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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Observation: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 2012 Philippines

We noticed the full moon at around 5:30pm and the moon rise is so beautiful and the horizon added more illusion to appear it bigger in the sky. While I was working on something with my computer, our family told me that there's an astro event tonight at 8:15pm, we saw it on tv about the event and then I googled some info and visited our local astro bloggers (journey above blog ) for some info and precise time of the astro event. I'm glad that I'm at home and feel okay after battling a flu few days ago.

I went out and brought  my Olympus E-520 DSLR camera with 40-150 mm zuiko lens and started to observe the night sky.

Start: 8:15pm

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 2012 Philippines
The moon lights up the night in its brightest moment, the shadow of our Earth is not yet visible, I predict that the shadow will occur at past 9pm.



The lower left corner of the moon starts to darken, I suspect that the lunar eclipse or shadow of the moon will start there and cover the bright side corner of the moon


The side starts to darken



I missed the 10:33pm greatest eclipse, but its just minutes away from my last observation. Shadowy part is seen here as the moon is covered by the penumbra shadow of the Earth. I'm not yet sure if the lower left is the shadow, I'll check out some other observations of astro bloggers.

I missed the 10:30pm greatest event,but I'm glad that Jenn Valmonte got an awesome capture of the moon. view it here   or here


According to our astro bloggers, the lunar eclipse moon and its shadow will be hard to be seen using our naked eye, but with the help of binoculars, telescope and zoom lens in dslr cameras, you can see the difference of the moon's change of brightness and its darken areas. The shadow of the Earth will just cover a part of the Moon and it will just darken and not go blood red just like in a full lunar eclipse. According to news that this will be the last lunar eclipse event for 2012.

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