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Friday, June 17, 2011

photos: scenes from the Green Lantern movie premiere

Here are some scenes at the movie premiere of Green Lantern in Glorietta 4 organized by Warner Bros. Philippines. I was with our movie bloggers group and we enjoyed eating the Krispy Kreme’s Green Lantern doughnut before we watch the movie.

more pics below

photos: Toycon 2011 tv interview in Mornings @ ANC

I just got a great time with our tv interview in Mornings @ ANC, we were interviewed by Ginger Coronejo of the morning show and our topic is about toys, the event, the local artist and Cosplay Nation.

After the interview, host of the show Ron Cruz stormed into the room and meet up with me after he saw our interview, if you remember that we did an tv interview with Ron in Dateline Philippines in ANC years ago and we featured Transformers toys. He recognizes me and told me that its great to see the toys again here in ANC

more pics below

Recorded video of ToyCon 2011 tv guesting in Mornings @ ANC

Here's a recorded live and raw video of our live tv guesting at Mornings @ ANC, you can see me here promoting the event and introducing some of my toys to the tv host heeh. Ginger Coronejo of Mornings @ ANC interviewed us about Toycon 2011, Larunungan toy drive and Cosplay Nation, at the floor joining with me is our ToyCon team - Cholo, Jay of Halimaw Sculptures, and Cosplay Nation's producer- Allen Van Damme, and the film director - Mr. Roy.

Recorded audio of our radio guesting at Magic 89.9 Boys night out

Here's the audio recording from our radio guesting last night, it was a funny, crazy, wacky bunch with DJ Sam YG, Tony and Slick Rick. I was there as a guest for promoting our event, and with me are the ToyCon team Cholo and Lizette, and Allen Van Damme producer of Cosplay Nation.

Thanks Joseph of for recording it

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse of June 16, 2011 Philippines - Complete photos

moon chart
Here's my complete photo of the total lunar eclipse awhile ago, the start of the eclipse start at around 2:25am and then the full red moon eclipse was complete at around 4am, unfortunately the moon was covered by white cloud after an hour and before sunrise. I used my Olympus E520 dslr camera and with a 150mm zoom lens, settings is on manual mode.

Total Lunar Eclipse of June 16, 2011 Philippines - preparation photo

moon 1247am
view in Cavite, Philippines

I'm preparing now for the total lunar eclipse, my camera gear and laptop are ready to cover the longest total lunar eclipseLink after 11 years and it is viewable here in our country. I took some test shots and that's the moon at around 12:47am of June 16, 2011.

See photos here of the total lunar eclipse as we observe it last night

Here's an info that I found shared tru PhilAstroSociety group about the eclipse


The Philippine Astronomical Society will observe the total solar eclipse at the Manila Observatory roofdeck from 9:00 PM June 15 to 7 AM June 16.

Please join us!! Potluck snack.

Contact Engr. Camilo Dacanay at 09084338977 for further information.


Eclipse Contacts (Local Time)

P1 - 1:24 AM
U1 - 2:22 AM
U2 - 3:22 AM
U3 - 5:02 AM
U4 - 6:02 AMLink
P4 - 7 AM

Greatest Eclipse - 4:12 AM
Eclipse durations - Penumbral - 05h46m05s
Umbral - 03h39m17s
Total - 01h40m12s


Shared by Mary Jane Plaza

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Marvel Mighty Muggs figure customs by Likhang Pinoy Customs for ToyCon 2011

Likhang Pinoy Customs just revealed recently via their blog about the 3 new Mighty Muggs figure custom they created - Hulk Buster Iron Man, Ares and the Juggernaut, this will be featured in their toy exhibit at ToyCon 2011.

more pics below

(video) 10th Philippine ToyCon 2011 tv guesting in Umagang Kay Ganda

Here's a recorded video from the tv guesting of our event,its the biggest press con like and tv plugging for our event. And the funny part is that I didn't got a chance to join with them. I now blame my power sleep at night hahahaa.

Great work to Vic and the ToyCon team and the Toy groups for showcasing their collections once again on TV. I heard that they featured the cosplayers also, but I don't have a video because I woke up late and just caught this segment on air.

see you all this weekend!

