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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Watch Pacquiao-Marquez 4 live via satellite at SM Cinema this Dec 9

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The greatest boxers of their own country will have its 4th boxing match this weekend. Our Manny Pacquiao and Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez III will settle the final score between the two and we will find out this Sunday, Manila time, of who will be the last man standing after this 4th fight. Last November 2011, we remember that Pacquiao won a controversial split decision over Marquez, I was there at a private viewing event with my wife and many people and yes, all of us pinoys, thought that Pacquaio loses the fight and we are surprised that the judges decision goes to Pacquiao. The shouts and joys are balanced that day and before the announcement, some people already accepted that Marquez won already, but our joys went double when we heard the big announcement that Pacquiao did it again.

The Fourth Fight
This 4th fight, is the next boxing match of our "Pambansang Kamao" Manny Pacquiao, its the next fight after that another controversial match with Timothy Bradley that already gave Pacquiao a big lesson that he should keep his tame at home and enter the ring with all his animalistic rage to fight, but the big lesson might apply here at the 4th fight. He should knock down Marque in order to prove that he is the king of the boxing ring, and also Marquez have its own agenda, to knock down Pacquiao and end this big wait forever.

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Both fighters are excited for their head to head match and I'm sure, one of them will rush to the job to end the fight early. It will be a great boxing match this Sunday and I'm sure everyone will stop and observe the final match of these two titans.

Watch the boxing match here in SM Cinema
Watching it via pay per view is so expensive, I haven't tried contacting our local cable operator, but Im sure its expensive. I'm glad that SM Cinema is here to air the boxing match live via satellite. I haven't tried watching a live feed inside the cinema, but I'm sure the atmosphere and ambiance will look like that you are watching the big fight live in the big arena.

Air conditioned cinema with nice comfy seats and lots of food vendors are just around the corner. Clean toilets are just near the entrance and exit of SM Cinema, so its the most comfy and affordable way to watch the 4th match of Pacquiao and Marquez.

Here's a good deal, if you buy the ticket for a price of  P400-P500, that depends on the SM Cinema theater on each SM Supermalls branch, just add P200 and get a hotdog sandwich and drinks and plus a Pacquiao-Marquez T-shirt.

Remember that the boxing series will start at 9am, so I suggest you go there early as early as 830am so that you can get a nice seat and view of the cinema screen.

For SM Cinema venue listings and price, pls visit

Me and my wife will watch the boxing match here in SM Cinema-SM Bacoor, it will be our first time, that's why we are so excited to watch together again.

check out these interview and comments of both fighters at Top Rank's website

"I feel that most people believe that I won our last fight very clearly but the judges did not see it that way; and by the way, I am not only talking about my fights and judges. Look at what happened to Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley. I was ringside for that fight and I felt that Pacquiao won it but the judges took it away from him and that also is not right.

I just want the judges to score the fight in the ring and not what they think is happening in the ring. I don’t care about the three previous fights and how they were scored anymore.   All I ask is for a fair judgment, and if I lose I lose. But if I win I want my hand raised that night in the ring." - Marquez

"Unlike my three fights against Erik Morales, which were fought closer together and at the same weight, Juan Manuel and I have battled each other at three different weight classes and always at important points in our careers.  There is a certain feeling of destiny in our rivalry.  It was meant to be that we fight each other four times.

All of my fights with Márquez are important.  He is a legend.  Perhaps the best fighter México has ever produced next to Julio César Chávez.  But Márquez does not define my career.  My career is defined by many significant victories.  World titles in eight different weight divisions and knockouts of Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Ricky Hatton mean as much to my career as my victories over Márquez." - Pacquiao

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