Floyd Mayweather Jr wins the super fight vs. Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision (check my fight observation here)

I’m sure that my fellow Filipinos are disappointed at the outcome of the unanimous decision, we know that Manny Pacquiao won the 12 rounds super fight because he charges more than Floyd in many rounds. We know that Floyd tried to knock down Manny but still it give an upset to Manny for running away and avoiding to attack him.

That’s the science of boxing, you must put yourself on defense or just be an aggressive fighter. We saw these two boxing titans make an explosive boxing match, but we got the only excitement when Manny lands a consecutive left hand punch, for Mayweather’s genius tactics, he did a pretty good job in doing counter punches and also leading Manny into lots of traps.

That’s the science of boxing..be a fighter like Manny and be a tactician like Mayweather.
In the end.. Mayweather walks out of the arena still undefeated 48-0, and for Manny Pacquiao, for sure Bob Arum will give another match for him soon.

Congratulations to the both fighters.

Here’s my round blow by blow analysis..I wrote this in Google Keep after every round.

Round 1
Both fighters test its each other, Manny charges as he always do but Floyd distanced himself away from Manny. Floyd lands a hook punch to Manny, but the aggressor Manny did cornered Floyd but still can threw some punches

Round 2
Floyd tries to shield himself using his right hand, this is an advantage that can blind Manny’s vantage point. Floyd was successful to hit Manny in the face, but he was cornered again and Manny tries to land many punches to Floyd’s face.

Round 3
Floyd got Manny a hard tummy shot during the start of the Round 3, at first we thought it was a cheap low blow, thanks to the replay slow mo and we saw that it’s a good counter punch. Through out the round, Manny was successful to give a left hand hook punch to Floyd.

Round 4
Manny dominates this round, he cornered Floyd many times and he threw lots of fast punches into Floyd’s guarded body and face. Manny stopped after punching and was cautious for the counter attack of Floyd.

Round 5
Floyd always runs away when Manny charges in, Manny just chase him whenever he goes. Then Floyd cornered Manny and he dominates the round by hitting Manny in the head.

Round 6
Floyd was cornered again, and then Manny gave lots of punches to Floyd’s guarded head, then Floyd taunted Manny and gave a sign that his punches is not effective. Floyd continues to challenges the aggressor Manny.

Round 7
Floyd starts to really fight in this round, but the fight was brought in my Manny.

Round 8
Floyd sets a trap for Manny for he can lands some counter punches, but Manny caught by surprise and lands two left punches in Floyd’s head. But then Floyd went back in and got a nice counter punch to Manny

Round 9
Floyd dominates the round, he gave a painful right hand punch to Manny. But then the Pacman tries to corner Floyd again but still gets away.

Round 10
Manny cornered Floyd again at the side of the ring, and then was surprised to see a right hand punch from Manny, but he gave a counter left punch to Manny, we saw on TV that Manny was hurt after the punch.

Round 11
Floyd dominates the round, He charges so fast and hit Manny in the face after the bell of the round. Then was followed by a right hand punch by Floyd. But then Manny gave a left punch to Floyd that was trapped near the side of the ring.

Round 12
Floyd runs away from Manny again..then Manny chases him around but still got some difficulty to throw a heavy punch. There are some slight punches from both fighters and both are still standing til the round is over.

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