Dimsum Break of Cebu opens branch in Manila (in SM City North EDSA)

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
I love dimsum food! they are the affordable food that I can grab easily and they are easy to chew and digest, its one of my eat and run meal and also snacks at home, if we have more dimsums in our ref, we get more and eat it as our midnight snacks. I remember last 2009 when my wife is pregnant, she always request lots of dimsum food, so I go out in a nearby convenience store and buy our favorite siopao and sometimes I even go to Makati just to buy that classic jumbo siopao, or whenever we are are in a SM Mall, we just go to the food court level and grab a set of siomai or sharks fin.

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Dimsum Break
located at 3F The Annex, SM North Edsa

Dimsum is the best food from the Chinese, and I'm happy that it is already a part of our snacks and heavy plate.  My feature here is about this old dimsum fast food based in Cebu City, called "Dimsum Break", they have 16 branches all over the country, but most branches are located in the Visayas region, the most recent branch is here in Manila, its their 1st branch outside the Visayas region and also 1st in Luzon. Its a big threat now to other dimsum fast food and joints because Dimsum Break offers the most affordable dimsum food and the fastest service in the city. I tried some of their best seller and all I can say is that it can match those dimsums available in hotel and buffets.

Dimsum Break is a part of a food group brand - Harbour City Dimsum House Co. Inc., they are originally based in Cebu. I've met HCDHCI Marketing Manager Steven Kokseng at the opening of the fast food and he told me that they will bring more branches next year, I gave hints that I hope they open some branches in SM Megamall and also in SM Mall of Asia.

Dimsum Break offers a fast delivery of dimsum food to your plate with modern feel but remain the old and authentic taste of their food.Also affordable, the sample here is that a person can eat here with only a few hundred of pesos, for example - P133 for a complete meal, that's P65 for the dimsum and P68 for the steamed fried rice. With small amount of money, it will give you already a heavy meal to energize your day.

Best sellers are the Steamed Fried Rice, its a small bowl of fried rice cooked with lots of ingredients, like pork, veggies and seafood, and its a cheapest meal of all for a rice topping or meal. One of the dimsums that I love are the Siomai with quail eggs, Bacon siomai, spring rolls and stuffed shrimps.

Here are a list of food and its price

Php 68 -- Fried Rice
Beef Steak Rice
The original steamd fried rice
Yang Chow fried rie

Php 65 -- Fried Dimsum
Crab pincers
Sweet and sour pork
Spring rolls
Sweet and sour fish
Sweet and sour chicken
Gralic pork spare ribs
Fried Shrimp balls
Stuffed Taro
Stuffed shrimps
Shrimp Toast
Fried Wanton
Spiced Eggs

Php 65 -- Steamed Dimsum
Empress roll
Quail's Egg Shaomai
Chicken feet
Mushroom Shaomai
Steamed Hakao
Bacon Shaomai
Steamed Chicken
Pai Kuat
Steamed Fish Fillet

Php 55 - Veggies
Cucumber Salad
Mixed Veggies salad
Raddish salad
Garlic Veggies

Php 80 -- Noodles and soups
Beef Sate Noodles
Wanton Noodle soup
Pancit Canton

Php 55 - Desserts
Cocounut Cream
Buko Pandan
Leche Flan
Mango custard

Halo halo - priced at Php 60

My review:
Its affordable and heavy for my stomach, I'm very satisfied with the taste and also value for my money. I'm already a converted fan and I'm so curious now to try their main branch in Cebu. I will go there and eat everything once my foot steps to Cebu in the coming days. The siomai and other dimsums looks so common for others, but you'll find out that Dimsum Break can stand out from other dimsum food outlets because they don't share the same taste and Dimsum Break prepares their food fresh and cook as you order (if ever they ran out of stocks at the dimsum steaming area). They say that they offer the widest dimsum food, but if you are a siopao fan, you will expect small siopao here and not the jumbo size, (I'm not sure if they have the big size), but for a dimsum fan, this is the place to be for you! The fried rice is the best partner for any kinds of dimsum, now I understand why Chinese people love to eat dimsum with rice, because its yummy, affordable and can fill your stomach in just two plates only.

The Fast Food
Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Lots of seats and tables for everyone

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
I call this the Dimsum theater

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Nice decor on the wall and the interiors gives a warm feeling, the colors and atmosphere will make you more hungry and satisfied

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Log in!!! and check in!!

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Its one of the most talk about fried rice is finally here in Manila!

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
A holiday treat for a dimsum fan! I'm now excited for my next visit in SM North

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
The menu leaf let

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
wide angle shot for the dimsum theater ( bec. I love to watch the crew prepares the dimsum for me)

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
The rice corner

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
The heavenly display of dimsum food

The Food

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Bacon Shaomai
I love this! I'm just new to this flavor and seeing a bacon wrapped around my shaomai

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Shrimp balls and its cousin dimsum

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Empress roll
I haven't tried this, I just saw this from Cristelle and Rey's table , looks yummy! at first I thought it was a shaomai with laing wrap

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Quail eggs in shaomai
my favorite! I was eggy that day and want to eat eggs, their spicy eggs are not available that time and I'm glad they have this

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
a sampler of Cocunut cream and Mango custard
its a yummy dessert that washes all the umay flavor and you'll continue to eat more

Garlic pork spare ribs
It will be more yummy if you dip this to a garlic and ginger sauce dip

The best seller-  Steamed Fried Rice
a fried rice with beefy sauce, pork, veggies and shrimp. I super love this!

Steamed chicken
Looks lonely...but it will be happy if you eat this with a fried rice

The people

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Here I am with my blogger friends enjoying the dimsum at Dimsum Break, thanks to Ross for inviting us to join with him at this fast food opening event

Dimsum Break in SM City North EDSA
Steven, marketing person for Dimsum Break answers all our question

Watch out for my video blog that will be posted this week!
Dimsum Break...watch out for my next visit.