Listerine did this to me because I'm not into oral #totalcare

I was minding my own business after arriving in Oceana in SM MOA complex, after registering on the table, a pretty girl asked me to get my contact details, so I gave her my contact details, and I was nervous in talking because I'm not confident that my breath might smell bad due to that I'm tired and thirsty and my mouth is all dry after traveling outside the province to attend this event in Manila.

Then the girl told me to try this mouth wash..and then the photographer caught this funny and also annoying photo of me with a bloated cheeks, there I realized that the bacteria in my mouth that are busy having their own party got bombed by Listerine Total Care and that results to a big explosion inside my mouth, killing 99.9% of that bad oral bacteria.

I told the photographer not to show the photo to the public, but then I was the last guy who went out of the venue and found out that I'm the last person to claim my everyone saw my photo with a big cheeks...omigosh... but but but... (more story below)

The reward of having a zero oral bacteria and with fresh breath is awesome! look at my big smile after using Listerine Total Care. It is very effective and check out Earth's twit pic and you'll see celeb and tv host Drew Arellano smiled all the way with us

and then after my journey back to the province made me stop for awhile in Starbucks..I ordered a Dark Mocha tall frappucino and then the barista asked my name... I smiled..showed my teeth..and let them smell my breath..

then she named me RYAN
Omg..why Ryan? I asked the girl...she didn't answered because she's busy smiling at me and looking at my white teeth...then I realized that she thought that I'm Ryan Agoncillo..So I grabbed my drink and sat on the corner and opened my laptop, then a security guard approached me, I smiled at him and showed again my white teeth and fresh breath with lot of pride and then he asked me about my name and I said...I'm Azrael... and then he said.. "ahhh.. I thought you are Ryan Bang!" ....ok that's funny.. BANG!!!!!!!!!!