Don't be fooled by that fake "Facebook Dislike button"

As I opened my Facebook account and then I saw this two message posted in my FB wall, I started to read it careful and study if this is legit, and then I hovered my mouse arrow pointing to that link "Enable Dislike Button", then I saw that the link will direct to a Facebook fake page. I didn't think twice and I immediately remove this post in my wall. I started to do a research and found an article "'Enable Dislike Button' scam spreading on Facebook" , After reading it... I learned that the Facebook Dislike Button is a fake and a scam. If ever that Facebook will have its own Dislike button, there will be announcements and also news spreading online, so its better to Google it first, research and read, before we click it.

Its funny that some people wanted to earn money and they got the idea to use this FB app to scam people with their money generating online survey recommendation. Although that the directed link to website is not harmless, but still an annoying item in my FB wall to see a fake FB links floating. If you saw one...delete it right away and do not click it. If you click the link and posted the link in your address bar, all of your FB network and friends will receive the same FB app note in their wall, telling them to enable their FB dislike buttons.

Facebook users should be very careful and aware of these fake FB apps and links