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Monday, December 03, 2012

My manly treatment plus a man-sized meal and KFC Double Decker sandwich

the root of all manly-hood the KFC Double Decker
When it comes to food, I always choose the meal that is best for me, a meal that are very satisfying that will never make me ask for me. If I eat, I expect that my tummy will complain that it is full and can no longer move forward for another meal, Its a way of a guy who loves food and always aim for the bigger serving of meals for people who have a big appetite. To naysayers, its a "Tunay na Lalake" to those who order extra rice and go double on their sandwiches.

The new KFC man-sized meal for the big boys are  - new Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich, Supreme Bowl, Fully Loaded Meals, and the all-time-favorite Zinger. The Double Decker is now available in KFC stores nationwide for Php145.00 for ala carte and Php175.00 as a combo meal with fries and drink. The rest of the Man-Sized Meals are also available in-stores at the following price points:

Feels like heaven!! ting ting ting ting...

Double Decker Fully Loaded Meal = Php215.00
Classic Fully Loaded Meal = Php146.00
Supreme Bowl Combo Meal = Php100.00
Original Recipe Sandwich Combo Meal = Php136.00
Zinger Combo Meal = Php136.00

To enjoy my man-sized meal, I went first to a nice manly treatment spa in Neo Day Spa, there I surrendered all my strength and waited for a new manly strength after munching a nice KFC Double Decker Sandwich. It capped my day and I just want to go home and relax more as I digest the heavy Double Decker in my tummy. The Double Decker is most enjoyable to eat without any gravy or catsup

IMG_6211 IMG_6212
IMG_6214 IMG_6216

I also tried the Supreme Bowl Combo Meal, its the most affordable meal for me in a fastfood for only P100, its a rice top with chicken fillet plus in a chicken ala king treatment. Oh I love the chicken ala king sauce, I thought that it was gravy, but its much more yummier. Try it guys!


Supreme Bowl Ala King

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the packaging of the Double Decker

its a lot more bigger than the thickness of my Samsung galaxy S phone

the veggies and the meat that will power up your body

KFC Man-Sized Sandwiches
Man-sized sandwiches..finally a more affordable bigger meal

KFC Man-Sized Meals
and another meal for the small,medium and large guy

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