SMART evolves to deliver 50mbps speed mobile broadband this Holy Week

I just received a press statement from Smart and its about that they just evolved and will serve a faster speed of mobile broadband or mobile internet connection up to 50mbps speed, and they will launch the big evolution this April 21-24 in Boracay, SMART will set up some demo booths where users can try it themselves the speed of the LTE technology that they used for a new fast mobile internet connection.(more story below)

LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution", its a part of SMART Evolution, the first live LTE network in the Philippines, the latest standard in the mobile network technology that can deliver a speed of 50 mpbs or more to their subscribers. The LTE is also recognized as the most advanced fourth-generation or 4G mobile broadband technology that users can experience super fast internet connection, were they can download high resolution movies in minutes, download some music or mp3 in seconds, and watch HD video format in Youtube with waiting it to buffer or load.

boracay lte 1
In their demo and launch in Boracay this Holy Week, they will give the mobile phone users an extra ordinary experience that has never been experience yet in the mobile broadband history in our country, SMART will provide laptops with LTE dongles and also wifi enabled devices like mobile phones, laptop, and tablets can experience the speed of the LTE by connecting to the Wifi zone powered by the LTE at the SMART booth.

If you are in Boracay this Holy Week of April 21-24, then visit their booth at Pats and Bombom in Station 2 Boracay.

This is the biggest evolution of our mobile broadband technology and finally! we have it and thanks to SMART for bringing in the fastest broadband connection for the first time and and now we have the fastest speed, but know I start to wonder how large will be its coverage nationwide, I think that even if the signal is low, you can still get the 50mpbs and experience fast speed mobile internet, well for me, I'll still be happy if ever I receive only 20mpbs, it is still fast!

If you look on the speed of a normal HSPA+ that SMART first introduced it years ago, it only have a theoretical data speed rates is up to 42 mbps only, while in LTE it gives a speed up to over 100mbps.

boracay LTE 2
SMART also announces that they are now planning to launch next the 100mbps LTE connection. I'm so excited for this and want to try it, I'll post a review soon if ever I can test it myself if SMART brings a demo here in Manila.

Having a fast internet connection like this SMART Evolution,, using it for my work like blogging and social media marketing will be easy, fast and convenient.

1. I can blog and upload photos in just an instant using the fast connection
2. I can upload more video blogs for my blogs and in YouTube
3. Read more blogs and active blog hopping activity by surfing with fast connection
4. Downloading video materials and music backgrounds for my video blog will be easy
5. The joys of watching live stream online will be smooth and no more buffering
6. Video chat and stream with my family with no delays
7. I can develop more new blogs and site, because testing the interface, and loading and uploading it again will be easy with the LTE connection
8. I can download also some educational videos and content for my baby boy
9. Everywhere I go, I can blog and do live stream coverages for my readers
10. With fast internet connection with the Smart Evolution's LTE, I can now save more time, do more new things and evolve right away.

So what do you think of the LTE connection provided by SMART ?