17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 - details and new attractions

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Flying hot air balloons in all kinds of shapes, sky divers and aerial demo and stunts are the new attractions of the upcoming "17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta" this February 9-12, 2012 at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, Philippines. When we talk about aerial stunts, we don't mean that balloons do stunts or people jump from a plane, we are talking about those US jet fighter plane zooming in the sky.

The 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is now ot its 16th years of contributing to Philippine tourism, not just in tourism but also in creating new jobs and business to the community. The festival started all out of passion for flying and giving awareness to new generation to have interest in the field and also in the industry. (More news below)

According to Captain Joy Roa of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) Foundation, Inc. (and also we know him as the main host of the show Air Safari in ANC), he said that the fiesta was organized by a bunch of aviation enthusiats that contribute their time and talent to continue the balloon fiesta which is the now the biggest international sport aviation activity here in Asia. It continues to grow and several government agencies and officials are now participating and appreciating the balloon fiesta. Clark Development Corporation, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines are one of the top agencies who gave full support to the balloon fiesta, okay let us call the event "17th PIHABF" for short.

I'm happy to see that the 17th PIHABF is very lively and the most awaited event here in Luzon, the event grows bigger every year and I noticed that visitors from different parts of the country and from other parts of the world visit 17th PIHABF every year, and me as a event visitor and a media 2 years ago for the event, I observed that the 17th PIHABF drew a big impact and interest to people to go try the aviation field and also we can see here that the industry continues to grow big and helm new aviation movers and leaders for the Philippines.

entrance fee: Php 200

Visit their official website

25 balloons
At the press con they revealed that there will 25 balloons from 12 different coutnries, they are:

South Korea
United States
New Zealand
and the Philippines

P2116889 P2116906
me and my wife riding the hot air balloon

6 new Shaped Balloons
There will 6 new special shape balloons that will participate for this year. Many requested for the previous shaped balloons to fly again, but the organizers want to show new and different shaped balloons for this year.

here are the shaped balloons that will fly this 2012.

Miss Daisy flower balloon
Birthday Cake
Ice Cream Cone
Iwi the Kiwi
Sunkit balloon


Paragliders and Sky Divers
This is also a big contingent of paragliders here at the balloon fiesta. 16 paragliders will be launched coming from:


And also the balloon fiesta is the event with the most number of sky divers coming from:

United States

There's also a 2 professional tandem skydivers from the UK, they are armed with video camera recorders, you can also try tandem sky diving and let them film you why you drop from the sky and fly with a parachute. They also suggest that this stunt is a good activity for your wedding proposal, just visit the event website for details on how to participate.

Turbine RC Jets
Captain Joy Roa also mentioned that there will be lots of "turbine RC jets" that will perform their stunts here at the balloon fiesta. These are remote and radio controlled jet fighter plane in a small scale and powered by turbine in a small scale, you know that turbines are the one needed to fly a lifesize scale planes nad jets. Performers will be coming from:


Static display of aircrafts and air stunt demos
- At the event there will be a better and expanded Military displays

- Additional flight demonstrations for Search and rescue operation demo from PAF and PCG

- Flying display of a restored PT-13 Stearman plane

- Display of Air Asia Airbus 320 civilian aircraft

- First time to display a US AF C17 Globemaster military plane

- First ever a US AF F-16 flight demo

United States Air Force - Lockheed Martin (General Dynamics) F-16C (Block 42) - USAF 88-0442 - Aviation Nation - Nellis Air Force Base - November 15, 2009 1 569 RT CRP
US AF F-16

United States Air Force - Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) C-17A Globemaster III - USAF 05-5142 - Aviation Nation 2009 - Nellis Air Force Base - November 14, 2009 2 762 RT CRP
US AF C17 Globemaster

Air Asia Airbus 320 (9M-AHP) Beijing Airport 2009
Air Asia Airbus 320

Boeing Stearman PT-13
PT-13 Stearman plane

R.O.X. goodies and gears
R.O.X. the Southeast Asia's biggest outdoor superstore for top of the line outdoor and recreational gear will have a booth at the balloon fiesta, as one of the major sponsors, R.O.X. will be selling different kinds of gear for you to beat the hot sun and as you enjoy the balloon fiesta, at the booth they will be selling some bush hats, baseball caps, sunscreens, Nathan and Nalgene water bottle and Coghlans water bottle carrier.

They also have some chairs for spectatots and visitors who want to stay longer in the grounds, they will be selling some Alite Monarch chair, Coghlans foldable chairs and Coghlans mini fan.

For kids who wants to play and join the aviation fiesta, R.O.X. will be selling some of those Zing toys and other outdoor throw and catch toys.

Win prizes and get freebies by visiting their booth.

For the daring, R.O.X. will also have a wall climbing activity that is open to the public for a minimal fee of P50.00 per climb. R.O.X. customers can use the facility for free. All they have to do is present their official receipt purchased from January 15 to February 12.

After your day in festival, visit R.O.X. store in Marquee Mall, Pampanga for wide range of innovative outdoor gear and equipment.

R.O.X. Stores:

R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street | B1 Bonifacio High Street, BGC Taguig City, Manila
R.O.X. Ayala Center Cebu | Ground Floor, Active Zone Ayala Center Cebu City, Cebu
R.O.X. Marquee Mall | Ground Floor, Marquee Mall Angeles City, Pampanga

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here are some photos from the press con

the team!! 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

me and Joy Roa of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF) Foundation, Inc.

CDC President Felipe Antonio B. Remollo