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Sunday, December 09, 2012

My comments: Juan Manuel Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao in Round 6 of 4th boxing match

photos via Yahoo! Sports, more photos here
The 4th boxing match between the two titans - Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez ended in round 6 after Juan Manuel Marquez hit Manny Pacquiao with a strong right punch after striding to the left side when Manny Pacquiao charges forward. Its a great strategy from Marquez when he see's that Pacquiao is starting to be careless at the near end of Round 6.

Pacquiao also got a first knock out at Round 3 from Marquez and this made him angry and he started to control the rest of the round after Round 4 and he almost knock down Marquez after a right punch but Marquez was stunned and didn't fall on the ring. I saw that there's a big change from Pacquiao to knock out Marquez after Round 6, when we saw blood flowing out of Marquez's face, I told myself that Pacquiao has a great chance now to knock out Marquez because the wound in his face is a great advantage to win, but I saw that Pacquiao went weak after throwing lots of punches to Marquez at Round 6 and I noticed that he is dizzy and disoriented. Pacquiao shows that he is tired and weak on Round 6 just around the remaining 15 seconds  and the result of being careless and didn't think about engaging in defense mode and let the bell ring to end Round 6.

It was a nick of time from Marquez to throw that right counter punch before the bell rings and he didn't gave it a lucky punch but it was a strategy that he is waiting for to be release. From the early round I noticed that Pacquiao became slow and looks so tired, he doesn't have the energy and the wild thing in the ring just like in his past matches. I'm not sure if Pacquiao went on a different strategy and tries to out smart Marquez, but that boomerangs to him and he got a chance to kiss the floor .... face down. I know its a big humiliation to Pacquiao, but he got a taste from Marquez, a knock down and the last man standing,  that's Marquez want to prove many years ago.

The big fall of Pacquiao in the ring brings a lot of drama, his wife Jinkee Pacquiao cried and want to go up to the ring, but Bob Arum, promoter of the fight, stopped her and calms her down, medics and Pacquiao's camp rushed to the ring and wake's Pacquiao. I'm glad that Pacquiao is okay and many of us here at home are worried that he might died from that big punch. Marquez celebrate his early win after that punch and its a sign that the match is over and Marquez now sit as the new lord of the ring.

Thoughts that there might be a 5th fight between the two again, I just read this comment from Bob Arum online and he said:
Promoter Bob Arum immediately said he could see a fifth fight between the two boxers, and a dazed Pacquiao seemed to agree.

''Why not?'' he said. - via Yahoo! Sports
 For me.. I don't want to see another fight and this one closes the book of the drama fight of the two titans.
I'm not sure if Manny Pacquiao will file his retirement from boxing, because he will run for a bigger position in politics, running for a Vice Governor of Saranggi will bring more responsibility to him and it needs more focus. Let's wait for his comments after a few days of his recovery.

''If you give us a chance, we'll fight again,'' Pacquiao said. ''I was just starting to feel confident and then I got careless - via Yahoo! Sports
Oh dear more match, Marquez already prove it
''I threw a perfect punch,'' Marquez said. ''I knew Manny could knock me out at any time.'' - via Yahoo! Sports
Congratulatons Juan Manuel Marquez!

to Manny Pacquiao, I think this is a time to announce your retirement...oh well, no more hope for a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight in the future.

Guys, check out my interview with Manny Pacquiao back in 2010 - you can read it here at
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