickr friends)

my flickr pro is here
I subscribed to Flickr Pro for the 1st time (using my own money) and I extended my pro account for another year and it will expire next year April 2012. I decided to use Flickr for now on in hosting large photo files and albums for my blog. I can still upload more photos in Multiply and in Facebook, but uploading it in Flickr is much easier for me in blogging and using a Windows Live Writer adds a little help in posting the entire photos in my Flickr album. I like that feature and posting all photo contents in my blog is fast and easy to manage. (more story below)

Here re some tools and plug ins I used for my Flickr

1. Flickr photo uploader - its free and you can install this in your PC and use it to upload a batch of photos to your account.

2. Flickr photo uploader v.2.5 - I still love the old version, I still have this old version If I need to upload on the fly. I use this old ver in uploading Original Size photos to Flickr.

3. Flickr plug in for Windows Live Writer - I installed this plug in to my Windows Live Writer and its a helpful tool for me in posting large group of photos from an album to my blog post.

Thanks to some blog earnings and to my readers for acquiring this subscription.
Do you use Flickr Pro ? if you have any tips or tools or plug ins that you want to share, feel free to post it here.

Btw, I like to share here some photos uploaded by my Flickr friends and that I follow
ohhh you can add me in Flickr at
A photo of South Australia taken at a satellite station By magisstra

Yellow Daredevil by LPC
Yellow Daredevil Mighty Muggs toy
By Pinoy Statue Collector

Trees By archaznable

Nakano Guide
Nakano guide By Danny Choo

McDonald's marketing execs have definitely been playing WoW:
Thirst be gone
By Casey McKinnon

Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral By MarkLongos

Who's that girl?
Who's that girl ?
By anikanika

By laszlo.lim
By chuvaness

Deathly ladies with sharp thingies
Death ladies
By Ben Templesmith

By Juned I

Samsung NX11 imageloger - A flower pot
By samsungzone

All are Welcome
By Siopao Master

WEGO Harajuku Spring Hats
By tokyofashion

By Official Star Wars Blog

The Radio Dept
Radio Dept.
By purploony

By pakaleklalawak

Lu 07
By Richard Co

Adobo lunch by Darlene
By TJ Dimacali

By Andy Maluche

Sta. Veronica on her new payong
By John Maykale Farrales",)

Getting comfy with Mr. Turtle
By Jayvee F.

Invisible noodles :)
invisible noodles
By Jonas de los Reyes

Easter themed nails using Gelish and Martha Stewart glitter
By PumsMcGee

by Bleau Aquino