Coca-Cola Music Studio launches its way on the web

Coke Studio (1)
This is a great news for music fans and also for those who love Coca-Cola, this date: May 11, 2011, is the official launch of the Coca-Cola Music Studio website ( ). Its a new website for music fans to dig in for the freshest sound and audio created by our talented local musicians. The aim of this website is that Coca-Cola wants to connect to all teens of this generation and use music to provide a channel of message and communication by Coca-Cola to our teens, for me that’s a cool way in bringing in more Happiness! so yey! to Coca-Cola.

8 OPM artist will give birth to a new collaboration of style and sound creating new music for us and these new music content are mash up by two artist performing their original songs with the other artist and these are only exclusive at the Coca-Cola Music Studio. Click your way to the web and check out the mini concert for episode 1 featuring: Gloc 9, Tanya Markova, Pedicab and Yeng Constantino, Sponge Cola and JayR(More story below)

There’s this awesome collaboration of music by Gloc- 9 X Tanya Markova and Pedicab X Yeng Constantino, Sponge Cola X JayR. On episode 1, you can browse on the Coca-Cola Music Studio website some videos of an interview by our featured artist, there’s also a web link going to their main performance and their collaboration or mash up of their new music performance. There’s also this backstage section were you can see an album of photos from the behind the scenes in having their performance and mash up collab with other artist. More content and videos will be uploaded and featured every week, So don’t forget to visit this music website and see lots of surprises and revelation on each featured artist.

There’s also a blog section were you can browse and read the latest music reviews, features and happenings across the city, posted and created by Yahoo! OMG music bloggers. And ohhh one of the writers is my friend Adrian Arcega! awesome coverage of the Mr. Big press con..dude!

Episode of Coca-Cola Music Studio is a recorded and replay episode that was broadcasted few months ago in Myx music channel that was aired every 5:30-6:00 pm on Sundays, with replays at 7:30-8:00 pm every Tuesday, and more episode coming soon. But they are back here via online in providing us new and fresh music content and the behind the scenes photos from the production. Also, each episode and artist were given a nice intro and feature by Myx’s very own VJs.

So dont’ forget to click…watch…listen…enjoy the music while drinking an ice cold Coca-Cola.
visit :

Gloc-9 2

Tanya Markova 2
Tanya Markova

Group 1
Mash up performance by Gloc-9 and Tanya Markova

Yeng Constantino 2
Yeng Constantino

Sponge Cola 2

Group 2
Mash up performance by Yeng Constantino and Pedicab

I really like to recommend watching the video mash up performance of two different artist, because its cool to see them perform singing with the other artist and their original song and then vice versa, imaging listening to Tanya Markova’s “Picture Picture” song and then blended with Gloc-9’s rap. You can also take a peak of how will Sponge Cola and JayR blend using rock and RnB style? or how about Yeng Constantino and then hoppity hop hop music style by Pedicab?


so kayo? what song that you like from Coca-Cola Music Studio’s line up for episode 1 ?

Btw, you can access the website any time and anywhere…using different gadgets – PC, Laptop or your mobile gadgets.