It’s like giving a keynote in 4 hours

Last night was my 1st day of teaching gig at The Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts (MAICA) in Global City, and its like an another day of learning and sharing your expertise to people and use that new knowledge for their career and business.  (more story below) I just finished the World Bloggers Day a day before and my voice is a little bit broken, because we don't have microphones there at the venue, but I'm glad we pulled it off, I'm also surprised to myself that I'm very comfortable teaching new stuff to people, not only giving tips in social media but also the latest trends and technology, because we need to know what will be the next big thing...I heard people say that the next Facebook is still Facebook, and we heard about that SMART will launch the fastest internet connection with a new network called LTE, and gadgets are evolving... whew!

Tomorrow will be my 2nd day at MAICA and I'm excited to move on to the next course... ( I mean my course in visiting again this Indian restaurant ahhahaha)

Modern Academy is a new school in Global City, they offer courses like Photography, Blogging, Make up, Acting, and many more. Modern Academy is located in Burgos Circle, Global City, Taguig.

“The Modern Academy of Image, Culture, and the Arts (MAICA) offers courses that empower the individual with a dynamic perspective and real life skills essential to successful, modern living.”

2nd Floor,Unit 2 Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Philippines

846-8920/ 569-5235
0922-8MODERN (663376)

visit their website at

Here are a list of classes offered for this month

May 16,17,18 - Ignite: Leadership Training for Teens; MTW 1pm-5pm
May 7,14,28 - Creative Writing; );Sat 8am-12nn
May 14 - Personal Financial Management; Sat 9am-6pm
May 7,21 Basic Photography Workshop; Sat 8am-12nn, 1pm-4pm
May 10,12,31 - Basic Photoshop; TTh 6pm-10pm
May 24,26 - Studio Lighting Workshop; TTh 6pm-10pm
May 20, Blogging: Writing for Online; Th 1pm-9pm
May 3,5,10 Online Branding and Reputation Management: TTh 6pm-10pm