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Friday, July 01, 2011

Contest: Send a photo and win this cool 2011 Coca-Cola Can Glass series from McDonald’s

Do you own any old design of the McDonald's Coke Glass?

And if the answer is yes! then you can get a chance to win 1 set (6pcs) of the new 2011 Coca-Cola Can Glass series from McDonald’s. Its a new glass shaped like a Coca-Cola can and this is exclusively from McDonalds. The contest will be hosted here in my blog,
so read the details below

Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Photography

Have you dabbled in photography? Ever wondered if you can replicate those lovely photos you so admire in magazines and displayed at museums? I do have a penchant for the arts and there is no denying I love looking at beautiful and compelling photos. So much so I am now partly spending time learning more on how to be a master photographer.

I got my SLR camera a few months ago after I begin noticing how my non-photographer friends seem to have crispier and awesome casual photos. I discovered it was the equipment so I became determined to graduate from my old but reliable digital camera. The decision was timely as I now have a child who I can practice my photography skills on.

But aside from taking photos of my son's milestones, I began experimenting with various subjects. I am not an outdoor type of person so nature was definitely out. I was limited to things I can find and are happening indoors. Thus, for some time I became the designated photographer of the family. Responsible for capturing those momentous events like birthdays and holidays. I appreciated the opportunity to learn and hone my craft. And my family is quite easy to please and happy for the free service I render.

I am now working on my wife's costume jewelry collection. She has acquired quite a few interesting pieces over the years that I guess I'd like to further immortalize through photography. The inspiration came when I happen to come across Compton & Woodhouse. The company is noted for their expertise in taking masterful shots of jewelries. Something I aspire to acquire someday. The brilliance of stones and gems and even the shimmer of gold make jewelries a tricky subject to photograph. And it does takes a lot of knowledge and skill to capture the beauty and essence of every piece. And I am just realizing that now.

But still I do want to give my wife's treasures their due justice. So I continue to try. And with time and effort I am sure I'll get there soon.

Do you have any tips on taking beautiful shots of jewelries?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers : Dark of the Moon - movie review

I posted this status message in all my network because I'm so happy and satisfied on the 3rd installment of the Transformers movie, I posted it while waiting for that epilogue after the end credits, but there's no special scenes for the movie. All I can say is that Michael Bay and his team did the right way in telling a story to end this trilogy. I still have lots of complains on Rosie's acting, but never mind the acting, the more important thing is she's sexy and hotter than Megan Fox, I love that intro of Rosie Huntington-Whitely on the 1st part of the movie, looks like a big red carpet for her to the movie and show that this Victor Secret model will wow your eyes. (More below)

Giving away a set of the all new Coca Cola CAN GLASSES

yes! its a can shaped glass.
this will be a good addition to your Coca Cola glasses, I will launch this contest on June 30, so be better be quick and read my mechanics here in my blog.

This will land exclusively to all McDonalds branches starting July 2.
More details to blog soon :)

gusto nyo ba ng isang set? game?
then comment away! If I receive lots of comments, then 5 sets will be given away starting June 30. Its contest time!

UPDATE: visit our contest page at

What's up! (looking at your new features)

Everyone started and becomes a user in after and even before, make us understand how social media is important as a key player in business and self promotion. I became a heavy user of Multiply after I discover it back in the year 2005, I landed in after searching for the most reliable and dependable online photo storage. I logged in and uploaded my 1st photo album there. The fun part here is the real time communication via comments are starting to trend in Multiply blogs and Pms.

Multiply became my main photo storage to be shared easily to my friends and it is my top online sharing platform after Yahoo! Photos, but now after the years go by, is changing and evolving, adding new feature and still being the most busiest site even that Facebook eats everyone's internet usage. (READ MORE NEWS BELOW)

Rosie Huntington-Whitely shares her experience working for Transformers Dark of the Moon

Rosie thought that she will have only a cameo role in Dark of the moon but then she discovered that she will have a big role in the movie. I read in the comics version fo the movie about her character as Carly, its an interesting character that will make the life of Sam Witwicky go different, she's so bossy and hates ( I think) seeing little Transformers. Here in an article we received from Solar-UIP, Rosie shared her experience on what it was like working with Bay and LaBeauf.

more interview below

Shia LaBeouf reveal some scenes from the Transformers : Dark of the Moon

I know you are excited to see the 3rd installment of the Transformers movie, the next movie , Dark of the moon, will have its press screening tonight in IMAX, SM Mall of Asia and I'm already distracted and never seem to focus on my work and now the energon cubes with Bulalo are noe kicking in my system. We have an article here and its about Shia LaBeouf's story on what will happen on the next movie, this is not a spoiler, but this will make you crave for more cybertronian cubes. Shia will be back as one of our human hero teaming up with her new partner and new comer, Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

So what did Shia revels to us? check his interview below

I must wear this special mask for the Transformers Dark of the moon press screening tonight

astig di ba? for your awesome 3D experience!

“Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon” showing on June 29, 2011 in all Philippine cinemas. The movie is released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

NCAA Games picks SM MOA Arena for 2012

Mall of Asia Arena Perspective 2
Here's a surprising news if you wanna know more about NCAA and the upcoming state of the art stadium that is now being built in SM Mall of Asia. Last week in a press conference by the The National Collegiate Athletics Association or NCAA, just announced that their new home for the 88th Season for 2012 will be at SM Mall of Asia ARENA. (more news below)

Teresa Palmer and Kristen Stewart - twins?? look a like ?

photo source

My wife told me that she wanted to watch a movie and she wants a comedy film that includes crazy people, so I picked up this movie called "Take me home tonight" a movie set up on the year 80's and starring Topher Grace and Teresa Palmer. During our movie-thon, my wife said and pointed her finger on our home screen and said to me that, "is she the girl from Twilight movie?" (referring to Kristen Stewart) and pointed to this girl character that played by Teresa Palmer (look at the photo above for comparison) and then I stupidly answer "YES!"

Then after the movie, I saw on the credits that it is not Kristen Stewart! ( I super like Kristen after watching Twilight movies..I don't know the reason, just don't ask me again hehehe) I went to and read up some wikis and found out that they really are look a like.
I get mistaken [for Kristen] all the time!,” the actress exclaimed when Movieline first broached the subject. “The three [actresses] I usually get are Kristen Stewart, Naomi Watts and Scarlett Johansson, but hands down the number one I get is Kristen Stewart. It’s all over the Internet. I can definitely see the resemblance. We have a similar shaped chin and we’re both dark under our eyes with similar lips. I’ve been recognized for her before.” -Teresa said and more interview posted at
My world exploded and tried to research more about Teresa Palmer and she did already some movies like the Sorcerer's Apprentice and I am Number Four, which I saw Sorcerer's and didn't noticed that she looks like Kristen Stewart, but I noticed it only after watching "Take me home tonight!" The world starting to go weird and awesome and now I love Kristen and Teresa now!
I wish they are twins!

What do you think ? look a like ba sila?
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