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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2013 Coca-Cola Glasses Collection now available in McDonalds Philippines

The new edition of Coca Cola glasses this 2013 are finally available in McDonalds, I’m sure collectors and fans of Coca Cola and McDonalds are now getting wild after they read this news online. A certain wave of collectible and 2013 limited edition Coca Cola glasses are waiting for you in every branches of McDonalds around the Philippines. As for the collectible thing, I don’t know which color will be the best seller, but my bet is that the color purple will ran out first, because its one of the most colorful glass from the set.

To grab one, all you have to do is just add Php 25 with your purchase of your favorite McDonald's meal with ice cold Coca Cola to get the glass. This will be available nationwide, for customers who dine in, take out, drive thru or the McDelivery or dial 86-2-36. The collectibles Coca Cola glasses will have a limited run for this month so grab them now! it means, it will be offered until supplies last.

2013 Coca-Cola Glass Group
The new 2013 Coca Cola glasses comes in 6 different colors, pink, green, blue, aqua, charcoal and purple. The design of the new glasses are different from last year and their design for this year is getting better and beautifully created. The glass design is inspired from the crimped crown lid and the iconic Coca Cola contour bottle, and they added an embossed logo of Coca Cola just to complete cool memorabilia, this shows the old and original design of a Coca Cola bottle.

To add more exciting news, here's a project of Coca Cola and McDonalds:

6 Augmented Reality game apps coming soon from Coca Cola and McDonalds

Further adding to the excitement of this offer, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are partnering, for the first time, in developing a mobile gaming app with 6 augmented reality (AR) games called ‘McDonald’s 2013 Coca-Cola Glass AR Adventures’. This app will provide Filipinos with fun, engaging, mobile gaming content. They can collect the 6 ‘virtual’ 2013 Coca-Cola Glasses by playing the 6 augmented reality games using specifically marked billboards and McDonald’s materials in their stores. The ‘McDonald’s 2013 Coca-Cola Glass AR Adventures’ mobile app will be available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The new 2013 Coca Cola glasses
Guillermo Aponte, Coca-Cola Philippines’ President and General Manager, said “We are excited to partner with McDonald’s on the iconic 2013 ‘Coca-Cola’ glass promotion. This promotion has been a fruitful partnership with McDonald’s for six years and we continue this tradition of finding creative ways to excite Filipino consumers. The 2013 Coca-Cola glass is truly unique, inspired by the crimped crown lid of the Coca-Cola Contour bottle. We know everyone will have fun turning things upside down, collecting the six different Coca-Cola glass colors. Filipinos will surely enjoy this while having their favorite McDonald’s burgers and fries with a refreshing ice cold Coca-Cola”.

Continuous partnership between Coca Cola and McDonalds
McDonald’s Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Yang, expresses his delight as the partnership between McDonald’s and Coca-Cola continues to flourish with this season Glass Collection. “We are pleased to have another exciting glass design for our customers this year. For several years now, the Coca-Cola Glass Collection has been something they’ve been looking forward to at McDonald’s. And this year is made more exciting since we also collaborated with Coca-Cola, for the first time, for a mobile game that Filipinos will surely enjoy,” Yang shares.

Now you know the cool news from McDonalds and Coca Cola, let’s check out the glasses

We got this box from the PR of McDonalds,.thank you so much. The box set is not available for purchase in any McDonalds branches, you can only buy the glasses without the box. Btw those Ronald McDonalds and Grimace action figures are part of my collection. They appear every year here in my blog whenever there’s a new Coca Cola glasses from McDo.

The box

Just showing to you the design of the box

the label..

and here are the glasses..
I remember that last 2012, they release a London Olympics 2012 Coca Cola glasses,

but the design this year is one of the best!

Here’s the glasses. The glass are thick and bit heavy, its solid thick glass for the body. I think the bottom of the glass with a crown shape added weight to this glass, but the heavier is better and it won’t break easily.

close up look

2013 Coca Cola glass in the palm of my hand…ohhhh hahhh

If you put it upside down, it will resembles that Coca Cola bottle with crown

Time to play around with my McDonalds toys and 2013 Coca Cola glasses!

Thank you McDonalds!

so grab your own Coca Cola glasses now!

What do you think of their new 2013 edition ?
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