Inviting everyone to join Global Smurfs Day this June 25 in SM Mall of Asia ( for a Guinness World Records)

Attention SMURF fans!

Let's paint the whole city with color blue, paint our skin with blue, wear some white smurfy hat and booths and lets hand out and join as we celebrate the 1st ever Global Smurf Day this June 25, 2011, be smurfy and also celebrate the birthday of Peyo, creator of Smurfs.

(read more news below)

War Rock Ph in ToyCon 2011

I was a former player here in War Rock and now they are in version 3.0, I haven't seen the new version but I'm very curious on the look of the graphics, the challenge and the game play. will be there to bring back the first person shooter head to head war games in online.

check them at the booth in ToyCon 2011

Sculpeyman Trading releases OG Mictlan and Ganmetall Celcius vs. Debametall Fahrenheit figures at ToyCon 2011

The Sculpeyman Trading will feature Rotobox's OG GanMetall Celsius Vs OG DebaMetall Fahrenheit.

Created by Filipinos, Stephen and Spencer Ong, Celsius, Fahrenheit and the rest of the TWINY Universe continues to make big waves in the US since it's 2009 SDCC launch.

Jesse Hernandez' OG Mictlan Aztec God of the Dead will descend upon TOYCON 2011.
Exclusively Distributed by The Sculpeyman Trading.
Visit us at Booth 94.
Catch the Jesse hernandez' designs and custom works at

Attending our TV guesting in Umagang Kay Ganda for ToyCon 2011
My last tv guesting in a morning show was last 2008, after that, I got allergic in any morning show because it requires me to wake up and be there at around 4am or 5am before their morning show starts on TV. I got lots of invitations last year and I manage to stay away for awhile, because my last attempt was last year in the same show and I slept too much in my bed and forgot to wake up, I even missed the show on TV.

Now is the time to attend this morning show, I haven't take a nap yet, I'm still trying to be awake til 3am. Catch us me and the organizers of ToyCon 2011 together with our top toy collectors group and toy stores, we will be promoting our event and take a mini ToyCon 2011 set up in ABS CBN.

I think the show starts at 530am-10am

check my old guesting here last 2008

Meet Alodia, Ashley and the Predator clan at the Maxi Collector Booth in ToyCon 2011

I saw the same banner ad at the PTK site, I was about to post that on my blog and then found that Alodia tagged me on her Facebook photo post and then I saw this new banner ad poster and whoaa! Predator Clan Philippines is now added in the roster of Maxi Collector, the meet and greet portion with Alodia and Ashley will now be guarded by Predators (don't worry they are just people wearing alien costume).

check out their booth only at ToyCon 2011

Pinoy Toy Kolektors shirt release for ToyCon 2011

"Its not a toy mom...its a collectible!" PTK Shirt

Wow! I like the shirt design for this year, I saw this posted at the PTK forum site and everyone are excited to wear this shirt for the coming ToyCon 2011. I think I have two kinds of PTK shirts already, and now all of it no longer fits in my body, I need now a new PTK shirt hehehee. The designs were collaborated by the members of PTK. Really cool toy group here in the Philippines. Im not sure if Dan, the founder, will sell this in his booth. But if they will sell it, the shirt is priced at around P250.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i miss blogging

photo by mellie valiento

now I miss's an entry that show that I really miss blogging and creating some content for everyone. I'll go back to blogging after our event ToyCon 2011. I'm very busy for this week and we are already behind schedule for our event, busy in attending lots of tv guestings and also promoting our event.

I'm in charge of the program for the event, social media management, PR, some marketing, and many more.. I'm also the photographer ahhaha. dami ko gawain

so watch out for my next blog post

Monday, June 13, 2011

adopt a care bears

we gave this Care Bears figure keychain in our ToyCon press con last Saturday. How's your Care Bears at home ?

happy ?

I adopted one and took me a hard time to choose with all those hundreds of Care Bears figures, and then I got Love-a-lot Bear. Btw the pic above is the adopted figure for Chaz of Action Fig Phil.
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